Too busy, just gonna dump what was sent to my office and comment later.

Also got a phone call days later from the same woman on the tape, asking if I needed 'a token of appreciation' - read $$. Said no. Should have asked for a porsche.

Hello Mr Hance

This first portion will be in english as that is in the lingua franca of our 
disturbed time. Your efforts continue to be appreciated, especially since you 
have perservered over the period of years. We are always amused by the lack of 
endurance which your countrymen display in all things. You are among the very 
few exceptions as you have the capacity to - as they say in english - hold out. 
We admire that very much.

You recently recieved an indication that your efforts have been discussed in 
Fortean Times. As you have no doubt decided already, the discussion are largely 
childish, but they do touch on one important point - the alteration of reality. 
In that one respect, two or perhaps three of them, are, as your countrymen say, 
in the ballpark. They do not know what game is being played, much less the 
score, but they are in the ballpark.

Enclosed you find a picture of an older map. The point is not the location or 
even the timeperiod, but that it is a snapshot which recorded what was thought 
to be thought to be reality at a given moment. If you look at those same places 
today, some of the names will be different. In a hundred years they will be very 
different indeed. In the course of geological time, the continents will not even be 
the same. A wise man would seek not only the reality that underguides time but 
the source itself.

The remaining remarks will be brief and in another language. One of our resources 
should be able to help you interpret. The current correspondent is a native speaker
of what follows.

(message in french)


clue:  I thought I'd sent my translation of the tape on Saturday but don't see it posted. So I'm sending
it again just in case it fell through the cracks. Most of the credit goes to my French chatbuddy Scenty.
I don't think he had a very easy time with it either because of some quality issues.


Continue the research. You'll receive eventually the reward of your efforts. The [?] Fortean Times are
right only for a point: It's that your friend at The Orphanage work to change reality - not only Their
reality, their personal view - but reality for ALL. It's a project that takes more than a life
[lifetime?] The wiseman will persevere until the end. Remember Bryan, that death is not the end. So the
smallness and decline of our natural forces have no importance at all. Only persevere. Best wishes until
next time we will discuss again. Goodbye, Mr. Hance.

Envelope 1 Contents:

envelope - (big version) - Postmark: South Jersey Processing & Distribution Center (P&DC)
page - printout of Fortean Times message board discussion re: Mayday Mystery
page - unknown code, cut in pattern (rescanned!)
page - weird little design, cut in pattern
page - american soldiers @ nazi vault (see below)
page - time blur astronomy photo
page - orbits?
page - 'venus 1991 geocentric coordinates for 0h dynamical time'
page - wise men/camels?

Envelope 2 Contents:

envelope -
tape - tape containing the recorded message from above. Here is an mp3 of the tape
map - photograph of a map

08.29.03 - Juls

Page 1: So they discovered our thread on the Fortean Times message board LOL.. 
well, it's open to anyone who cares to join in:

'Map' - this looks like a rolled out pic of one of those tin globes that you can get 
for children.  I think you can see where the two halves are joined together but the 
light is the giveaway.

Page 5 looks like its in an observatory, page 7 is from an ephemeris, page 8 is 
obviously the three wise men following the star - are they trying to tell us the 
end is nigh perchance? Not that old chestnut, surely. Nah, must be something else.. 

envelope 1 page 7 - the ephemeris page - data covers April-July 1991, ADW ad for August 28 1991 has post
mark on it for June 27 1991 - there was a lunar eclipse on this date - obviously a significant celestial event
for these guys but not sure where Venus data fits in yet.

beacon., 09.03.2003
name:  Beacon

clue:  Us WWII officer uniform. Hoitlers bunker was in the Berlin map on the 2002 page.  

Mandlebrot set. six hour exposure of Northern sky taken aan observatory about 50 degrees North
Circled didnt fit with planets but maybe they are the SAME planets at different times?

Lots of astro references here. The "star" of the Magi could have been a conjunction of bright 
planets. Declination  and Right Ascention are Celestial Latitude and longitude. Geocentric 
distance can apply to sattelites planets or stars (ideed to any object)

Eri 09.04.2003
Envelope 2 address:
History of that address:

hance- and the voice on my tape is speaking french...

Beacon: 09.04.2003
Re: odd writing. Very repeditive. Maybe the symbols can be converted to binary and back to 
ascii or to map references . I can not find the ASCII for the black circle with the white 
circle inside though.

08 31 2003 anonymous:
Juls 08.05.2003
Tape - clearly being read from a script.  Get a strong impression that the person reading may not be involved but may be
just a 'hireling' as they would put it - they have simply been hired to read the script for the recording - it comes across as
sounding very mechanical.

