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Clues people have sent in:
clue=Since they asked for people to take a closer look at this particular date, here's my contribution:

"a time, two times, and half a time" seems to be a Biblical reference found in at least two places in the 
book of Daniel (pardon the length):

Then I, Daniel, looked, and two others appeared, one standing on this bank of the stream and one on the 
other. One of them said to the man clothed in linen, who was upstream, "How long shall it be until the 
end of these wonders?" The man clothed in linen, who was upstream, raised his right hand and his left 
hand toward heaven. And I heard him swear by the one who lives forever that it would be for a time, 
two times, and half a time, and that when the shattering of the power of the holy people comes to an end, all 
these things would be accomplished. I heard but could not understand; so I said, "My lord, what shall be the 
outcome of these things?" He said, "Go your way, Daniel, for the words are to remain secret and sealed until
the time of the end. Many shall be purified, cleansed, and refined, but the wicked shall continue to act 
wickedly. None of the wicked shall understand, but those who are wise shall understand. From the time that 
the regular burnt offering is taken away and the abomination that desolates is set up, there shall be one 
thousand two hundred ninety days. Happy are those who persevere and attain the thousand three hundred 
thirty-five days. But you, go your way, and rest; you shall rise for your reward at the 
end of the days." (Daniel 12:5-13)

And another:

"He shall speak words against the Most High, and shall wear out the saints of the Most High, and shall 
think to change the times and the law; and they shall be given into his hand for a time, 
two times, and half a time." (Daniel 7:25) 

I'm also fairly sure that "Viam Inveniemus Aut Faciemus" means "We will find a way or make one".

Hope this helps!


carlos does the greek translations:

- II (marked Themistocles) is from Plutarch's "Lives", the book on
Themistocles, chapter 2, section 3. Translation from said site:

"[...], but rather taking in hand a city that was small and inglorious and
making it glorious and great."

- VIII (marked Sedes Doctrinae, which if I'm translating correctly from
latin, means "the foundation of the doctrine") is I Corinthians, chapter
4, verse 20:

"For the Kingdom of God is not in word, but in power."

clue=V. Staging Area:  New York City, NY.

VI: weltanschauung = "world view" (Nietzsche)

Cromwell = Oliver Cromwell. Can't find a full copy of the speech, but here's a paragraph from

Seeing a widening ideological chasm between the two Protestant camps, and wishing to avoid more social strife,
Cromwell dissolved the Rump in 1653, calling it a conclave of "corrupt and unjust men . . . scandalous to the 
profession of the Gospel." He then assembled a so-called Assembly of Saints, which he hoped would rule 
"in fear of God." This body consisted of a few religious "fanatics"; but, contrary to the conventional 
portrait, the members of the Assembly were mostly sober-minded, moderate men. Cromwell admonished them to 
"be pitiful. . . and tender towards all though of different judgments . . . Love all, tender 
all, cherish and countenance all, in all things that are good . . . And if the poorest Christian, the most mistaken
Christian, shall desire to live peaceably and quietly under you - I say, if any shall desire but to lead a life 
of godliness and honesty, let him be protected."

clue=6.20 N, 9.13 W - Looks like Liberia

30.03 N, 31.15 E - Egypt, possibly Cairo

33.56 S, 18.28 E - S. Africa, possibly Cape Town

clue=Hooked up with my MIT Lincoln Laboratory conektun.

6.20 N, 9.13 W - Monrovia, Liberia

30.03 N, 31.15 E - Cairo, Egypt

33.56 S, 18.28 E - Cape Town, South Africa


mikey 5.11.01
For VII:

b. January 28, 1833. d. January 26, 1885.
Also known as "Chinese Gordon" or "Gordon Pasha." British General and Colonial Administrator. Best remembered 
for his heroic and sacrificial role in the siege of Khartoum during the Mahdist Rebellion. He had earned the 
name "Chinese Gordon" in 1864 for his brilliant work in leading the "Ever-Victorious Army," a band of peasants 
and adventurers, in the Taiping Rebellion against the Manchu dynasty. Gordon is regarded by some historians as 
one of Britain's greatest military leaders, and by others as charismatic, yet quixotic and impulsive. He is 
the subject of several biographies, and was portrayed by actor Charlton Heston, opposite Sir Laurence Olivier 
as The Mahdi, in the 1966 movie "Khartoum." He was originally interred in Khartoum, but moved to England 
following Sudanese independence. He is honored via various memorials, including a statue outside the gate of 
Robert Gordon University in Schoolhill. A charismatic statue depicting Gordon astride his favorite camel was 
also moved from Khartoum to England.

bob 07.23.01
clue:  This is going to be a long note, so hang in there.

