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clue=The flowchart in the center of the page is a diagram of the
encryption algorithm DES.  The rectangle at the top (in a language I don't
recognize) is in the place of the plaintext input; the first oval is where
the initial permutation goes; the bits in diamond-shape boxes on the right
are where the sub-keys enter the calculation; the coordinates in the
bottom oval replace the final permutation; and the Greek in the bottom
rectangle appear where the ciphertext would be.  The rectangles running
down the center replace the intermediate left and right halves of the

From Kipawa Condor:

JD=2448799.5 (text at bottom) is midnight GMT on June 25, 1992.  JD is
Julian Day, a sort of calendar which assigns each day (starting at noon) a
unique integer.
        Are you sure that these things represent some sort of game?  Just
glancing at them casually, as I have, I get the impression that they are
instructions to some sort of secret society (note recurring references to
Pigs [=non-members?], Asylum Choir [=some subgroup?], etc.)
        An interesting puzzle, in any case.
Webmaster: Remember - June 25th pops up a lot!. I too have often had that idea as well (secret society), but what a weird way for a secret society to communicate. I've never heard of such entities on our campus (well, they are secret :) and frankly, I think our campus is too lame to have anything but greek wankers as organized clubs. Who knows..
From Will Abraham:
This may be small or insignificant, but... In the left, inward facing text
box, the words Wonder Bread are bolded. There is a WB distribution site in
downtown Tucson. Take Euclid South of campus till it curves East. Take the
first right you can, then right at the stop sign. You'll see (and smell) the
place on your right, before the railroad tracks. Good luck everyone! We need
Webmaster:You're right. Thats insignificant. But thanks :)
Upper righthand corner, map: Dahlgren, VA
Home to United States naval proving Ground, also found nice historical breakdown.
clue=the hebrew means the key to the house of david.

david was the first king of israel, who helped the kingdom grow.

05/01/00 - 
clue=Ref: JPEPPER's clue

King David was the Second not the first King of Isreal, the first would be Saul, 
interesting Saul and David are the only two "annointed by God" all others where 
heirs or physically took control of the Throne. 


6/22/00 carlos txlates the greek
- the greek in a box on the lower left is from Luke, chapter 7, verse
35, and translates as:

"Wisdom is justified by all her children."

clue=The map of Iceland in the upper left corner has a star not at the capital Reykjavik, but at ^ingvellir.  ^ingvellir was 
where the "althing" (the Viking parliament) took place.  Before laws were written down, the members of the Althing would
meet roughly once a year to listen to their leader recite the laws from memory.  Well, sometimes they would listen.  Usually 
they  would fight.  The Icelandic vikings apparently had many laws, but punishments were nearly always banishment or death.

clue=The map in the upper right corner should have the following names in the corners:

Winthrop     Owsley

Schrvdinger  ThomasBradwardine

This is from ADW 5.1.90.

Also regarding #2.  There is a Pinckney St. in is one-way.

clue=Thought it might be a good idea to mention the other two places (aside from Reykjavik and
Thingvellir) shown on the map of Iceland.

M}vatn is a lake in the district of Skztustapir:
..and Hekla is the most active volcano on Iceland:
anton 06.24.01
clue:  Thingvellir is not at the star, but at the box by the initial 
letter Thorn.  (Reykjavik is on the coast, so its dot is obscured; so 
Jessica evidently mistook Thingvellir's dot for Reykjavik.)  The star may 
mark a volcano. Thingvellir had nothing to do with Vikings as such; though 
the Vikings (pirates) included Icelanders.

haskeller: 08.08.01
clue:  Hello Mr Hance! My compliments to this page. I have pondered over some of the ADWs and know I should be more 
into the decryptation. But I can't stop thinking about the overall mandala - archetype approach: The 1.618 number is 
the golden mean if somebody hasn't sent that in allready...

Bob: 08.27.01
clue:  The Hawking reference in the rotated text at left is to one of Stephen Hawking's
first publications, "Occurence of Singularities in Cosmology, Part I." The online
archives at the Royal Society don't go back to 1966, but someone with access might want
to take a look at page 511 and see if anything stands out.

hance: 07.04.02 - david hooked me up and found the publication, which I have mirrored here
jessica: 09.21.01
clue:  Anton is of course correct about Thingvellir; my first sources weren't as good as I had initially suspected.  In any 
case, I believe the star may be marking the glacier of Vatnajökull where a volcanic eruption took place Dec. 18-28, 1998.  
However, since this ad is from 1992, it could imply some different aspect.  I'll look into it...