"a snapshot which recorded what was thought 
to be thought to be reality at a given moment."

This sounds like more kairos-ish business, I think... Meep.

Eri: 08.06.2003
The woman on the tape speaks of  "L'Orphanage" and I noticed that 117 avenue Victor Hugo was 
at one time the site of an orphanage (orphelinat.) This is kind of a tangent, but an old 
friend of mine grew up in an orphanage in Trinidad. What seemed to distinguish her upbringing
from mine was that she had to grow up very fast. She had no family structure to fall back on, 
therefore less time to be a carefree child. She had to think for herself at an early age. So 
when the woman on the tape uses the word "childish" to describe the forteans, I can't help 
thinking of the value my friend the orphanage veteran put into being grown up, responsible, 
knowledgeable - and how that would relate to the word Orphanage. BTW, this same friend was 
often taken as "self-important" and condescending to others, but I can say without a doubt 
that she was completely earnest and usually not trying to feed her ego.

Juls: 09.07.2003
Just a couple of wee things Brian.  I've been working on a translation of the French but my 
French is very rudimentary and some of the tape is not too clear - we really need a French 
speaker for this but I'll post as much of it as I can figure out until I feel I've exhausted 
my ability to do it.  Much of it seems to pertain to their reasons for sending you the
Fortean Times thing and about the concept of reality - a good ear would pick that much up 
anyway. They urge you to continue your enquiry and there is something about your refusal 
of their offer of recompense for your efforts, they posted you the Fortean Times page to 
make a point, 'your friends of the orphanage work to change reality', more about reality, 
something about the work being much more than life. I'll leave it at that for now.  One 
other point, the establishment at the Passy St Honore is Catholic.

Some body: 09.08.2003
A wise man would seek not only the reality that underguides time but the source itself.

Previous indications and this one make me believe that one of their aim is for us to search for 
jesus/god. This might indicat that the people behind this is from a turn scientists in to believers 
funding ... I hope not Christian since that is also a construction of our time ... 

Rich: 09.09.2003
Re: 8/13/2003 delivery, envelope one, Page Two

I haven't pinned this one down yet, but here's my take so far.

Judging by the line-drawing graphical characters, this looks like it was printed from DOS.
Possibly with the operating system using a code page similar to Code page 850.
Unfortunately, I haven't foud a CP that contains all the special characters that this printout does.

This is either: 1) binary data dumped to the printer or 2) text in which the 8th bit (normally 0) has been flipped. That is why we see all the goofy characters, which normally show up with ASCII value > 0x7F.
Back in the day, you often had this problem if your printer was not set up right. I doubt that this is ATASCII. :-)

The runs of three or more repetitions of the same character lead me to believe that this in not text. Also the repetition of character sequences.

The thorn and dagger characters are of particular interest when attempting to match this character set. The musical note, "sun", male / female, and filled circle characters point to this being a PC character set.

The sine-wave cut on the border that is similar to the edge envelope one, page three leads me to the inference that page two may be a dump of the code to generate the diagram.

Here's the source I was using for reference.


I can't tell from the scan, is Envelope one, page two cut in a scallop on all four sides, or only on the left, right & bottom? If it is cut on all four sides, like Envelope one, page three, they may be saying that both are different representations of the same thing.

Just to point this out, envelope one, page three is some sort of fractal. I can't identify it, but it has triple symmetry and looks like an octupus' tentacles to me. Maybe someone more into fractals can tell you what function generates this. Someone more experienced than I with Gimp could turn Envelope one, page6 90 degrees and overlay it on envelope one, page five.
I suspect that the big circle is the path of Venus in the picture. Someone handy with a skymappnig program could determine what the other marked points are. Possibly also the location of the observatory and when the picture was taken.

Eri: 09.09.2003
Envelope 1 Gadsden Purchase stamps. Could they relate to the taped message and political map in 
Envelope 2? I mean specifically the lines, "If you look at those same places today, some of the 
names will be different. In a hundred years they will be very different indeed." The Gadsden 
Purchase set one of the political borders visible on the map (and closest to BRYAN!) 

Also on Envelope 1: The Historic Preservation stamps include the Decatur House, which is an 
interesting building - "Decatur House: Home of the Rich and Powerful" 

(Very brief overview)

Philot: 09.08.2003

I've cobbled together an overlay of the sixth page on the fifth page as I noted earlier. I believe I didn't munge things up, but the results seem strange. Both images were scanned at 72x72 dpi, so I shouldn't have needed to scale either of them. The one assumption that I made is which was the center point.

Notice that the large arc matches the picture well for about half the arc, but then starts to diverge.

Also, anyone else analyzing the photo can note that some arcs start and others stop within the frame during the exposure. This would give you more information about relative positions and times.