I've spent a lot of time on the early ads. They seem to be simpler and 
have less chaff. My thought is, if we can make sense of some of the early 
stuff, it might be easier to interpret the later ones. So here are some 
thoughts about this ad.

The staging area is in New York City. Underneath is the number 475. In 
several ads, the address 475 Riverside Drive in New York is mentioned. 
It's the headquarters of National Council of Churches, and many religious 
organizations have offices there. Whether this was so in 1986, I don't 

Almost all the literal references on this page have been tracked down, so 
let's take a stab at assembling them into some sort of message.:

We now begin (whatever their project is) and we will find or make a way to
succeed. It's odd that this is referred to as the third in a series of
communications, since it appears to be only the second ADW ad."84 
transmissions ..." I believe signals that they'll continue to communicate 
via ADW. The time thing makes no sense to me since nothing else in the ad 
seems to refer to time. Unless they already knew the time of the meeting, 
and it's being adjusted.

I. 1984 coordinates (perhaps a meeting place) Monrovia, Liberia.

II. Operational Implementation. They're going to find a place we can take 
over (or establish a new community), and make it grand.

III.End Result: I know it sounds silly, but I would say they want their
religion/power/influence to spread from Cairo to Capetown, or across 
whatever those two cities metaphorically represent.

IV. And they expect their dominion to last a long time.

V.They'll gather all the needed supplies in NYC. (Remember note above 
about Council of Churches)

VI. "World View" I have a somewhat different view of Cromwell's speech 
than the other writer on this page. The previous Parliament had been  
dissolved by Cromwell and his followers because they found it too 
tolerant. Cromwell and his cronies then hand-picked the new members of 
Parliament based on their "Godliness," i.e., how closely their views 
resembled Cromwell's. In one account of the speech that I have read 
(unfortunately, I've lost the URL), a contemporary congratulates Cromwell 
for taking the first steps toward acheiving a prophecy from the Book of 
Daniel ^ the establishment of an Earthly Kingdom of God that would last 
until the end of days.

VII. Operational Paradigm: Gordon was killed defending a colonial city 
(Khartoum) against a native uprising. I supposed the "revised" indicates 
that this time they expect to win.

VIII. Founding Doctrine: "For the kingdom of God is not in word, but in 
power." Sorta fits, doesn't it?

IX. Incept ... They'll get started Feb. 1, Deo Volente, God willing.

So does all this mean we're dealing with a group that wanted to establish 
a religious community in Africa and eventually extend their influence 
across the continent? I don't think so. Africa plays a prominent role in 
some of the early ads, then fades away almost completely. Maybe the cities 
are codes for elementary particles, or concepts in set theory or four 
forces of nature. Who knows? 

But this is one literal reading of the page, and this is the kind of stuff 
they were talking about at the beginning.

near a terminal: 08.29.01
clue:  This is really simple but I don't think anyone has commented on the fact that it
says "third in current series."  Do we know anything about the first two?  I get the
feeling there are more of these than appear on the www. Has the webmaster put all of
them on this site?

near a terminal: 09.21.01
clue:  Like they say down the hall from where this is being sent, "I respectfully disagree" with bob about Africa.  References 
to west and central Africa (like Liberia and the Congo) are fairly rare but South Africa is a continuous theme. Look at the 
last Mayday, there was a whole paragraph on Capetown.  Think of how much gold has been shipped from the Capetown docks in the 
last hundred years.  That fits with the interest in San Francisco.

Jessica Augustsson: 10.11.01
clue:  An interesting tidbit of information that I learned whilst in South Africa:  The Danish East Indiaman ^Nicobar^ 
from Europe in June of 1782 with a cargo of pig iron and about 8 tons of obsolete Swedish copper plate money bought at the 
Riksbank. After a lengthy voyage she arrived at False Bay, South Africa in late May 1783, continuing her journey on July 10th. 
following day, in rough weather, ^Nicobar^ ran onto a reef near Cape Agulhas, South Africa; 11 of 36 aboard were rescued.

cynic2 1.2.02
clue:  Looking at this brought to mind an old saying from British imperialism, "From Cairo to the Cape."  Meaning 
that England controlled all of Africa worth controlling.  For some decades everything from Cairo to Cape Town 
really was ruled from London so it wasn't an idle boast.  So I think the point is dominion or domination but I 
suspect it also refers to another point about British imperialism and the way I remember the quote is, "We acquired 
the empire in a fit of absent-mindedness."  That's crap as England knew exactly what it wanted and took most of it 
by force but the point is that they did it piece-meal like a bite at a time.  There are recurrent references to 
food in these especially in the most recent Mayday one.  If you do things very slowly and look spaced-out while 
you're doing it most people don't realize what is happening.

c: 05.06.02

clue:  Monrovia, Liberia = 6.18N 10.47W !!  The earlier clue is incorrect.

