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  • "Dum in partibus infidelium": latin for "while in the land of the infidels", -- also appears may 1, 1986
  • 42.3508002 W 71.062206 W is Boston, from Sept 20, 2000.
  • JD 2441438.5104 = Julain date, comes out to 4/30/1972, at 13:25:04, or 1:25pm.
  • 'occasional slice, scrap of time' - appears May 1 1989 and May 1 1990
  • "..stewards that they be found faithful..." - (1 Cor. 4:2). More or less 'what a christian should be' in some respects... nice summary here:
    ...It is these same things which later on in First Corinthians he refers to as the 
    "mysteries" of God. In Chapter 4, Verses 1 and 2, there is a beautiful statement 
    describing what a Christian is: 
    This is how one should regard us [Christians], as servants of Christ and stewards of 
    the mysteries of God. Moreover it is required of stewards that they be found 
    trustworthy [faithful to their task]. {1 Cor 4:1-2 RSV}
    We know what a stewardess is, in this day of aviation. And a steward is the male 
    counterpart -- a dispenser of necessities, who gives out meals and tickets and 
    information and all the other things necessary to any traveler. This is the idea Paul
    conveys regarding Christians. Christians are said to be stewards of the mysteries 
    of God. We are caretakers, custodians, of God's secrets, dispensers of them -- not 
    to keep them for ourselves, but to practice them and distribute them to a waiting
    world which is falling apart because it doesn't understand how to handle life the way 
    it ought to be lived. Therefore it is essential that we understand these mysteries. 
  • More Corinthians: I Cor 4:20 (reference)
  • The Box is most likely a safety deposit box, mentioned on pages like May 1, 1992.

    With a page like this, it sounds like we can expect everything - or nothing...

    So... 'the hell happened on October 24 90?

    clue=Actually, I think it's what happened on 10-11-90...that's the day the "frog fund" (presumably the Elf stock) was

    Bucky 06.18.01
    clue:  Look, here is a direct reference to a quadrant, think 12 and 3.  
    There is more similarity in these than first meets the eye, like the 
    reference to 12 and 3 way back in '91.  If we could run this whole series 
    through a massive data crunch ...yummy.  

    Bob: 08.15.01
    clue:  When I type 2441438.5104 into the Julian date converter at the U.S. Naval Observatory I get a date of May 1, 1972, which seems to make sense. Does anyone else?

    near a terminal: 09.04.01
    clue:  I like the simple approach and here is another one--look at the reference to 4/27/88, first quadrant.  Three things are
    listed there, a Kierkegaard quote, another longer quotation and some math that is way beyond me.  Then look at the huge last 
    ad, first page.  At the bottom is the same quotation that appears on 4/27/88.  Both times they appear on Mayday.  All this 
    enormously complicated stuff is connected.  I no longer believe they use filler.

    Norville: 09.22.01
    clue:  Isn't the date on this actually October 11, 2001?  Your list says October 10 rather than real date of 11.  _Is that 
    some message the webmaster is sending?_  While you're at it what does the Hebrew mean?
    hance: no message, trust me, i probably just screwed it up.
    Frodo: 10.03.01
    clue:  Do they write original poetry for some of these?  I can't find that verse anywhere on the www.  If it is
    original then there are all sorts of ways to convey mathematical information by the use of metre.  If you look a
    detailed poetry handbook you will find page after page of rhyming schemes, emphasis schemes, beat and pause 
    schemes and each language has its own subsets.  Hebrew is not like Greek and neither one is like English and so 
    on through the languages of the world.  You could do alphabet substitutions and standard cryptology until you 
    are silly in the head and never crack these if they are using poetic metre.

    cynic2: 11.30.01
    clue:  I have the same question that Norville asked--what does the Hebrew mean?  It must tie into some earlier page but
    I can't read the Hebrew so there is no way to start looking.

    Rich: 12.17.02
    Re: what the hell happened on October 24 90?

    "The last transmission of Capt. Morgan contains a THIRD LEVEL ANOMALLY; unless visual confirmation can be made prior to the Winter Tour, it must be assumed ' Erruht im Felndesland.'" Obviously, their communications were breached, and re-arragements were necessary.

    Has Captain Morgan been referred to since then?

    sjwk: 09.07.2003
    subtracting 28 years, 5 months, 11 days from 10/11/2000 comes to the same date as that given by the JD reference (although
    I'd have said 12 midday since 0 hours is mentioned).  Could that be the date that the first ad was placed?

    mbs 08.17.2004
    clue:  The Hebrew appears to be Exodus 12:51- "And on that selfsame day..."

    Don 11.02.2008
    The hidden message in this ad is found by taking every fifth character and space. Then droping the numbers. 
    Yielding: oilespiNWea1nsmssrtwnonltnasfetorsensleneeopnolodaaraahcprsiqat
    Broken down and translated (from french and latin) roughly: We oiles piN years ms srtw not lt s na fetor 
    thoughts that go not to p nolle AHCPR altar if you wish qa t.
    So, agian roughly "We spent years planning this don't change them on your whim nolle."

    The longitude and latitude appear to be just inside of the Boston Athenaeum, a private 
    subscription library in Boston.   There is a very precise look up tool at:
    Admittance is by membership only but perhaps some reader in the Boston area could arrange to take 
    part in a tour.

    Michael P 01/28/2013
    Isn't Captian Morgan a refrence to Captian William Morgan the famous Freemason? Could it then mean that the infiltrator was a Mason? Is this a warning about the Masons? Maybe to the Masons?

    jc 09/30/2014
    It suddenly pops up my mind that 1572 was the horribly famous date of the massacre of St Barthelemy in France where Protestants have been slaughterd by catholics in the streets of Paris.
    Then 1572 can be read as 1/5/72 the day they swear "to begin the implementation of the Agenda--&c."
    Just to add a grain of sand.