04.08.02 - El Topo
clue:  Suggestion for the box and might be a clue.  How about "if i should die before i wake open box 668"?   
Im putting it here rather than in the more recent one with the similar picture because the picture doesnt show 
from this computer but I've lookt before and it seems like the same box.

Rich - 06.07.02
clue:  The phrase at the bottom "Un-reconstructed Freaks will distribute the itinerary for THE SUMMER TOUR as per the optimal path
of the 5/1/72 map (64x64 square grid)."

Brings to mind the chess problem of "the Knight's tour". Possibly they have mapped the chessboard to something, possibly a physical
map, and are using the Knight's tour or some analogue to derive their "itinerary".

This jumped out of the page so hard that I find it hard not to treat it as a red herring.

Rich: 07.16.02
Re: my hunch about the king's tour

Ok, nobody's called bullshit on that one yet, so I feel the need to correct myself.

1. A chess board is 8x8 = 64 squares, not 64x64 = a lot of squares
2. A standard Go board is 19x19, so I am told
3. The Knight's tour and its ilk are well known to puzzlers
4. a 64x64 grid _could_ equal eight chess boards across by eight down

I just wanted to point out my over enthusiastic error before I got called an unreformed idiot or worse, a disinformation 

Rich 12.19.02
The octagonal grid in the 5/1/92 brings to mind a schematic diagram of the fuel bundles and/or control rods in a nuclear fission reactor.
I thought that it might be a diagram from some point in the timeline of the Chernobyl accident, but I couldn't find a match online.

See this page ( for a similar diagram.
Another : (
Here's ( a closer match.

We've seen references to nuclear science and possibly transmutations in other ADW ads.

If this does relate to a reactor, it could possibly be an older power or research reactor. Possibly one on some university campus.

South African reactors :
Safari-2 / Pelinduna / Pelindaba-Zero

The current state of the art in South African nuclear power generation technology appears to be the pebble-bed modular reactor (PBMR) which would in no way fit this diagram.

Beacon: 05.02.2003
The map on the top right is Dahlgren naval surface warfare centre
I note sq sonar or the like was mentioned elsewhere.
Curious if you look at the area around Dahlgren you have Richmond, Prince William, Charles and King George which at least
some are mentioned elsewhere.

anonymous: 06.06.03
You get a grid similar to that octagonal mandalla if you cut 6 square (24 total) from each corner of a chess

Juls: 09.03.2003
Just a couple of wee notes.

Bottom text section 'as per optimal path of the 5/1/72 map' - pre-planned stuff worked out on a map in 
1972 - 5/1/72 comes up a lot IIRC, seems to be the point when plans were laid out and this *seemingly* 
includes routes.

Also the box below the map, top right corner, - calculation in degrees, minutes & seconds - could be 
this is an adjustment to be figured into their 'navigation' data.

Rich - 03.19.2004
Re: The picture of the safety deposit boxes on

Observation : 1) The box shown with the keys is numbered 668. 2) The box immediately to the left is 918.

1) The normal tendancy (at least in Western cultures) is to count left-to-right, top-to-bottom -or- top-to-bottom, left-to-right. If that were the case, the numbers shown are "out of order".

2) There is a difference of 250 between those box numbers. It's hard to believe that a physical row (or column) of boxes could be that long.

Does this picture show more than we think? Could the number 918 also be relevant somehow?

Eri 07.09.2004
Some clues regarding the box on the left side of this announcement:

I think I sent the following hint to the wrong page (May 1, 1991) - 
"Gauss was intensely private, but his wife kept telling him that they needed company...." This is a total guess, but it could refer
to German Mathematician Johann Carl Friedrich Gauss. 
(Sorry about that!)

"Kitchener Pasha deposited the Dai-Ichi Kangyo commercial paper..." Dai-Ichi Kangyo Bank Ltd. is the world's largest commercial
and commercial paper is "An unsecured obligation issued by a corporation or bank to finance its short-term credit needs, such as
accounts receivable and inventory." - 

"TERTIUM NON DATUR" appears in the 5/1/91 announcement, and Rich explains that it means that "a third possiblity does not exist.
Used in logic / mathematics to stress that a statement is either true or false." It's also commonly referred to as the "law of the
excluded middle."

