On Feb 23, while I was at work, I was hand delivered a rather large box and a mailing tube . Neither one was ticking, so I opened them. This is what I saw when I opened the box...

Realizing how much stuff there was, I took a few shots of the overall contents before I started rifling through them ...
[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8]

The mailing tube contained quite a few pages (laminated, no less) - I was missing all of them, and even better, there were some *much* earlier pages. You can see them:

  • Aug 24, 1981
  • Nov 22, 1983
  • Sept 1, 1987

    The Box: Wow. The box contains all kinds of good stuff, which I'm busy scanning in. I must say, though, digging through the box was like digging through layers/levels. I have broken it down in to X sections, as if you were going from top to bottom.

    Layer1: The Small Box

    The box is an oblongish brown box - looks like this, and
  • Overall contents
  • A digital watch, an envelope (more below) a small plastic container with 2 quarters (The newly minted ones: 1 Connecticut, 1 Massachusetts) and two ball bearings.
  • Here's the back of the watch and the two photographs that were in the envelope
  • Here's a closeup of that photo
  • A weird plastic bag, something from IBM - looks like some sort of data modeling/description symbol set, as well as two photos we have seen in mayday pages - the coin is the same as the one that was sent to me in this package.
  • The back of the IBM bag, and a dollar
  • Some loose coins
  • The backs of the coins, more photos we have seen from various pages - the single star was on the end of the box all this stuff came in.

  • Layer2: The Bag

    First, there was an 'overall' page, which I'm sure pertains to the whole box: see it

    The bag, pictured here contains:

  • An opening page. Ok, so I haven't seen the movie yet but I understand it does all sorts of funky things with 8:2 - "and frogs shall fall from the sky..."
  • All of these 'hint' pages are on some sort of geometric graph paper. The 'magnolia' one, for example, had this on the back...
  • A large amount of older pages, some of which contain messages:
  • May 1, 1988, but attached was this, the back of which looks like this
  • Nov 22, 1983, no message
  • Feb 8, 1989, no message
  • April 4, 1988, which let me reclassify the page I recieved on 02/08/00 to the correct date
  • April 27, 1988, no message
  • April 29, 1994, no message
  • Dec 4, 1991 - with this message, the back of which looks like this. Good ol' polar graph paper.
  • May 1, 1996 - with this hint. Looks like bank ledger paper to me.
  • May 1, 1993 - with this hint.
  • April 8, 1987 - no hint
  • Layer3: An envelope

  • Contains two picures: [see them]

    Layer4: Two sheets of paper

  • [one]
  • [two]

    Layer5: Another bag. This one was another plastic shopping bag, marked with "Varsity bookstore of Dallas, Inc. 6413 Hillcrest, Across from SMU". Its too big to scan in, but it is your average plastic shopping bag. Now things start getting weird.

  • [one] - a color Xerox, some sort of control room setting
  • [two] - a black and white text Xerox, source unknown
  • [three] - another color Xerox, of a watch/timepiece
  • [four] - another color Xerox, of... well... something. w.t.f?
  • And last but not least, an envelope containing two allen wrenches, and nothing more.

    Layer6: Copper plates: These are two copper plates (which scanned in horribly) about 3x5 inches, held together by clips. Inside:

  • Photo1, and its back
  • Photo2, and its back
  • Photo3, and its back. The pic is really this dark, its not my scanner...
  • A laminated piece of paper
    I actually tried a little photo kung-fu on these, blowing them up to 1200X and enhancing the results in the hopes of getting a mailing label, a license plate, an address ... not much. Some of the marks on these that look especially weird are from my attempts to clear up letters, numbers, etc, but I didn't get much - although my roomate pointed out the two flags in the yard of the house, something you don't see much except on or near the 4th of July...
    See: [1] [2] [3]

    It just keeps getting weirder...

    Layer 7: Assorted weirdness: mainly color copies of random, yet cool images.

  • Page 1 - a weird collage - a small notch had been cut out of the paper near the upper lefthand corner
  • A 7-page printout of Java code from this webiste, specifically, here. They've all had the lower righthand corner cut off, though. I only scanned in the first page, just to give you an idea what it looks like.
  • A bunch of MAYDAY pages (some with hints) wrapped in a campus map, circa 1989-90. That scan is the front, but the rest unmarked. Idea: the map reflects how the campus looked at the time, with a LOT of construction... hence all the corrective pages, below? Did someone have to change their plans around this time sheerly because of construction??
  • May 1, 1989
  • Jan 20, 88
  • March 21, 1990
  • Sept 28, 1988
  • Oct. 24, 1990 - and a HINT
  • Nov 30, 1988 - with an added page - [front] [back]
  • Another piece of paper - front back

    Layer 8: Some more PHOTOS, a postcard, and a comic

  • one
  • two
  • three
  • four
  • five
  • six
  • seven
  • eight
  • nine - um... ok. weird.

    Layer 9: Two final pages... more color copies

  • This was folded inside this, which is almost too dark to make anything out...This is the best I could do to enhance it.
    sjwk : 09.09.2003
    The package received on Feb 23 2000: As well as the banknote being the same as the one whose number is listed on the 1st May 87 ad, the final photo in layer 9 of the box (page46.jpg) is a picture of the statue of Eros, in Picadilly Square, London. See http://www.personal.psu.edu/staff/p/m/pma101/pics004.html
    Layer 5, photo 4::
    That is a Joshua tree. It appears to be in a succulent garden, possibly the Cholla Cactus garden in the Joshua Tree National Park.

    muddgirl 06.25.2004
    I don't know if this helps, but the back of the "Magnolia" note is graph paper used by chemists to draw Ternary Phase
    Diagrams. The names of the substances are written at each of the three corners. What I think is most interesting about this choice
    is that a ternary phase diagram is a 2-dimensional representation of a 3-dimensional graph.

