Letter to my PO Box 6.16.2004. Postmarked Mexico. And I just got some email from a Mexican IP (see here)

Letter contents:

Stamps closeup.
page [big]
page back.

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Hazard J. Simpson
clue:  Return address on your envelope is the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. - This makes references to at least 2
of the Feds recently, the other was Chicago on May Day, 2004. (recently, I'm sure there have been others)


The U Bud quotations have a > before them (-- and I'll highlight them here - hance)

> Yo bro! U check de ad-dress on dis one an mah Bro kno Ah is in an-uder jurisdiction.

I now believe the earlier comments I made on U Buds posts to you referred to Mexico were correct and the Vatican was not the place referred to.

>Dey scream damn fine but id neber last long enough. Ha Ha Ha Ha! You too young ta remember >HELTERSKELTER--piss poor job, dey all got kawt quick.

The reference here is to MANSON'S motorcycle gang who killed sharon Tate (anmong others) and wrote 'Helter Skelter' in blood on the walls.

>16 June 2004 Anno Domini. First Ever: Summer Announcement. Some a de Brethren ain reeel pleazed an Ah'z one >a dem. But we LOYAL and what's a mite of a wait in de light of Eternity. Aint nuthin, we kan hold. wE WILL >hold.So mah man pleez check de ADW on what some turkeyz call Bloomsday.

Bloomsday is 16 June- A reference to Leopold Bloom and the day covered in Joyce's book Ulysses.

>It deal more wid de chemical end of 1 a R projektz--but id should say somethun about 16 June 2004 Anno >Domini. Maybe U seed dat pik-chur afore--maybe U see de result latah.

The picture I believe is of a vacuum chamber. There seems to be rails under the vessel. Maybe it is related to nuclear chemistry? Maybe it contains redioactives and is 'rolled' into the hole behind it. The attached tubes would then be either probes or injectors or both. Maybe something to do with the early South African Nuclear industry.

Here is a map of Laguna Verde : http://www.insc.anl.gov/pwrmaps/map/mexico.php

Mexico's only Nuclear reactor. Possibly also a conservation area for birds. my spanish is not so good but a search under the placenams "Laguna verde" "aves" and "conserva" should tell you.

philot: 06.18.2004
Note that the picture is cut with the curvey edges, similar to the contents sent http://www.maydaymystery.org/mayday/texts/delivery08132003.html
Rich: 06.16.2004
Re: http://www.maydaymystery.org/mayday/offsite/letter06162004/stamps.jpg

Brian, there's a black rubber-stamp picture on top of the two stamps that says what appears to be "GREETINGS FROM FAR
FAR AWAY", and has a picture of a muscular "person" from the waist up, holding some cards. This doesn't appear to be
a standard cancellation mark. Could this be something the sender added? (It's also possible that it's a novelty stamp
like some POs use on holidays.) The face hidden in among the birds just caught my eye.

Hazard J Simpson 06.18.2004
clue:  More related to the emails than anything, but the Pimp (U Bud) seems to use the Dialectizer (Jive) to cloak
his language/writing style in emails...  www.rinkworks.com/dialect/ to see for yourself.

anonymous 06.17.2004
In email message from Mexicao, our author says; 'check de ADW on what some turkeyz call Bloomsday.' Well, Bloomsday is an
Irish celebration for James Joyce's writing of Ulysees. I think it was in 1904, and this year was the centennial, so that may make
it that much more meaningful. The locals in Dublin get dressed up in period piece and really have a good time with it. Nothing too
spectacular, but hope this helps.

lanny: 06.23.2004
I need to satisfy my curiousity here...have you ever checked UNDER any of the stamps on some of the mail you've received? 
The sender obviously uses the stamps for specific purpose.  Whether it to be a clue of the origin of the letter, the purpose of the
"mission", etc.  Maybe the sender is utilizing the stamps to conceal a special note?  Just curious. 

Another quick thought.  I was browsing through the site, and i saw a posting from Mr. Hance dated October 2002.  The link
(marked "funnier") takes you to a web page of a company in search of specific items.  The company's name was:  Ruse,Gambit,Herring
and Assoc.  Under their name, they specifically listed this mayday mystery site.

So, I did a google listing for the company name.  I found it odd that two themes came up with the hits.  And these were for the
definition of "game" and the definition of "conspiracy".  

- hance - no, I haven't. I'll check it out. As for the 'ruse/gambit' bit, from what I remember that stems from somebody's Usenet posting from way back, poking fun at the site.
Mike: 06.23.2004
The Greetings from Far, Far Away and picture of Shrek (from the animated movies) is a novelty ad that the Tucson (at least)
post offices are using to cancel stamps. The letter didn't go far, though. The mexican post mark is for international mail 
leaving Nogales, Sonora, right over the border, about an hour from Tucson.

It is quite possible that this is the apparatus depicted in the Jan 16, 1991 announcement.

Jeff: 06.24.2004
Re: stamps

After looking closer at the stamps, I'd say it looks to be a picture of the animated character Shrek riding Donkey, 
rather than just some "muscular person."  Could be a tie-in to the movie "Shrek 2," which was recently released.

