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Clues people have sent in:
clue=When traveling East into the River Thames estuary (where it meets the North Sea) you pass Gravesend, Sheerness (on 
the Isle of Sheppey) Margate and North Foreland.  North Foreland is the Eastern most tip of England.  Travel South into 
the Strait of Dover and into the English Channel to make way for the Atlantic and Boston.

clue=Find the places on a map. Start by looking at a good atlas, which shows the Thames estuary.

Leitmotiv: King Henry IV, Part I: Act 3 scene 3.
"what a night for the dancing dead" - either from 'Les Morts Dansant', a song by MAGNUM circa 1985, or taken from something classic and adopted by them. With this puzzle, it could be either... full lyrics here...
"When the field has become a garden
And the past is laid to rest
Children play and dogs run barking
Who would know? who would guess?

"What a night, though it's one of seven
What a night for the Dancing Dead
What a night to be called to Heaven
What a picture to fill your head"

Just for the hell of it:
247321 = octal to decimal, thats 85713. 

14ed1 = hex to decimal, thats also 85713... 
one of many Standard zipcodes for Tucson.
I'll have to figure out the specific area.

clue=There are 15! ways of placing 
the 15 balls in the triangle.

repubgirl 5.24.01
clue:  Don't know if this is significant...
I've checked three printed sources and a couple on the internet...Falstaff's quote from Henry IV does not 
contain the word "now."

bronto 06.11.01
clue:  4) the greek phrase  (life out of the dead) appears again in 1992 iirc

I found an interesting link that talks about 15!. Here's the URL:

Basically, there's a short paragraph about the probability of Adenine forming on it's own. The probability problem seems to be set forth by Creationists. Maybe 15! is related to creationism in the announcements .

near a terminal: 08.20.01
clue:  This is simple-minded but the 15! diagram makes a very natural reference to
"pool" or billiards the way we play it in America.  It could be a direct geographic
reference  for a _pool hall_ in some place that the participants already know to
expect.  Say its a smaller meeting and not a "plenary session", several casually
dressed people wander in over the course of half an hour and are quietly directed to a
back room.  Even if the ones they are against figured it out later it wouldn't matter
as long as the meeting did its business and everybody slipped quietly away.

Judson: 08.30.01

clue:  1. First of all, 15! is actually 1,307,674,368,000, which seemed to be worth
checking.  Second, the numbered circles are arranged in a very specific way within the
triangle.  While suggestive of an eight-ball racking, the racking is very un-orthodox. 
I don't see any special numeric purpose to it's arrangement, nor does it seem to relate
to the colors of pool balls (which I think may be misleading.)

2. The diagram reminds me of a particle physics diagram, but I wouldn't bet anything on
it.  However, S14, referenced in the quote, appears  in the diagram.

Generally, I've seen no discussion of the significance of the To: SR/CL, or the face
used for signature.  The face looks familiar, almost like the one of those word-faces,
but I only see a five in it.  Why isn't there a general discussion area here?

cynic2: 1.02.02
clue:  This is the one that I actually came to report on because I had a friend somewhere else look at these and he 
says the diagram is from an archaeological dig.  I even wrote back to be sure and he said that is the standard 
method of showing the trenching when the archaeologists are opening new ground in a location.  I think that must be 
true because of all the references to "life from the dead."  Probably has several layers of meaing but that must be 
one of them.


The latin at the bottom, "Ora pro nobis, ora pro me", of course is "pray for us, pray for me".

And Falstaff is from Henry IV:

"Falstaff: But to say I know more harm in him than in myself were to say more than I know. That he is old, the 
more the pity, his white hairs do witness it. But that he is, saving your reverence, a whoremaster, that I 
utterly deny.

If sack and sugar be a fault, God help the wicked. If to be old and merry be a sin, then many an old host that 
I know is damned. If to be fat be to be hated, then Pharaoh's lean kine are to be loved. No, my good lord, 
banish Peto, banish Bardolph, banish Poins, but for sweet Jack Falstaff, kind Jack Falstaff, true Jack 
Falstaff, valiant Jack Falstaff, and therefore more valiant being, as he is,
old Jack Falstaff, 
Banish not him thy Harry's company, 
Banish not him thy Harry's company. 
Banish plump Jack, and banish all the world.

Prince: I do; I will."

Juls: 04.20.2003
Re. "What a night for the dancing dead.."  
A very brief history of the image of the 'dancing dead' or the 'danse macabre', and of the Grim Reaper, can be
found here:
 Not quite sure how this phrase fits apart from the general reference to death, but, as the aforementioned webpage
notes, there was a change in notions of death that came with the Reformation despite which, the imagery persisted. 
I doubt that this is of much help really, but anyway..  The figure of Death (esp in the form of the tarot card) has
been associated with the 24th path on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life (that between Netzach and Tiphareth) and the
Hebrew letter Nun by western occultists.    

