url:  04-may1.html

name:  U bud

clue:  Yo bro!  U check de ad-dress on dis one an mah Bro kno Ah is in an-uder jurisdiction.  Had ta kum down fer a
spell ta meet wid a kuple a dem nuthin-peeplez de Orphanage use in Tucson.  Dey run errand an such.  Real harmless
types, not like R Bro Bry.  Damn pain in de ass komin in dis shit-hole of a kontree, when Ah ridez mah tri-cycle cross
de Border, der dis beeeg sign what say "no armas o municiones."  Cramp mah style.  Always de chance I run up on a
couple a mah fav-OR-ite Pigs--have ta butcher dem shits de ole fashion way.  Real pisser killin Pigz wid a blade--fat
on fat, dull eben a custom kutter.  Der meat aint worth a sorry shit needer--social diseases, rot U liver.  Fat don't
fry worth nuthin anywayz so de only good part is de screamin. Dey scream damn fine but id neber last long enough.  Ha
Ha Ha Ha! 
You too young ta remember HELTERSKELTER--piss poor job, dey all got kawt quick. Stupid, unorganized, illogical--but
put de FEAR in de Pig. HA HA HA HA! (nAH, dat ain de best way, Bry, id jes amuse liddle me--U ain dealin wid nuthin
like dem dummies--but I personal love seein de shits sweat, thinkin dey safe when Doom hangin ovah each and ebby 1 a
Dat stuff above jes me bein social wid mah Bro--gots ta do de Biz now: 16 June 2004 Anno Domini.  First Ever: Summer
Announcement.  Some a de Brethren ain reeel pleazed an Ah'z one a dem.   But we LOYAL and what's a mite of a wait in
de light of Eternity.  Aint nuthin, we kan hold. wE WILL hold.So mah man pleez check de ADW on what some turkeyz call
Chow, Bro--an we sorry der some sekreesy when komunnikatin--id jes ta keep R man Bry safe.  Pigz iz stupid but mean
and de reel Opponentz ain stupid.  U doan want dem devils on U tail--so it all kinda opaque fer now.  Not too much
longer.  "In the twinkling of an eye..."  Chow, Bro.
P.S. A letter goin out 2-day from down here, should hit U PO Box by Tuesday.  It deal more wid de chemical end of 1 a
R projektz--but id should say somethun about 16 June 2004 Anno Domini.  Maybe U seed dat pik-chur afore--maybe U see
de result latah.  De big point ta keep straight is ta be at "the right hand of the Father" when U see de final result.

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