Should have done some more research before my last post.  http://www.thecelebritycafe.com/features/1415.html - This
page, discussing tie-ins to the movie Shrek 2, noted that the U.S. Postal service was adding stamps featuring Shrek 
characters with the phrase, "Greetings from far, far, away."  It appears it's just a novelty.

Agent X: 06.24.2004
The picture I think is of some sort of nuclear device, I might be wrong but that's my first impression. Possible a early
nuclear reactor..or a research one.

etf: 06.24.2004
It looks to me like the Mexican postmark says "Nogales" -- just on the other side from Nogales, AZ.  (There would be a D.F.
postmark if it was from Central Mexico.)  Could have been that somebody in Arizona walked it to Mexico just to throw you for a

Dan: 06.24.2004
If The Pimp is using the Dialectizer (Jive) to cloak
his language/writing style in emails (www.rinkworks.com/dialect/) perhaps those who run that site would be willing and able to run
it backwards on the text to give a more accurate translation of what he is saying?

leakingpen: 07.14.2004
errg, i have a couple pages of ideas at home i keep meaning to email.  email me to remind me, wouldya bry?

couple things.  on the envelope, im not to up on mexican conventions.  is putting EL senor odd?  seems to me that you would simply
put senor to be more formal, the EL seems out of place.  and the fact that its all caps.  
on the stamps, you STILL havent started removing stickers and stamps to see whats beneath?  like the sticker on the map you got,
the lining of the box with the coin that was lined with stock reports, ect.  cmon man, probably nothing, but STILL.  also, they
tend to seem to give little messages with the stamps.  almost a leitmotiv for the letter at times.  anyone id this stamp.  appears
to be for some conservation program, i see several birds, rainforest jungle birds to be precise.  anyone know what the black bird
with teh red headgear is? and what is the word printed just below?
whoops, nm.  heres a link

a couple possible items there.  theres a turkey (weird looking) which could be a reference.  also, most all the birds on this
particular stamp have legends involved with them.  granted, most birds in southern mexico, south america do, but still.

on the device...  ive enlisted the aid of a few groups, one that likely wont know, and one that should.  i dont think its nuclear
myself.  no radiation shielding, a high pressure vessel, with a top connection that has a few fluid feeds, and a bottom that has
several wires hooking in, the t shape up top looks like a possible power diversion, in terms of driven piston, or pressure.  the
thing looks more like some kind of engine experiment to me.  i think the placement of the scallop cuts may mean something too.  ill
get back to you if my weird science compatriots pan out.

leakingpen: 07.14.2004
clue:  http://www.popsci.com/popsci/aviation/article/0,12543,473272-1,00.html

behold the power of fark.  

the device is a pulse detonation engine currently under testing.  the pic is directly from popsci (i knew it looked familiar. 
similar to pulse-jets, but different.its biggest use, at least of this engine, appears to be missile technologies. so now the
questions.  you see the result later, but stand at the right hand of the father?
the right hand of the father is obviously religious, but looking it up, it appears to not actually be a line of scripture.  as far
as i can tell, the origin of the line is in the catechism of the catholic church, which appears to be a large document (who knew?)  


appears to be the source of the phrase.
 its use here may be indicative of the chirality that is so common, but...   i dunno.  im stuck at the moment.  anyone know
anything about the creation of the phrase? also, this having to do with the chemical end of an experiment...  its a supersonic
engine to be used in missiles.  not sure i like that....

Our change from mortal to immortal, from corruptible to incorruptible is a promise of God that can no more fail or pass away than
any other of God's promises. "Behold, I show you a mystery; We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed, in a moment, in
the twinkling of an eye ... for this corruptible must put on incorruption, and this mortal must put on immortality" {I Cor.

dont like the sound of that, no siree.  

on helterskelter.  they also wrote death to all pigs.  in this case, the pigs were the police, but da pimp has stated in the past
that the pigs of the orphanage arent the police, so i find it a little odd he (or she, you never know) would bring this up.  must
be getting REAL itchy for schlachtfest. that, or part of the samuel plan.  but in particular, it was manson running a group of
patsies.  muntze's anyone?

also, having used the dialectizer for years, no, no hes not.  hes actually typing that way.
also, teh sign mentioned, no firearms or ammo sign.  seen on i-95 heading to nogales.

Hazard J Simpson 07.28.2004
Well, I simply disagree w/ leakingpen on the use of the dialectizer. I also have been using it 'for years' and some of the
the phraseology (Pickers and Stealers for example) is pretty specific, unless there's some Jive Master Source I'm somehow not yet
aquainted with. (That would be cool, however.) Keep in mind that the program has changed over the years as well as the dialect in
it, and of course,the sender obviously rehashes most of it anyway. (As any good college-educated writer would) I stand by my case. 

Mike C: 09.01.2004
I am inclined to think this note is just another reminder of revolutionary change and paradigm shift. The article that
goes along with the picture pushes that idea for this new form of engine. Other oddities that have been sent to bryan are
similar like the data on spirals and compact disc construction at a time when DVDs were taking off.

cingularity 10/06/2015
The picture seems to be of an experimental pulse detonation engine.