    Fenrir 06.24.2004
    The "IBM bag" instantly reminded me of when I was taking programming in college in the early '80s.  
    I had a couple of those flowchart templates although mine came in a paper sleave printed like that
    plastic one in the picture.  A photo of the template can be seen here:

    Paul 12.20.2004
    clue:  Another South African Airmail sticker

    Juls - 03.26.2005
    Layer 5, #2 - xerox sheet - news article in German - first column is discussing an explosion in a base used by a terrorist
    organisation known as the 'Weathermen' and the death of one of their number, Theordore Gold - explosion appears to have been an
    accident during the making of bombs. An account of the incident here:
    Note the Bob Dylan quote in the footnote at the bottom of this first column, the same one that has appeared in the announcements. 
    This needs looking at some more.  Later :) J.
    clue:  Layer 5, #2 - some more - the article is title 'More Mao than thou' - this appears to have been a motto associated with a
    so-called-radical Marxist / Communist student-led group of the late 1960s.  A google of the term turns up only three hits, two the
    same - the following throws a *little* light on those involved: 
    Groups involved in all this business appear to be, the already mentioned 'Weathermen', a member of the 'Black Panthers' is also
    mentioned in the article IIRC and there is more on that at the first link I posted earlier, the SDS 'Student Democratic Society' -
    mentioned in the article and at the 'mailman' link, also at the latter - a group? known as PL (?) and another RYM (a guess -
    radical youth movement??).  The activities of these groups would be roundabout the same time as the earliest date we have from the
    MayDay crowd and the Communist references tie in well enough.
    Layer 1 - photo - Harvard Oriental Series, Ed. Charles Rockwell Lanman, volume 17 - what is in it: 
    "Volume 17. The Yoga-System of Patańjali , or the ancient Hindu doctrine of concentration of mind, embracing the mnemonic rules,
    called Yoga-Sūtras, of Patańjali; and the comment, called Yoga-Bhāshya, attributed to Veda-Vyāsa; and the explanation, called
    Tattva-vāisāradī, of Vāchaspati-Misra; translated from the original Sanskrit by JAMES HAUGHTON WOODS, Professor of Philosophy in
    Harvard University. 1914. Second issue, 1927. Pages, 422.d Comparative Philology at Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore. 1916.
    Pages, 508 + 206 = 714. Royal 8ŗ. Out of print." 
    Rockwell Lanman was a Professor of Sanskrit, founded the series in 1891, very influential.
    Layer 6, Greek text.
    Back of photo #2, text is part of Matthew 13:44, "the kindom of heaven is like a treasure hidden.."
    Back of photo #3, text is part of 1 Corinthians 13:12 "now we see through a glass darkly" - 'through a glass' is alternatively
    rendered 'in a mirror' but 'through a glass' fits the pic better.
    The laminated paper contains bits of two different texts put together as if one sentence, you will see there is a dot midway
    through - this is placed at the join. The first is part of Matthew 24:9 "and you will be hated by all ('the nations' ommitted)
    because of my name". Second part is from Matthew 24:13, "But the one who endures to the end, he will be saved." - the text on the
    paper here begins with a lower case letter, and this must indicate that it should be read as a single sentence combined with the
    bit of Matthew 24:9.

    Galilite 10.09.2006
    Replying to their question (or rather hint?) about what you marked as "May 1, 1988" (isn't it 1998?), the curly
    characters seem to originate from Georgian language:
    I can ask around for translation, although the way it is positioned, it does not seem to have any kind of meaningful

    D. Thomasson 10.16.2006
    Please see http://www.borderschess.org/MM_7gram.htm for additional explanations to some of the clues.
    Andy B. 01/10.2007
    Layer 7, campus map:
    About halfway down the letter, it says "Student Recreation Center/Life Sciences"... SR/CL anyone? The letter is saying it was
    under construction, so perhaps some meeting there had to be cancelled?
    I think figuring out what SR/CL stands for would really help figuring out what this all *MEANS*, I just don't find that whole
    checklist thing very satisfactory.

    Anne 05.10.09
    Layer 5, photo 4 is absolutely not of any Joshua Tree. Instead, the main tree in the center reminds me of some pictures of 
    Dragon's Blood trees I've seen. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dracaena_(plant)

    Jen 06/18/2015
     Layer 8, #8: The Sons of Liberty's Liberty Tree memorial in Boston. 
     This is what it looks like now: https://www.thefreedomtrail.org/images/stepofftrail/LibertyTree.jpg
    The website mentions: The Liberty Tree
    Marked by a large bronze plaque on the sidewalk and a bas-relief on the Department of Motor Vehicles 
    building just one block down Boylston Street is the site where the Liberty Tree once stood. Hanging 
    effigies of tax collectors on the Liberty Tree on August 14, 1765 is considered one of the first 
    provocative events in pre-revolutionary America. Felled by Redcoats in 1775, the Liberty Tree was a 
    meeting place and focal point for rallies and protests by the Sons of Liberty and became an important 
    symbol for resistance to British rule.	

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