A letter of credit is used in import-export commercial transactions, because it provides a more guaranteed method of payment. - "A commercial credit [letter of credit] is a document issued by a bank in which
the bank agrees to pay money upon the presentation of specified documents.  Using this device, a bank will essentially "step into
the shoes" of the buyer for the purpose of guaranteeing payment to you.  It costs money (an increasing amount as the purchase price
of the goods increases), but it may significantly reduce your risk of non-payment."

Another reference to 490 L'Enfant Plaza East, SW, (cross reference: 5/1/86 and 3/21/90) - but I'm having trouble believing that the
Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) or the Department of Education would issue a letter of credit.

"15!=1,307,674,368,000" also appears in the April 8, 1987 announcement, and there are some clues about it on that page. And again
on that page (4/8/87) "near a terminal" mentions the diagram above it: "This is simple-minded but the 15! diagram makes a very
natural reference to
"pool" or billiards the way we play it in America.  It could be a direct geographic
reference  for a _pool hall_ in some place that the participants already know to
expect." - which is interesting because in this ad we have, "15!=1,307,674,368,000: The Billiard Room of the Hotel California has
been reserved..."

Cross-reference: "consule Planco" - 5/1/89 and 5/1/99

Eri: 7.10.2004
490 L'Enfant Plaza East, SW is a BIG building with lots of tenants. So many, in fact, that different offices have different
zip codes! The address consistently referenced in Mayday announcements includes the zip code 20219. Using Google to search "490
L'Enfant Plaza East, SW 20219, I *only* get the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC). (The National Transportation
Safety Board (NTSB) is housed in the same building, but with the zip code 20594.) I do not know how long the OCC has been housed at
this address, but I would guess it has at least kept offices at 490 L'Enfant Plaza East since the announcements began. I'm just
about convinced that the announcements refer to the OCC.

Jessica Augustsson provides a very good description of the OCC on the Dec. 6, 2000 page. Here's another reference: - "It also supervises the federal branches and agencies of foreign banks."

happijoi 12.22.2004
clue:  "Hilbert defends the use-in order to prove any mathematical theorem -- of the so-called rule of logic, tertium non datur:
Either a statement or its negation is true, with no third possibility. But logic is not a set of commandments handed down from
heaven -- or a rock you may skip from one side to another of the Stream of Mathematics. No! Logic is a set of (possibly) useful
rules of thought or argument, abstracted from our experience with mathematics -- principally from number theory and arithmetic. As
I pointed out in my doctoral thesis, we areallowed to abstract a limited form of tertium non datur from our experience with finite
collections, since we know that, should we doubt the conclusion derived by means of this, the conclusion can always be checked out
by a finite sequence of trials! But we have no experienced assurance of the safety of this procedure with infinite collections! So
we cannot, from tertium non datur, devise an existence (or reductio ad absurdum) proof to posit properties of infinite
collections--of which we know so little!"

Kelwyn 02.13.2005
Martin Luther stamp: stock number 2065, released 11.11.1983

Marcel B 09.05.2005
Once again the hebrew words have been written in such a way that implies that the writer is at best unfamiliar with the
alphabet. This could be a ploy, but I doubt it. S/he consistently overlooks subtleties, such as the difference between a daled and
a resh. The mem is virtually unrecognisable. Could be deliberate, or could be overconfidence -  most first-time beginners would
make a better stab at writing a mem.

Other evidence is the pedantic replication of grammatical notation (dagesh dots) which are almost always unnecessary for meaning,
but to those unfamiliar with the language, difficult to differentiate from the vowels which another beginner would need to help
him/her read the text.

jcr 10/16/2013
About the PO Box 668, (according to this site :

In jewish gematria, 668 can be associate to 918 in english gematria and 153 in simple gematria in the expressions : "serious time" ou "secrets test" (and anagrams).	

benedikt 01/06/2014
The posting from May 1st 2007 contains GPS coordinates to Thingvellir and the same picture captioned Marthin Luther.

Eih 03/31/2016
I feel really silly about submitting this... The ad on Dec 4, 1991 provided a key to the symbols off to the left of the flow chart.

! is one of Level 3 [pi], Level 3 [italic lowercase e], or Level 2 n! . It's also associated with "de Moivre". The other symbols 
have similar multiple correspondeces and associations with names.

David 08/23/2016
Bottom right under the "If I should die" picture is Boolean logic. It is used in digital logic circuits and programming. a+b means a XOR b