See also
Greenwich Point, NY = 41.00N, 73.34W + 6.20N,9.13W - 1h(=15.00) = 47.20N, 67.42W
Grand Falls, N.B., Can = 47.03N, 67.44W

Math the other way takes you near Page, ND:

 And 40.40N 73.50 is in the sea:
...disagreeing (again) with earlier clue.

Another interpretation: 6.20, 9.13 "minus one" = 62093 = Wilsonville, IL:

Doesn't really look promising, though...


30.03N, 31.15E is near Al Jihaz
while 33.56S, 18.28E is somewhere just off the coast of South Africa:

1. "Greenwich Mean minus one" - AZ does not participate in Daylight Savings Time, does it?

2. Hebrew in IV - do we have a translation/reference?

3. Latin intro (Viam...) - do we have a translation?

4. Am I the only one who wonders about the symmetry of the coordinates: 30.03 and 40.40 ?

hallybod - 12.19.02
Greenwich Mean time is the line that runs through Greenwich in London. Minus one may mean that the event either happened sometime in Autumn or Winter, or is in an area that is an hour behind London
Juls - 04.11.03
Reply to clue by hallybod - 12.19.02

Greenwich meantime is the time that is followed in winter in Britain, in summer we move one hour forward to BST, I reckon the
second idea is the better one.  By subtracting an hour, you would be in somewhere where it was 11am at the same time that it was
12am in London, which would place you in an area largely covered by the Atlantic to the west.  On the other hand, looking at it a
different way, subtracting an hour could be taken to mean an hour in front of BST, which would place you to the east - Scandinavia,
Central Europe, parts of Africa are all I hour in front.  

beacon: 04.27.2003
Reply to jules 11 Apr 03 re GMT.
Greenwich mean Time is more correctly called Universal Time or UT.
This may put out all references but Have you considered "adjust for GM minus one" coulde mean "correct for one hour west" i.e. subtract  15 degrees from all
longitudes. I note references of the "adjust as per" are given on other pages. Could it refer to adjusting by the number of degrees
stipulated in another page? GMT hours may refer to units of 15 degrees.

This does not make sense though because the "staging area" in V is a place which links with the 475 clue.

Sqq. by the way is a naval sonar device.

Juls: 06.24.2003
re.clue from Beacon - sqq.   

I think in this instance the sqq is the latin 'sequentes' or 'sequentia' ie. the following or the 
next, giving - "'84 coordinates as per the following"

Juls: 08.27.2003
Why 'final transmission for '83' when this appears to be the only transmission for '83?  No
mayday ad?  D'you think there may be some still mission Bryan?

sjwk: 09.30.2003
The date of this ad was the 20th anniversary of the assassination of JFK.

Craig: 12.11.2003
Although, like everyone else on this page, I was unable to find the full text of Cromwell's address to Parliament, I was
able to find several quotations. I hope they are of some assistance. Hang on, this is probably going to be a long post. First, a
little history:

The Barebones Parliament (also known as the Saints Parliament) met on July 4, 1653. Having dissolved the Rump Parliament (on April
20, 1653), Oliver Cromwell and senior army officers selected 144 MPs (all of whom were Puritans, and who Oliver praised as
"saints") to represent England, Scotland and Ireland in a nominated assembly called the 'Barebones' Parliament (it was named after
'Praise-God' Barebone, a leather-seller and lay preacher who was chosen MP for London). After much squabbling, and unable to create
a godly republic, the Barebones Parliament ended on December 12, 1653, when the moderate majority walks out and handed power to
The members [of the Barebones Parliament] were to be mocked by Clarendon as 'inferior persons, of no quality or name, artificers of
the meanest trades, known only by their gifts of preaching and praying.' (From 'A Century of Troubles' by Stevie Davies (Channel 4

Despite the unforseen future troubles faced by the Barebones parliament, Cromwell's speech on July 4, 1653 gave encouragement to
beliefs of the coming of a new age of "godly rule." Cromwell had "surrendered himself to millenarian enthusiasm" according to Barry
Coward, as he told the Barebones, "Truly you are called by God to rule with Him and for Him, I confess I never looked to see such a
day as this when Jesus Christ should be so owned as He is, at this day... this may be the door to usher in the things that God has
promised; which have been prophesied of . . . we have some of us thouht, that it is our duty to endeavor this way; not vainly to
look at that prophesy in Daniel." (I think this might of been the URL you were looking for Bob:; and I don't think it was a contemporary - Barry Coward is a modern
historian, and he was quoting Cromwell. That is, Cromwell was telling the Barebones that they were ushering in a new age; didn't
quite work out that way though...)