There are many references to death in these announcements but note the references to both dead and dancing in the
following announcement for Sept. 14, '87 some five months following the above.

mark: 05.17.2003
There are 1,307,674,368,000 possible ways of arranging the 15 balls in order.

duffy: 06.02.2003
Item number five:
V.N.B., 2 East Congress, 85701 is Valley National Bank.  I do not know if this is defunct - 
it certainly used to be a bank in Tucson.  There is a bank at this location today (whether it 
is still VNB, I do not know).

Following this, s.d.b. is probably 'safety deposit box'.

I would guess "If i should die before I wake..." coupled with a safety deposit box number is some sort of instruction: if
something should fail, retrieve the contents of the safety deposit box.

hance - it is there, and it is a Bank One now. There are pictures of said SD box on a few other MM pages.
sjwk: 09.08.2003
#3: Is this the only time that there's a referral to a future ad?

Craig: 12.10.2003
I'm a first time poster, long time lurker, etc., etc.
Looking at 2), the 'standard archaeological method for showing trenching', I couldn't help but think of the potential
correlation with the Presidio wall and the Pima County Courthouse. Considering that the fort was originally found in 1954, 
I think such correlation is possible. So I went to, and I did a search for Church Avenue and Washington 
Street using the zipcode (85713) provided in 3) and gave me this:

Now, I don't know if this is the right area or not, but I'm going to assume it is since there is a park just to the south of the
big red star called El Presidio. What significance this has - I don't know...  Just thinking out loud here, but would it be 
possible to find the archaeological survey maps of the Presidio site, etc. and apply the above to it?

sjwk: 05.07.2004
Craig's mapquest link.  Not sure what it showed then, but now it produces:

Cannot find Church Avenue and Washington Street, Tucson, AZ 85713 but found a similar street address in Tucson, AZ 85701. Please
select "Get Map" or revise your search.

... 85701 being where the safety deposit box is (according to this ad)

Craig: 05.12.2004
With regard to the Mapquest link, it worked when I posted it, I swear; now that its linking to the zip code where the safety
deposit box is... well that just freaks me out! Now for the life of me I can't find the map my link originally pointed to; I'll
keep trying; save the map to my hard drive this time...

ThePhoenix: 07.20.2004
I'm just reading through all this stuff (sooo much) and thought: if this ad is referring to a Safety Deposit Box, isn't it
likely that the key that was sent to Bryan is the key to said box? Did you ever find out WHICH box they keep referring to?

hance - I haven't seen a safety deposit key before, so I can't tell. And I always assumed box # was 668 (see other ads).
Juls 04.04.2005
On the two swords - possibly related to the following: I gather that the Calvinists / Presbyterians hold it as a duty to use
"the sword of the spirit" and the "sword of just defence" - the first being the word of God and the second being physical arms.  I
have not yet ascertained where this comes from but it may be from a document called "The Presbyterian Westminster Confession And
Faith" which seems to have been the work of the Scottish Covenanters.

Anon 11.09.2005
Someone may have already found this:
#4: Arbella Stuart? She was a lesser known queen who claimed the thrown in the 16th century... more info here

D. Thomasson 04.09.2006
As mentioned in an earlier post, both 247321 octal and 14Ed1 hexadecimal equal 85713 decimal.

8+5+7+1+3 = 24 (12+12) also (8+8+8).  The gematria number value of the Greek word for Jesus (IHSOUS) is 888.

Use the Greek alphabet number values:

I(10)+H(8)+S(200)+O(70)+U(400)+S(200) = 888 (8+8+8=24) 

8*5*7*1*3 = 840 (12*70) or (8+4+0=12)

The numbers 12, 24, 70, or multiples of 12 or 7, along with many other numbers, are used throughout the ADW announcements to refer
to Biblical Scriptures, historical events, map coordinates, specifying days or time of day, radio frequencies, musical meters, and
other items.

Use gematria on many of the quotes that are in various languages.  Remember to use the number value for that specific language's
alphabet.  Also, numbers have multiple levels of meaning, especially when converted from one base number system to the next.
Convert or switch numbers among binary, decimal, pental, octal, or hexadecimal.

D. Thomasson 04.10.2006
In the 04.04.2005 posting by Juls, he makes mention of the two swords.

A Lutheran reference to the two swords can be found in the Triglot Concordia (The Symbolical Books of the Evangelical Lutheran Church) at: in the first paragraph of page 113 within the Apology of the Augsburg Confession.

"..., therefore the Pope must necessarily be [a God on earth, the supreme Majesty,] lord of the whole world, of all the kingdoms of the world, of all things private and public, and must have absolute power in temporal and spiritual things, and both swords, the spiritual and temporal."

Also, see the first sermon preached (by Hugh Latimer) before King Edward the Sixth, March 8, 1549.

