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Once again, lots of encryption-esque hints in here.. the 4x4 matrix, repeated towards the bottom, etc.

Ashton comes through with a lot o' clues:

The Greek in Dec 4, 1991 means this: "the stone which the builders
rejected".  It's from Matthew 21:42 and is quoted by Jesus as Psalms 
118:22 as being prophetic of his coming rejection by the religious

...after a bit of digging, the Hebrew in Dec 4, 1991 is from
Ezra 3:13 and means this:

"So that the people could not discern the noise of the shout of joy from 
the noise of the weeping of the people."

This is in response to the rebuilding of the temple which was destroyed
by the Babylonians and allowed to be rebuilt under Cyrus of Persia 
around 530-500BC.

One more for you guys: the four letter word in Dec 4, 1991 and on
one of the mailing sent to Bryan is Hebrew.  M-F-T-CH, maphteach,
pronounced maf-tay-akh, means "key".
I also noticed that the first word of the second line of the quote 
from Ezra 3:13, he misspells "T-R-V-A-T" as "T-R-V-A-H" (Tav and 
He look awfully similar).  Indeed he kinda has a weird way of writing
Hebrew ... not that I am any expert, mind you.

clue=It says: and is there not the nation [can't read his hebrew--but 
its a plural of a noun possibly misspelling of 
acquaintances] cheering voice of joy 
(or celebration) to a weeping voice.

He is copying from a Torah, but doesnt know how to write 
Hebrew--so his penmanship looks like crap.


clue=The red hebrew is key, as noted correctly.

The spelling for cheer is correct (he/hay at the end).

From the peanut gallery...

Data Express... 
This data is from the Form located at the URL: 
   Take this Jeremy person with a grain of salt.  He probably means well 
enough, just don't draw conclusions from his less than blindingly brilliant remarks.  
Ashton doesn't appear to be a Mental Wizard either--but in terms of the Grand Design, we 
all have equal value.

name=A wayfaring stranger
hance: well, then, i'll just let you worry about what will happen if you ever meet ashton or jeremy...

clue=The same sequence appears in various later pages--same like a portion of it but not the whole thing.
If its an address in a file that would be a simple explanation.  Might make sense because the complex parts
would distract the reader and only those actually doing whatever this is would know how to access the main file.
So the address wouldn't have to be complicated.

Mikey 05.24.01
clue:  There was a message in an older letter that said what number would come next after Winthrop, and that would be
1.68179283051...I don't know what the name would be to accompany it.  One thing though, it mentioned something about gamma, 
and if we take the next number to be in radians, maybe that gamma is pointing at that position, which in degrees is 96.3596 I 

bucky 06.18.01
clue:  12 and 3 divide the circle of a clock face into a quadrant which is 
a fourth and that must tie into the recurring pattern of 4.  The guys on 
the inside would know where to set the initial coordinates from what 
appears in this ad and then they could use Mickey's suggestion about 
radians.  If you think of the really large number of announcements or 
advertisements or whatever these are, it would stagger the mind to locate 
anything because they could use so many ways of moving from an initial 
position.  I think they are using machines which seems to be an additional 
argument for making it look crazy.  It would swamp anybody outside the 
intelligence community to enter all this data into a database, especially 
when it appears to be assembled by lunatics.  Like
they say about the cold in Minnesota--"keeps out the riffraff." 

hance: I have to wonder what kind of machines are made for this work.
cynic2 07.11.01
clue:  Take a calculator and work out the numbers they way they have in 
the hierarchy marked off by the rectangles.  I have and it works.  Anybody 
that thinks this is done by funloving people drinking beer and eating 
pizza should find that sequence of numbers in some reference.  I'll bet 
any amount it is in NO printed reference anywhere  BUT it works.  That's 
what I mean about it looking harmless, a lot of it does appear goofy and 
they count on it because people like "costas" work for the CIA, the FBI 
and so forth.  Look like learned lunatics and/or a social club and the 
really powerful people in society will leave you alone to do your thing. 


Bob: 12.10.01
clue:  The Leitmotiv quote appears in a few pages, and it sure sounds like Bunyan. But I can't find it in Bunyan. I
can't find it anywhere.

cynic2 01.21.02
clue:  12 and 3 divide a clock-face into a quarter, a fourth.  Simple point but it probably fits the thing they have 4 
levels.  I wonder if the diagram that gives four levels in this one isn't giving a timetable or schedule for something 
they were doing.

leaking pen 08.01.2004
clue:  dec 4 1991
the sequence of numbers marked with names of principals of the orphanage and tied to symbols at the bottom of the announcement are
squres or square roots of each other, depending on which way you go.  using the number in the triple box below and square rooting
it repeatedly,  you get the following.  (note, as they kept it to 9 significant digits, i will as well) 1st root, 7.455891915 * 10
to the 49th power, 2nd root 8.634750671 e 24, 3rd root 2.938494626 e 12, 4th root 1714203, 5th root 1309, 6th root, 36.1839
(decimals added here for a reason), 6th root   6.015307. 7th root, 2.452612306.   8th root (equal to the map) 1.5660818327    

seeing how closely that 6th root approached 6, i thought perhaps that it SHOULD equal six, and that the cutting of the original
number caused the error.  taking 6 and squaring it, however,  gave 4.01199191454 to the 99th, therefore, that is not the case.  it
seems obvious to me that the square above, directly below the mickey mouse  is supposed to be filled out according to the symbold
that the boxes equal, and perhaps based on the level that the symbols are derived at.  for example, the main boxes are first level,
but the 5.59032425 e 99 is in a third box, like the third level of a steppe pyramid.  so its used in replacement for finding the
third level derivatives of the symbols.  also, mickey states that the next number is supposed to be 1.68179283051.  well,
continuing th patter of the numbers on the announcement, square root 8 is 2.828427125, and square root of that number, is,  in
fact, 1.68179283051.  ill have to look at the announcement where thats mentioned to see if theres a clue there.