"You are as like the forming of God as ever people were... you are at the edge of promises and prophecies." Cromwell addressing the
Barebones Parliament. July 1653. (From Antonia Fraser, 'Cromwell: Our Chief of Men'.)

Anon 06..2004
The coordinates in III. seem to me to indicate, in addition to any "Cairo to Cape" references, the pyramids and a town named
"Atlantis" near Cape Town. Cheops, Chephren, and Menkaure are all near the top coordinates, I believe.

Jake 07.15.2004
Hey Bryan!  Jake here, we met at your office yesterday afternoon.

Okay so thanks to Mike C, there is a better interpretation of the beginning of this add.  As 'Near a Terminal' points out, "Third
in current series, final transmission for '83" indicates there might have been two more ads in 83, and low and behold two more ads
were found.  Taking the add literally now, "'84 transmissions as per coordinates sqq" (where sqq=the following as Juls points out)
would indicate we would be looking for dates of the upcomming 84 transmissions, and we see the 1984 coords 6.20N and 9.13W appear
in part I.  Interestingly, Mike C also found a missing add from Sept. 13 (9.13) of 84, suggesting that the coords are dates and we
should also find a transmission in the June 20 issue of 84 (can we check this?).  Not sure if this trend continues in the modern
May Day ads, but at least in the early ones (Nov 22, 83, Sept 13, 84, Mar 15, 85) have a lot of references to future ads in them.

Mikey posts on VII about Khartoum...  this is not the only time we will see "Khartoum" as a reference...  Sept. 13 84, March
15 85 see it as well.

sjwk 07.18.2004
Can't think how this was missed:
"84 transmissions as per coordinates"
Followed by some "1984 coordinates".
9.13 West matches the announcement on 13th Sept in 1984.  The 6.20 North one however doesn't match anything.  Yet.  Anyone able to
take a look?

Mike C. 07.23.2004
I have checked the wildcat for all dates mentioned in all the ads we have. All that I have found are posted here. There is
no Wildcat issue for 6/20 because it occurs between class sessions. Perhaps a more "northern" newspaper got the ad.

M Stephens 10.27.2004
IV. Schedule: "a time, two times, and half a time"

In the clue by cynic, the quote mentions 1290 days. This is roughly 3.5 years, or one plus two plus one half.

Looks like I'm 20 years late on this one, but what the heck.

leaking pen 01.10.2005
going back over these.  especially with the current transmissions, you all are forgetting what was meant by a time two times
and a half time.  it was the length of time until the end of the world, and many recently have taken it to mean that number of
years, instead of days.  meaning that they plan to work for the end times, something weve seen in teh newer ads.  

worldview, cromwells address to parliement, cromwell didnt like the war between religions, took over, and made government
responsible to god, and installed those likeminded.  again, a theme in the way the orphanage thinks.  

i think again and again, that these people are, if not running the , aligned with the species of conservative reffered to as
"neocon".  heres a little history  the pattern of who fits very well.

the whole cairo to capetown, being about imperialism, from africa to part of the middle east, is being expanded even more, but... 

and schlacterfest, the slaughter of pigs...   the current admin has cleared out liberals (commie pigs...) and establishment repubs
for more of their own...

its not a very comforting thought.

the only reason i discount it as being definatly true is that i can find none of the big players in the neocon movement in tuscon
during the times in question.  

CEG 01.29.2005
 NOTE: this is the first clue that has any 'real' quantity of text.

leaking pen:

No, not the neo-cons, but close, maybe.  The neo-cons are patently in the front;  this is happening a couple layers

The first several announcements act, I think, as the key for the later ones.  (there should be a missing one for
june...)  Also, these early announcements might serve as a call-to-arms, as it were.  Imagine an army that comes into
being only as it begins to understand itself as an army.  There's no hurry, because once the army realizes it is the
army, there you have your army.  (sounds a little tautological, I know)   I know there's an analogous concept in the
study of robotics but for the life of me...

Without the internet, the speed with which it can all be put into play is that much greater...

c.guimont 02.11.2005
clue:  two things:

1.  Nota Bene:  Greenwich Mean minus one could be a reference to Modified Julian Date,  see this link -

2. "6.20 North, 9.13 West"  taken as dates to intercept transmissions,  implies a second source of announcments, namely
"North."  I'm assuming up in Illinois, as that shows up in other announcments, but I have yet to find it.

I believe finding a solution to this 'set', three in '83, two in '84, could prove valuable in delineating a methodology
by which all announcements are constructed/ or derived.

Juls 06.25.2005
IV. - the Hebrew - this simply repeats the quote given in English - however, in the source I used, the Hebrew matches the
Hebrew text for Daniel 12:7 but not that of Daniel 7:25, where the wording in Hebrew is different - if the source I used is
correct, this would narrow the quote down.

