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From Corinthians I 1:28
et ignobilia mundi et contemptibilia elegit Deus et QUAE NON SUNT UT EA QUAE SUNT DESTRUERET.

"And base things of the world, and things which are despised, hath God chosen, yea, and things which are not, to bring to nought things that are:"

"quorum numerus est sicut arena maris" == From Revelations 20:7, 'the number of whom is as the sand of the sea.'

From Carlos

Just a small addition regarding the may 1, 1989 ad... Part 6) of the
text at the bottom of the ad mentions Thaddeus Stevens. Encyclopedia
Britannica Online lists him as a U.S. congressman, leader of the
Radical Republicans, an anti-Masonic and anti-slavery militant, whose
influence was decisive for restricting slavery in the new western
territories, and also for the harshness of conditions imposed to the
South after the Civil War and the Reconstruction, b.1792 d.1868. No
mention of a "clubfoot" birth defect, but now the quote makes sense to

Ashton points out that 'an occasional slice' - pops up on May 1, 1990, #18. The xerox is so, so, horrible, yes, but I'll see if I can get a new copy when I hit the library.
clue=ina pan stoma phage
"So that every mouth may eat" -- I can't find a Biblical reference, however.

clue=The quote "Papa may have and Mama may have, but God bless the child that's got his own" is from the Billie Holliday song "God 
Bless The Child".

carlos txlates the greek
- the big greek text is from Luke, chapter 8, verse 15, and translates

"[...] bring forth fruit with patience."

- the greek under Cromwell, which Ashton gave a clue for, is from
Romans, chapter 3, verse 19. However, its correct tranlation seems to

"[...] so that every mouth may be closed, [...]"

clue=I need to see what's on the right hand side after "an occasional slice..."
hance: I know...I know... my scans suck. I'll try to get a new one..
bronto 06.11.01
clue:  diagram: celestial navigation?
4) ragged people: misquote of Paul Simon's song "The Boxer"

clue:  We'll probably never know for sure because the equation on the right hand side
of the page is illegible but it has got to be a quotation from somebody named "K.
Kuchar."  I can't send the page to you from this crappy site but key in " Canonical
General Relativity and The Problem of Time."  That will take you to a British site
which makes direct reference to Kuchar's work on time and relativity.  That definitely
fits this outfit's agenda for the decades these have been appearing in the paper.

anonymous: 10.02.01
clue:  As Bronto points out, another song misquote; here's the correct verse:

When I left my home and my family, 
I was no more than a boy 
In the company of strangers 
In the quiet of the railway station, 
Running scared, laying low, 
Seeking out the poorer quarters 
Where the ragged people go, 
Looking for the places 
Only they would know

near a terminal
clue:  Paul Simon has written the background music for more than one movie.

Bob: 10.31.01
clue:  Item 5: The actual saying is:

"Hops, reformation, Bays and Beer Came to England all in one year".

The rotated quote at the left is from some translations of the Bible, but not the KJV:

7- Be patient, therefore, brethren, until the coming of the Lord. Behold, the farmer waits for the precious fruit of the 
earth, being patient over it until it receives the early and the late rain.
8- You also be patient. Establish your hearts, for the coming of the Lord is at hand.
9- Do not grumble, brethren, against one another, that you may not be judged; behold, the Judge is standing at the doors.
10- As an example of suffering and patience, brethren, take the prophets who spoke in the name of the Lord.
11- Behold, we call those happy who were steadfast. You have heard of the steadfastness of Job, and you have seen the 
purpose of the Lord, how the Lord is compassionate and merciful.

The Julian date translates to midnight on the night of June 25/26, 1989.

Most prominent Travelers' Rest connections: city in South Carolina and Montana Park that commemorates Lewis and Clark's

Re: Bronto's comment on the diagram: A virtually identical diagram appears here:
It's a site called, cleverly enough, 'Celestial Navigation for Dummies'. A little study there might make a lot of references 
on a lot of the Mayday pages more clear.

Hance: How, exactly, did you manage to find that site, and that diagram? That's a hell of a score.
near a terminal: 11.09.01
clue:  Paul Simon has written the background music for more than one movie.

Bob: 11.08.01
clue:  Damn, Bryan you're hard to impress. The "mate in 9" problem on May 1 88 was tough. The cerubidine find on the same 
page was a real, real bitch.

The diagram on this page was easy. I read Bronto's comment on "celestial navigation."