now, the greek has been interpreted as, the stone which the builders rejected.  this right below a block with the sides named.  is
it possible that one would find the value of the sides such that the block would not be used in some building?  the odd interstices
of the block make me wonder what it would be used for.  

looking at may 1 91, (the dec 4 91 announcement says dimensions : adw (which i just figured out 5 minutes ago means arizona daily
wildcat, i feel DUUUUMB. ) 5/1/91, and looking at the notes, i notice a wonderful chart about the numbers on the side.

1. = Winthrop; 
1.6 = Owsley; 
1.61 = Schrodinger; 
1.618 = Bradwardine (answer to Hance's query on 3/20/91 page); 
1.1680 = Farragut;
1.61803 = Latimer & Ridley; 
1.618033 = Kitchener Pasha; 
1.6180339 = Martin Chemnitz; 
1.61803398 = Matthias Flacius (Illyricus);
1.618033988 = Mistah Kurtz; 
1.6180339887 = Melanchthon; 
1.61803398874 = The Fuzzy Furry Freak Brothers; 
1.618033988749 = The Little Orphan Children; 
1.6180339887498 = Gerhard; 

my first thought was that the number of decimals in the above would be which number in the sequence of squares was eqal to the
symbol, but that doesnt work.  
also, a note on the mickey mouse reference.  what it refers to is so obvious, we dont mention it, just look at it in context.  what
is being discussed is the mickey mouse watch, and i know theres been more than a few references in pop cultue where the phrasing is
used, sometimes seriously, sometimes as sarcasm.  so its possible that the quadrant described is worthless and the point is that
its a watch (or chronometer), or perhaps that its a mouse, or.. one of the many references.  who knows.

03.22.2006 dthomasson (multiple emails)

I solved the 91-Dec4 Dimensions logic puzzle today.  I have not posted any 
results to the Mayday Website yet.

Please see:

The Mickey clock reference at the top of the announcement inside three boxes simply refers
to 15:00 hours on a 24 hour clock.


I made three webpages to show the first 2001 digits of Pi, Phi, and E (e) for easier

To do all sorts of searches within the first 200 million digits of Pi, go to:

Here are just a couple of interesting facts about Pi and E (exponential 'e').

Add the first 144 decimal digits (not including the "3.") of Pi to get 666.  The year 1984 is in
reverse in Pi at the 480th decimal digit location.  The following dates for the Confessio Augustana
(June 25, 1530) can be found in Pi in the following forms and locations:

6251530 @ 9,262.168
06251530 @ 106,485,604
15300625 @ 31,875,879.

7777777 can be found in Pi at 3,346,228, while 77777777 is at 24,658,601 decimal digit.

For "E", add the first 33 decimal digits (not including the "2.") to get 144.  The year 1984 is
located at the 784th decimal digit, while the year 1530 is backwards at decimal digit 717.

Have fun searching for other numbers used throughout the ADW announcments.  Oh, I found the number
144,000 repeated 217 times in the first 200 million digits of Pi.

Charlie P. 07.23.2007
The Leitmotiv is based on this passage from Bunyan's "THE GREATNESS OF THE SOUL":
"If thou makest first a trial of the successfulness of thy endeavours upon things far lower, more base, but much more easy to
obtain, as crowns, kingdoms, earldoms, dukedoms, gold, silver, or the like, how vain are these attempts of thine; and yet thou
thinkest to possess thy soul of heaven!~T (

James T. 04.17.2023
It might be worth noting that the symbol of the circle divided into 4 in the 4x4 matrix is the old astronomical symbol for Earth. It was designed as such to represent the 4 quadrants of the world, as divided by the 4 rivers descending from Eden.

The 4 rivers are: The Tigris (leading to Assyria), the Euphrates (Armenia), the Pishon (Havilah/Elam) and the Gihon (Ethiopia).

More recently (16th century), the 4 corners of the Earth are considered Europe (North), Asia (East), America (West) and Africa (South). (sorry Australia). However, when used in this since, the symbol is rotated 45 degrees so that the quadrants are facing these cardinal directions.

The four corners of the world are also mentioned in Revelations 7:1 : "After this I saw four angels standing at the four corners of the earth, holding back the four winds of the earth to prevent any wind from blowing on the land or on the sea or on any tree."

The inclusion of Earth's astronomical symbol is interesting, given the inclusion of the orbiting/tracing of the Earth below.

Astronomical symbols for the planets don't have much use these days, however it is worth noting that the Sun's does show up in modern astronomy, with M[Sun symbol] being used as a constant for the mass of the sun. The Earth symbol does appear in the formula below, but in what capacity it's hard to say. It doesn't appear common for an astronomical symbol to appear on its own without some signifier of what it might be representing.