Juls 09.13.2005
clue:  Re. the speculation about a second source carrying an announcement on 6/20/84 - there are indications elsewhere that the New
York Times may be a possibility - if the date falls between class sessions over there then it's unlikely to have been a Uni paper.

Juls 09.19.2005
RE. Operational Area - "Gordon Pasha, revised" - this may have multiple meanings but I think that one meaning of the
'revised' is that they decided to use the name of Kitchener instead of Gordon, or maybe the change of names was planned, as a
further analogy.  Future references mostly (well, as many as I can find ATM) are to Kitchener, not Gordon.  I'm working on an idea
here that the references to Kitchener or to Khartoum may be a signal that they are talking about their 'operational area'.  So,
looking at the announcement for Sept 13 '84, we have "Vide ADW (D.V.) 3/15/85 for: 1) Khartoum coordinates" - in this case, 1 would
then be referring to the co ordinates for the 'operational area'.  If we look at the announcement for 3/15/85 however, we have a
quote from "Kitchener of Khartoum" (operational area indicator) which says "It is necessary to make war not as one would but as one
must", by which I take it that they kinda mean 'we have to do it in this tortous manner to keep it secure' but, the second item
indicates we must look for 'coordinates' at MayDay '85.  Turning to the MayDay '85 announcement, we find "Re. the coordinates: As
Cromwell reputedly said upon seeing the head of Charles I:"Cruel necessity" which is followed by a line of binary which seems to
represent a zipcode - no reference to Kitchener or Khartoum, BUT the Cromwell quote links back to the previous Kitcher quote
through the word and idea of 'necessity' - therefore, the binary zipcode may indeed be the (initial) 'operational area'. 

Following on from the stuff I posted a few minutes ago re. Kitchener / Khartoum being indicators that of the (initial)
operational area, which for now, I'm taking to have been the binary zipcode from MayDay '85, kabbalistically inverted to give that
for Woodstock, Illinois - maybe their 'cruel necessity' is apparent there also to judge from the webmaster's reaction to it. :) The
rest of '85 appears to have been quiet, but if we now go to MayDay '86 we find two items of interest here: item 7 repeats the
binary code and item 14 (which mathematically may be linked to 7) gives another quote from Kitchener.  The whole of item 14 reads,
'Sub Sigillo (under seal): "Omdurman within range, have begun deployment." Kitchener to the Foreign Office, 9/1/98;' - which might
be read as 'we are in location (7), have begun to set up' - it might also reinforce the idea that this is referring specifically to
the location of an operation, but not the H.Q., so to speak.  More on this later, touch wood. :)

	Khartoum is also referenced Aug 24/81, Sept 13/85 - at least.  This makes 3 in the very early ads.

Henry 12.02.2005
Juls mentions the "Northern" source for another ad...  From  posts regarding the previous ad, could it be the U of
Pennsylvania, where the Hannibal quote is on the Gate?

Oddly enough, if you use the second part of the coordinates as minutes in Google Earth, I.E. 30 03' N 31 15' E vice 30.03 N
31.15 E, you get put smack dab in the center of Cairo. (and Capetown, for the others, but for the NYC coords, your at the corner of
State Hwy 27 and Race Track road, hmmph.) Maybe some hidden agenda for mis-representing the format?

IJ/JI 02.08.2006
	I'm new and fascinated! I have researched weirdness for years and this is an interesting case even if it ends up being an
elaborate prank by some well-to-do schemer. A jolly good bit of amusement I dare say!

I'll just list what came to mind as I read the info on this page, only in the hopes that one of my sparks may spark an idea in
someone else - sorry if it's a bit haphazard:

It'd be interesting to know what was happening in Liberian politics and intrigues in 1984. 

"Nota Bene" (good note) is reminding them to reset their watches when they arrive in...the Cape Verde Islands (only place near
Liberia that falls in the GMT -1 TIME ZONE) to plot their Essene takeover of Africa!!!! Yikes! 'From Cairo to the Cape' is the
end result.

Another idea on the GMT -1:
is there something like Daylight Savings Time or BST in Liberia? 

Or is it that Liberia doesn't obey BST and so is -1 hour compared to London during the summer months even though they're in the
SAME TIME ZONE (a 'good note' to give travellers from New York who are going there in the summer); but then the clue should be
BST -1, not GMT -1. Hmm...that's a problem always with stuff like this: did THEY make a mistake? I mean, just 'cause they're
cryptic doesn't necessarily mean they're smart or careful. The cuneiform item a page or so back on this site looked a bit
haphazardly chosen.

Liberia is a notorious spot for shady adventurers because law enforcement is occasionally an conditional undertaking there. As
with many such places, 'Service Organizations' can operate with great autonomy if the right locals are satisfied.