"For in this world God hath two swords, the one is a temporal sword, the other a spiritual. The temporal sword resteth in the hands of kings, magistrates, and rulers, under him; whereunto all subjects, as well the clergy as the laity, be subject, and punishable for any offence contrary to the same book. The spiritual sword is in the hands of the ministers and preachers; whereunto all kings, magistrates, and rulers, ought to be obedient; that is, to hear and follow, so long as the ministers sit in Christ's chair; that is, speaking out of Christ's book. The king correcteth transgressors with the temporal sword; yea, and the preacher also, if he be an offender. But the preacher cannot correct the king, if he be a transgressor of God's word, with the temporal sword; but he must correct and reprove him with the spiritual sword; fearing no man; setting God only before his eyes, under whom he is a minister, to supplant and root up all vice and mischief by God's word: whereunto all men ought to be obedient; as is mentioned in many places of scripture, and amongst many this is one, Quaecunque jusserint vos servare, servate et facite. "Whatsoever they bid you observe, that observe and do." Therefore let the preacher teach, improve, amend, and instruct in righteousness, with the spiritual sword; fearing no man, though death should ensue. Thus Moses, fearing no man, with this sword did reprove king Pharao at God's commandment."

Read more at ward1.html

blankenship 08.27.2006
I suppose we'll never know but I wonder how many connceted with the "guts" of this all-consuming enterpize are
now dead?  Best guess would be a fair number as there is much reference to mortality and loss.  Seems to indicate more than one or two lunatics but they are also careful to use
smoke and mirrors in regard to their numerical strength.  Sometimes I expect to get up in the morning switch on the TV
and see that smiley face instead of the station logo.  They do plan to take over if only because it has cost so many so

Eli G. 04.04.2007
		The 15! diagram looks like a set of pool balls racked up to me, too.  I notice the May 1, 1990 page announces a gathering
in "the billiard room".  If this is a group of graduates keeping in touch, perhaps some of them play pool?

IH82W8 04.04.2007
		Complete newbie ... already addicted.
Initially attracted to the 'smiley face' and the different ways in which it is drawn. Someone had already mentioned the number of
hairs on the head, but my thought is maybe this is intended as an identification system. Could this be pure coincidence that in
this ad, 'smiley face' has five hairs and the ball at the top of the triangular array is number five?
Or are the hairs a method for communicating which codex to use for translation?

Charlie P. 05.13.2007
		4) John Winthrop was the first governor of the colony of Massachusetts, and did arrive in the New World aboard the ship "Arbella."
The coordinates given are for south/central Massachusetts.

Mike 09.18.2007
	I'm pretty sure the greek by those two swords says "Saved from death." Though you guys may already know that.	

dann-e1 09.30.2008
The triangle with the numbered balls in it might be a taunt. there are 15 
reds on a snooker table. leading to the phrase 'snookered' as in stuck.

o' death 01.15.2010
"Deo volente" is Latin for "God willing." Mike's suggestion for translating the 
Greek "zoe ek nekron" as "saved from death" seems incorrect. As Andrew stated 
about the same quote 4 April 1988, the first word is "life", and the quote may 
be translated as something along the lines of "life out of death".

Whatever might that nice little diagram under 2) be? It doesn't seem much 
attention has been paid to it. "S14" must mean something. Some deeper digging is 
in order, no?

Lina 01.22.2010
New, greek, found this whole thing rather curious and interesting and thought I could offer some help.
It isnt that the greek translations you have given are entirely wrong per se, but this is a specific 
phrase that directly references resurrection from death. Its a quote from the epistle of Paul to the 
Romans, 11:15 in the orthodox bible Im looking at right now. It could be 12:15 in some english / protestant 
translations I run across, at least I think so, but I didnt check thoroughly. Something about how if 
the Isrealites were to accept Jesus there would be a true rising from the dead? Or something. Its too 
late in the night to try to read hellenistic era greek and my bible knowledge doesn't really cut it, 
but maybe someone who has a clue could find a translation and check if there is more to be found there.
I will try to look at some of the other pages when I find some time. I'm not great at solving puzzles 
this complicated but maybe I could offer you some pointers with the greek bits. Or if you have specific 
questions, Id gladly help.

Gabrielle 10.25.2019
According to wikipedia the Arbella was a ship that the Governor John Winthrop and Puritan 
emigrants would use to transport themselves and the Charter of the Massachussetts Bay Compabt from 
England to Salem between April 8 and June 12, 1630. Winthrop was also reported to have to the 
"A Model of Christian Charity" sermon while on the ship. It's clear to me that this puzzle or 
whatever you want to call it, has something to do with religon. What this means, I'm not sure, 
But I would keep an eye out for more figures involving religon. If anyone has any ideas of how 
the Arbella and John Winthrop could be connected to all this, I'd love to know.