Google now (11/7/01) indexes about 250 million web images. I did an image search on "celestial navigation" and, there it 

(BTW, you would not believe the number of poset diagrams at which I have gazed.)

Bones3d: 01.26.02
Winthrop also sounds like a codename for an item to be delivered. Arbella appears to be a channel of distrobution.

c: 05.04.02
Carlos mentions anti-masonic and Capt Morgan was supposedly killed for publishing their secrets.

459 anniversary is (still) (December) 1989.

2447703.5 JD = 1986-06-26.

1929 was probably one of the finest years for red Bordeaux wines in this century -- so at least they have good

bdh edit: 2447703.5 JD == 06/26/1989** -- not 1986 as above. Credit goes to luv2drv944, below

mr_damien: 10.09.02
clue:  The matrix looks like an Hermitian matrix, possibly derived from matrix mechanics (which is isomorphic with wave

The equation on the left looks like the definition of a Hamiltonian Operator from wave mechanics.

Can anyone scan in a better version of the equation on the right so I can compare all three?

Didn't Cromwell have clubfoot? Or was that Black Tom?

A general point: relativity implies that space and time are interchangeable.  Ie. one could hide spatial
coordinates as temporal ones, and vice versa.  Just a small thought to hopelessly confuse more braincells.

Rich: 12.16.02
doch-an-dorrach = parting cup

Consule Planco = In the consulship of Plancus (In the good old days) (

hallybod - 12.25.02
Didn't Cromwell ban May Day in England as it was considered a Pagan festival?
Juls: 09.08.2003
If we take the missing words from the two misquotes - ie, the Paul Simon quote at #4 and the quote at #5 - 'Looking
for' & 'bays'- we have a simple message -'looking for bays' which would fit neatly into a shipping context.  

Btw, Hallybods is right, Cromwell did ban Mayday - cos it's a Pagan festival - Beltaine - though he was a bit of a stick in
the mud was old Cromwell, didn't like Christmas much either.  Mind you, Yule was an old Germanic Heathen festival originally,
the Pagan Romans had a big one at midwinter as well. Oh dear, guess that just leaves Easter doesn't it.  Oops sorry, that's
the Anglo-Saxon Heathen festival of Eostre...  

Juls 09.09.2003
A bit of background on Thaddeus Stevens is here for anyone unfamiliar with him (like myself):
I was actually looking for the source of the quote but I didn't find it yet, there are some references on the above webpage
but I don't think I'll find them in a UK library very easily. I think that after the last discovery I will look much closer
at these quotes.  I think the missing words/misquotes that crop up are an important element - see my last contribution, I now
have no doubt that what is missing / altered in the misquotes is an important element.  Of course, they aren't all misquotes,
but then that would be too easy. :-)

Will: 05.26.2004
The equation on the left is a Hamiltonian of phi^4 (phi-to-the-fourth) theory.  In the case of the particular author
mentioned (Khmelnitsky or Khmel'nitskii), it is used to describe second-order phase transitions (the Tc piece of the
subscript on H indicates that we are talking about phase transitions from a normal to a superconducting state, which occurs
at some critical temperature Tc).  There is some information on the referenced paper at this link: ry&_orig=search&_qd=1&_cdi=7038&view=c&_acct=C000005238&_version=1&_urlVersion=0&_userid=109269&md5=6e2248420cff651e077e18f5 c36419da&ref=full
As to what this has to do with the preceding quote, who knows?  Perhaps being steadfast often involves enduring transitions
(or causing transitions, perhaps read as revolutions...)

tristan 03.06.2005
I chased up near-a-terminal's point about Paul Simon scored movies. Leaving out concert movies, the only film I
can find that is scored by Simon is Shampoo. More movies have Simon songs included in the soundtrack. I found The
Graduate, The Wild Thornberry Movie, The Royal Tenenbaums.  Simon made a rare acting appearance in Annie Hall and the
Rutles. I couldn't find a definitive list so I'm sure there are more movies with Simon songs.