Staging area is New York City: looks like JFK Airport or The Aqueduct Race track or something - a hotel? - in that area of Long
Island. Heck, why not take it as literally accurate: might be something there: looks like the area bounded by 151st St., 155th
St., and 88th Av., just west of the junction of the Belt Parkway and the Nassau Expressway between Howard Beach and Ozone Park
just west of JFK. (Wasn't there something wierd about Howard Beach - I have a dim recollection that there is a Son of Sam
connection to the place or something weird/murderous/satanic like that)
(from MapQuest for those coords.)

"sqq" is a bibliographic abreviation for sequential or sequence isn't it? So might that make it "as per coordinates sequence(s)"?

Were Kitchner or Gordon involved in any Christian or mystical pursuits in Khartoum? Looking for the Ark o' Covenant or some such
balderdash? A lot of historical Brit Imperios went native to some degree when they discovered how much the locals knew about what
were, to Europeans, hoary secret ancient mysteries. Kipling often deals with this classic British 'going native' theme. It is not
fictive. A lot of people did go native in one way or another. 

So maybe there was some reason the area around Khartoum was important, in terms of the Masonic/Rosicrucian/Theosophical mysticism
of the time.

So: is it possible these cryptos are Afro-Christiac quasi-Sufi Neo-Essenes? Maybe they think that 'true' Christianity is
preserved in Africa so that is where they want to set up their millenial Christian's easier to manipulate African
nations than many other locales, because they're often instable anyway...y'know, like Liberia. 

Also, I have read that what's left of the original Christian/Essene philosophy is best preserved in parts of Africa and I seem to
recall that the Berbers were involved somehow (are there Berbers in Liberia?).

Also, the Ark o' Cov is supposed to be in Axum Ethiopia isn't it? Hmm.

Maybe they are dominionist adventurers who's strict Calvinist parents forbade them to play Dungeons & Dragons, and so now are
overcompensating with a plot to take over Africa and set it up as the Cromwellian Christian Love Continent where they can frolick
(and not get cholera?) until the wicked get broiled at the EOD.

I can assure one and all that sometimes the people who casually say they're crazy really are crazy. You never know 'till you hear
their secret plan.

You seem well on the way to discovering it, or you may be the subjects of some snotty Umberto Eco fan's twisted experiment to see
what people will imagine if you give them a bunch of superficially related random clues! Thanks for a great read - that he
stumbled upon that cuneiform image is remarkable!

D. Thoamsson
Use #1 and #2 gematria systems that I posted in the text for the Dec 6, 2000 announcement, for the Hebrew listed under "IV. Schedule" to get the following numerical values:
Gematria System #1 = 826, or 8*2*6 = 96 (12*8)
Gematria System #2 = 70
See if gematria works for the Greek alphabet. Search the Internet to get the correct numerical values for the Greek letters.

D. Thomasson 04.02.2006
The posting by Juls (06.25.2005) is correct about the Hebrew coming from Daniel 12:7.  It is
an exact quote from the Biblia Hebraica (Hebrew Bible).  Notice the numbers 12 and 7 for the
Chapter/Verse.  These numbers, or multiples of these numbers, will be used as key numbers
throughout the ADW announcements.  They will also point heavily to the Book of Revelation in the
New Testament, especially referring to the end times, or the coming of the New Kingdom, or New

jk jackson 05/16/2006
I realize they have expressed that they hold no sympathies with JFK, but still 11/22/83 is the 20th Ann. of the JFK

CS Lewis and Huxley also died on 11/22/63

blankenship 08.27.2008
Cromwell's July 4th address has the penetrating insight that "you are as like the forming of God as men ever
were..." as if to say, "Get on  with it, get off your asses and reform the mess."  I think that theme runs through most
of these in one way or another.  We're as good as it gets because humans don't amount to much so we may as well do this
thing.  Real theology of paradox because it  is simultaneously prosaic and throat-cutting radical.

August Spies 10.26.2006
clue: Re: Kitchener/Khartoum & "Cairo to the Cape"

"Kitchener quite possibly prevented war between France and Britain when he dealt firmly but non-violently with the French military expedition to claim Fashoda, in what became known as the Fashoda Incident."

"He ordered the mosques of Khartoum rebuilt and instituted reforms which recognised Friday - the Muslim holy day - as the official day of rest, and guaranteed freedom of religion to all citizens of the Sudan."

Similar to Rhode Island as a place of religious tolerance...

"The British, on the other hand, wanted to link their possessions in Southern Africa (modern South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, and Zambia), with their territories in East Africa (modern Kenya), and these two areas with the Nile basin. Sudan (which in those days included modern day Uganda) was obviously the key to the fulfillment of these ambitions, especially since Egypt was already under British control. This 'red line' (i.e. a proposed railway, see Cape-Cairo railway) through Africa is made most famous by Englishman and South African Political force Cecil Rhodes, who wanted Africa 'painted [British] Red'.

When one draws a line from Cape Town to Cairo (Rhodes' dream), and one from Dakar to the Horn (the French ambition), these two lines intersect somewhere in eastern Sudan near Fashoda (present-day Kodok), explaining its strategic importance."

"It was Rhodes' dream to build a railway from the Cape to Cairo and to have every Africa country along this route under British control."

And the trail of metaphor comes full circle: 'Rhodes' : 'Rhode Island'.

Re: leaking pen & "the end of the world"

suggested starting place for reading:

Dor H. 11.18.2006

clue:  The Hebrew writing:

(bdh - Hebrew was garbled by my mail client, sorry)


It can mean both, I'm not sure.

the first sentance doesn't mean anything to me, but the second one means:

To the product, Products and a Half.
pretty wierd and obscure.

try to find what the first option means, I have a feeling it would be more correct

Eli G
I can only really pipe in on the Hebrew of IV, since I'm new to this little mystery of life.

It reads "L'moer, moarim, va'chetzi."  That pretty much matches up with the English text given, except that I can't find "moer" or
"moarim" (spelled with an ayin) in my Hebrew dictionary, probably because it's a dictionary of modern Hebrew.

Notably, I didn't find moer by looking up "time", either.  It looks like an agent noun, if someone has a better dictionary than I. 
But the Hebrew reads:

"For a moer, moarim, and a half."  Just about exactly what the English says.

I'll try to translate what I can of these.

Something plain: "a time, times, and half a time" is glossed in the Oxford Study Bible as 3.5 years, which is about how long it takes--wait for it--for someone to finish law school. Or maybe undergrad, if they're motivated; but U of Arizona..."come on" in a Phil Leotardo tone.
Bob B. 02.03.2009
As Juls and Henry have noted, it seems that we are missing a transmission from a 
northern source for June 20, 1984.  I have noticed that the Daily Wildcat is usually 
referenced by its initials ADW, so perhaps the northern source is referenced in a similar fashion.

The initials D.V. occur commonly in the announcements, and maybe instead of standing
for deo volente as I originally assumed, they stand for Daily Vidette, the student 
newspaper of Illinois State University. This theory appeals to me for a few reasons: 

1) The newspaper is located in Illinois, a location that is referenced often; 
2) The Daily Vidette is a student newspaper, similar to the ADW; 
3) Many times the coordinates for upcoming announcements are preceded by Vide, ADW (see 3/15/85). 

Perhaps instead of instructing the reader to view the ADW, it is in reference to the other 
publication in which the announcements occur (Vide being shorthand for Vidette).

The Daily Vidette has archives that can be viewed by the public, but because I live a 
long way away from Illinois I am unable to check personally. I know this is a shot in 
the dark, but if anyone is in the area and can take a look at the paper from 6/20/84 to 
see if there are more announcements, we might get another piece of this puzzle.

conflict with the flesh 01.15.2010
Regarding actionlog's comment: "Weltanschauung" is not a Nietzschean concept. 
Nietzsche certainly dealt with the concept, but so did many other philosophers 
before and after him. I believe the term originated with Kant*? I am not entirely 
certain, as I don't know enough German to check primary sources. I welcome correction. 
The term extends throughout German philosophy as a whole. Some famous approaches: 
Heidegger, Freud**, Husserl, Hegel, and the NSDAP***. Any of those might be relevant, 
mightn't they?


Fletch 09/01/2012
Comments: This mentioned Gordon Pasha in part VII and is from 22-Nov-83. Gordon Pasha 
died 26-Jan-85 in Khartoum, Sudan, which is extremely close to the lines formed between 
the co-ordinates 30.03N,31.15E and 33.56S,18.28E, and the co-ordinates 6.20N,9.13W and 
40.40N,73.50W, however, for the line between 6.20N,9.13W and 40.40N,73.50W, the line 
must travel around the world, crossing the date line, perhaps explaining "Adjust for 
Greenwich Mean minus one.", it is minus one day. Gordon Pasha was born in England, so 
"Adjust for Greenwich Mean minus one." may also be a reference to one less english 
person being alive.