Juls 04.11.2005
Thaddeus Stevens - did have a clubfoot.  Article focussing on his anti-Masonic campaigning here:

"Although he had a good memory, Thaddeus Stevens was not the very best of students. He failed to be elected to the honorary
academic fraternity, Phi Beta Kappa. Throughout the rest of his life he would resent the elite and secret fraternities and lodges."
I've not located the quote but apparently there are some eight or more biographies of Stevens, from a quick scan of the following
link it looks most likely that the quote came from the one by Brodie - who reportedly saw Steven's clubfoot as the "key to his

It would be easy to see, I guess, how someone who suffered rejection by those around him (because of his clubfoot) would develop a
hatred for fraternities and exclusive groups.  The anti-Masonic activities described in the first article certainly seem to suggest
that he hated them with a vengeance.  It must be these activities that (ostensibly at least) are to be associated with the linked
Biblical quote in the announcement: "and things which are not, to bring to nought things that are."

Nice "parting cup" - Sterno appears to be a flammable chemical gel used as fuel, comes in cans - a search turned up a number
of variations on the actual composition but the message is plain enough - 'to finish with a conflagration' - whether figurative or
actual is another matter.

On Cromwell's portrait - note the tiny letters 'MKT' written along his right shoulder?  The artist perhaps?  I wonder
because his visage takes up an awfully large space in this announcement, but to what purpose?  If it were a 1999 announcement I
could figure it was to mark his 400th birthday, but it isn't.  Well, anyway, Cromwell now has his own museum and related website -
given his prominence here some folk might find it interesting or useful:

More on Cromwell - not so well known as what was done to Charles I is that after the Restoration Cromwell was disinterred,
and punishments enacted on his corpse including the detachment of his own head (IIRC it was stuck on a spike in public view for a
time - the fate of traitors) - what is thought to have been his head now resides in Sidney Sussex College, a college that he
himself attended.

Barry 05.25.2005

Nassau, Bahamas

Tokyo, Japan
Astron Maritime Co.

Hugh 08.04.2005
The "Confessio Augustana", or "Augsburg Confession", is a confession of Protestant Christian faith by Philip Melanchthon. It
was submitted to Charles V on June 25, 1530 (459 years before 1989)  See (Latin):

And English translation at:

Juls 09.20.2005
Re. the Hebrew line underneath Cromwell - this is the first part of Job 12.21 and reads "He poureth contempt upon princes
.." - kinda fits, I guess.  However, the first word - ShVPhK - is minus the second character - there should be a Vav in there.

mbs 05.08.2006
The drawing of Cromwell must have been modeled after Lely's portrait.  From the link below:
Cromwell is supposed to have said: 'Mr Lely, I desire you would use all your skill to paint my picture truly like me, and not
flatter me at all; but remark all the roughness, pimples, warts and everything, otherwise I will never pay a farthing for it.'
Hence the phrase, 'warts and all'.

Thaddeus 07.01.2006
Ora pro nobis - pray for us
ora pro me - pray for me

JG 07.03.2006
I find the reference to Thaddeus Stevens of potentially contradictory or perhaps corrective reference here.

Recall the earlier mention of the Synod of Dort, where the sensible Arminian doctrines were rejected. Recall also the constant
references to ultra-Calvinist South Africa during the height of the apartheid controversy here. Thaddeus Stevens was not beloved in
Richmond (first ad). He believed, as is inscribed on his tombstone, in the equality of man before his creator.

Anyone reading this in the 1980s might quickly have come to the conclusion that the author(s) were racist in addition to rabidly
anti-Catholic. Perhaps the reference here, in addition to the general theme of downtrodden instruments of change (and Stevens's
"radicalism) is to assure campus impressionables that this is not an overtly racist project.

joshua b. 11/26/2006
do all of the articles so far with music compose a symphony or a song?

Griffin 06/24/2008

In a certain old language ( I don't remember it, it was mentioned in a
book I used to own), They didn't have vowels.

so MKT could be a name or a place, like 'Maket' or 'Meket', or 'Makat'. ETC.

Only probably if ancient languages are their thing.

Don 10.21.2008
  I've found a hidden message here.  Using the stars=5 count every fifth letter, space, and 
  punctuation mark. starting on the line 4) at the words the Asylum. 
  I figure that it is a mix of French and Latin and have broken it down like this 
  Which using a mix of the google language translater for the french portions and a 
  latin translater ( for the Latin.  
  got me this 
  I trying to find someone to help me clean this up. as well as get the message out of 5).

	I will send more when I find it,

Jacen 12/24/2008
Hey Hance- I'm sure most of yall Mystery fanatics know the Arabella is
a real ship, and the website can be found here-

I mention this because I found an ad for the Arabella in The New
Yorker, June 30, 2008, page 28. I can send you the page if you like.