Brett 01/24/2013
SR/CL are initials. They stand for S.R. Titley and C.L. Hicks who were (are?) editors 
for the university of Arizona Press. Most of their work seems to be in the field of 
Geology, most notably surface mining

matt 06.30.2013
a time two times and half a time back in the biblical years was a representation that 
stood for 3 and a half years. a time being 1 year.

razafu 08/04/2013
Comments: Not 2.5 years, but an indefinite period of time. I will pass along additional philological research in future, but for now will leave this 
brief commentary on the prophet's visions here:

"He must seal the book because it would not be understood, and therefore would not be regarded, till the things contained in it were accomplished; 
but he must keep it safely, as a treasure of great value, laid up for the ages to come, to whom it would be of great service; for many shall 
then run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased. Then this hidden treasure shall be opened, and many shall search into it, and dig for 
the knowledge of it, as for silver. They shall run to and fro, to enquire out copies of it, shall collate them, and see that they be true and 
authentic. They shall read it over and over, shall meditate upon it, and run it over in their minds; discurrent - they shall discourse of it, 
and talk it over among themselves, and compare notes about it, if by any means they may sift out the meaning of it; and thus knowledge shall 
be increased. By consulting this prophecy on this occasion they shall be led to search other scriptures, which shall contribute much to
their advancement in useful knowledge; for then shall we know if we follow on to know the Lord, Hos_6:3. Those that would have their knowledge 
increased must take pains, must not sit still in slothfulness and bare wishes but run to and fro, must make use of all the means of knowledge 
and improve all opportunities of getting their mistakes rectified, their doubts resolved, and their acquaintance with the things of God improved, 
to know more and to know better what they do know. And let us here see reason to hope that, 1. Those things of God which are now dark and obscure 
will hereafter be made clear, and easy to be understood. Truth is the daughter of time. Scripture prophecies will be expounded by the accomplishment 
of them; therefore they are given, and for that explication they are reserved. Therefore they are told us before, that, when they do come to pass, 
we may believe. 2. Those things of God which are despised and neglected, and thrown by as useless, shall be brought
into reputation, shall be found to be of great service, and !
be broug ht into request; for divine revelation, however slighted for a time, shall be magnified and made honourable, and, above all, in the judgment 
of the great day, when the books shall be opened...." Matthew Henry

rjtmachine 09/20/2013

Here is a potentially significant event in south Africa in 1983.
 The Constitution of 1983 (formally the Republic of South Africa Constitution Act, 1983) was 
 South Africa's third constitution. It replaced the republican constitution that had been adopted 
 when South Africa became a republic in 1961 and was in force for ten years before it was superseded 
 by the Interim Constitution on 27 April 1994, which in turn led to the current Constitution of 
 South Africa, which has been in force since 1997.

The creation of the 1983 constitution was spearheaded by then-Prime Minister P.W. Botha. It was 
approved by white voters in a referendum on 2 November 1983, in which 66.3% of ballots cast were 
in favour of the new constitution.

Gnarf 10.23.2014

Okay lets get this straight:

1. This is the last episode of a series of three riddles.
2. The first riddle was the Chinese one, Mao may live 10,000 years
3. The second was the hint about either find or build ways

Find a way was something that grabbed my attention. Maybe this is what we are supposed to do? Find ways, streets, roads?

I. If you look up the coordinates in Liberia, you end up in the middle of nowhere. According to google earth it's 
jungle, pure jungle. But as you can see on google-earth there is an S-shaped road exactly where these coordinates are. 
Maybe this road has a number or a name?
II. I have no idea, where that sentence took place, maybe on a certain street?
III. There is a road from cairo to capetown. The CairoCape Town Highway is Trans-African Highway 4
IV. The only time mentioned before is 10,000 years. Maybe its 1*10,000+2*10,000+0.5*10,000=35,000. No idea...
V. New York, N Conduit Ave and Nassau Expy seem to be pretty close, aka 27
VI. Maybe it's the street from Cromwell's address to the parliament? I wasn't able to find out where Cromwell lived.

Lommox 02.18.2015
Hello All,
I don't know if this is relevant but this seems to be the start of the more complicated messages. I'm trying to start at the 
beginning to look up all the historical references along with all the correspondences to Mr. Hance. It seems to me that the 
people are behind this have made it increasingly more and more complicated as the years have gone by. After reading through 
lots of them they also seem to be centered around Protestant history and final judgment. Of course this immediately made me 
think Cult but it made me think. Maybe they simply want people to learn more about history and how to actually think and show 
us the way to through another enlightened movement.

Other then their general message, it also seems that later one their messages seem to give a message pattern by naming historical 
figures (probably specific nicknames for members) and giving brief messages to them with coordinates. It also seems that these 
brief messages to these individuals are simply written in historical references instead of vernacular so it's hard for regular 
people to know where they are going to meet.

I'll write more about a more recent message I particularly liked since it's more my field of study.  For now still going through 
these older Maydays for historical references. A great help is a russian site someone has tried to decode each segment of each message.
This might be helpful.

Ryan K 06/14/2020
	Cape Verde Island and Azores are the only two places to use Greenwich Minus one

ghost signal 03/01/2021
612'00.0"N 907'48.0"W
this are the coords of this messege please believe my