Oh, and in my EVERYTHING is related to the MM paranoia, theres also an
ad for a 'retreat at Sheppard Pratt' I cant recall if/where a retreat
is mentioned, but it sounds familiar.

Don 09/15/2010
	Hi Bryan,
 Here is an more refined version of my previous submission (10/21/2008) for this page. 
 I had a friend who had grown up speaking and reading french. As it turns out this is 
 almost all french with one word in Latin.

Here is his break down:
ami - a friend
lents - to give or add; slow
ET IT TAAR - and is late
EO - to go (latin)
AEL - boy's surname
G TUR RE - ?
LERE - last name
OTER - doff; remove
tous fou - completely insane
And he interpreted as this:
a friend comes and is late ??????? he is going to the coffee shop and is held up by a nutcase and is killed
A strange story for sure.


luv2drv944 04/26/2012
	Sorry new to all of this s of yesterday but I do have some definite ideas from what I've read.  
	Does anybody know what piece of music is represented as the place?? The date is June 26, 1989 not 1986
(bdh: I have corrected the julian date to June 26, 1989 abive)

IP: mbs 05/02/2014
Revisiting this because the 1May2014 ad references it.  The score snippet in item 3 is 
from Pinball Wizard.  I believe the original was in B, and this appears to be transposed to C.

keyN2Language 05.20.2016
Comments: Can't read any more of this. I think this ad is particularly important: Prior email from Feb 1 1999 to repubgirl suggests finding and re-scanning it to clarify the right-hand side. May of 2014 ad seems to reference this one, along with Latin for "if the day had been completed". Looking on the right I figure only the obscured equation could likely be what's suggested.

K.Kuchar is clearly the physicist out of Utah. He has plenty of papers relating to various "canonical" aspects of physics, namely gravity. His work often touches on symmetry, and chirality in particular. Closest I can come to finding a paper relating to what I can see on the right is actually Lau's "On the Canonical Reduction of Spherically Symmetric Gravity" which isn't by Kuchar, and references a paper of his. Both papers are from AFTER '89 unfortunately. But the Phi- and N-heavy notation suggests the material is similar. Kuchar's "Geometrodynamics Regained" seems to be influential, and includes much notation involving Phi and N. It is form the 70's, however, and the only PDF's I can find are scanned with character recognition, and hence barely recognizable. Kuchar's work spans decades, and much of it is somewhat searchable either on INSPIRE or the ArXiv.

The email pointing me towards this ad heavily references Roger Williams. This figure's interest in language, his abolitionist views, and his "no true church" ideals seem important to The Orphanage. The Feb 1 email further suggests examining the circumstances surrounding Williams' change of heart about religion, making several indian jokes: "HOW", "chiefly", maybe one more. The email also refers to Williams as "scabrous", which may just be a good word. It does include "rough" in its meaning however, and Cromwell as pictured did remark to Lely to "remark all the roughness."

John Williams was charged by the General Court with Heresy and expelled from New England civilization. After wandering the country, he was welcomed by a native sachem (chief) and nursed to health over the course of several months.

That next spring he attempted variously to found a new settlement. His final successful attempt (he named his new home Providence) was settled on land bought fairly from the first people who lived there. After some time, his was by many accounts the very first city of modern man where democratic governance and spirituality coexisted, one without poisoning the other.

The tribe Williams bought his promised land from? the Narragansetts. Their sachem who became his dear friend? Canonicus.

Is Margaret's Rock important? Have a cold one, Netop! It's been a hundred since, after all!

anonymous 09/30/2020

 I worked on it and I think that the Julian Date corresponds to January 1, 1970, which was the date of "The Epoch" 
 (Time 0 for UNIX systems, Midnight GMT). Also, the hour might be an averaged time in military, or 24-hour, 
 format which would be 17:31:30, or 5:31:30 PM, however, this is less likely compared to my estimation of 
 the Julian Date

AETaylor 03/01/2021
The philosophy of agonism affirms the idea that transcendence, truth, and growth are generated from the outcome 
of the contest...the concept of agonism is often understood in an affirmative sense as the generative
principle of economy, society and even natural ecology and personal growth... The ambivalent character of 
agonism is that it is often seen as a mode of transcendence, while its instrumental relation to the mode 
of destruction is rarely acknowledged"