I can't tell if I'm barking up the wrong tree with this or not.

Juls: 09.10.2003
Wildlife conservation (stamps, envelope 1) - 'The smallness and decline of our (OUR?) natural forces have no
importance atall' = attitude stinks.  

I suspect that page no.s 2 & 3 may be an oblique way of conveying a message concerning the underlying order within the
universe at the micro level, pages 5, 6 & 7 at the cosmic level - an attempt to demonstrate that the universe is designed, by
the Christian god. Page no. 8 could fit in several ways, but all would seem to relate to ideas of the hand of their god at
work in the universe.  Page no.4 might then convey a message concerning the hiding of gold - a metaphor for truth (ie. all
the stuff about how the universe is designed) and it's (re?)discovery.  This of course would reveal the true nature of
reality - change people's view of it.  Well, they seem to think so.  Their philosophy of course, is not the only one that
would account for a 'designed' universe, they may be disappointed.  I reckon all this is just meant to convey parts of their
thinking - an attempt to get us to think things out for ourselves and come to particular conclusions, I doubt it will get us
much closer to what they are *doing*. :-)  

Beacon: 08.16.2003
The observatory is about 40-50 degrees north and the picture is about 6 hour exposure ending at about midnight in
Winter. I am basing this on the length of the star trails. the position of polaris and the colours of star trails.

would lead me to believe that Capella is the orange.yellow trail going from twelve o clock and round to five (off the bottom
right) As we are facing north the left hand end of the stattrails are where they end. It would seem that the very bright
(brightest) trail cutting the yop right corner is Sirius. You can see that Declination of the blue stars roughly matches the
reference I gave. This means the exposure ended at around midnight in Winter (say december) This would fit since any earlier
than November astronomical twilight would not have happened by 6 O clock so the early parts of the trails could not be
observed. It seems to be a reflecting telescope. Judging from the exposed ladder rungs (twelve or so feet)the dome is 20 to
30 feet high co that would scale the scope at several metres in aperature.

So Northern Hemisphere Observatory 50-60 degrees North doing winter observations probably of southern Hemisphere or around

Beacon: 09.16.2003
Here is a good possible source on all the odd writings in the pages:
Writing Systems of the World: Alphabets, Syllabaries, Pictograms $5.20 used

Rich : 12.19.2003
Could the contents of envelope one just be a reference to this clue regarding the Vatican observatory and the University of Arizona? Many of the items in that envelope are directly related to astronomy in one way or another.

An online font matching service that may be useful : WTF(What's that Font?)? I've submitted a query to their forum about 8/1/2003, pg 2

[see here]

Matthew Gotth-Olsen 06.24.2004
clue:  Page 1:
The screenshot was taken sometime between August 7th 2003 and September 5th 2003. The browser they are using is odd, look at how it
renders the divider line near the search box (it's incomplete) and also look at the justification of the spider next to the words
"Fortean Times Message Board". Perhaps, if you can figure out what browser they were using, someone at the Fortean Times would be
kind of to dig up some stats from that timeframe, and that could give you a list of possible general physical locations.  
? 10.23.2004
clue:  "what was thought 
to be thought to be reality at a given moment."

It was once thought that the earth was flat, as it appears in this picture.

"to change reality - not only Their
reality, their personal view - but reality for ALL."

Changing "reality", much like the change of a flat earth to a round one 

Darque_Phizzix 05.06.2003
Refering again to a previous post as "they seem to be referong for us to look to god", the i would try to view
the page headmarked "Venus"a smaybe not a clue in its details of text, but at the word "Venus", again "looking to god"
and way of Quabbalah, it is many woundrious ways of spelling...we come to:

Venus="PEH", in *syzergy* with Feh, opposite of peh...hard to soft...(part of the seven doubles)

refers to the left mostrill on the body...

refers to wednesday in the week...

fertility and its syzergy...

again i wondr if this is not the approach we should be taking, finding metaphorical aligned uses for alot of the
hebrew, greek sanskrit and chineese letters that we are finding, trust me i am working, on it...this has already taken
up al my computer hard drive, as ofcourse i backed up everything from bryan's sight onto my computer adn i have spen
the last month on these hebrew leads, bending them thew "every dimnesion" i always wondered if the hebrew "power
of ten" refers to the ten dimensions of the "superstring theory" witch also comes up rerpeatadly throughou the ann.


Yacine 10/27/2010

Comments: Bonjour ! I'm french, grew up in Paris, and as a foreign languages student, I'm used to translating, 
so I feel like I can help with some details... First, as it's been said by an other contributor, the adress 
on the envelop was once an orphanage (from 1866), run by the congregation called "les Filles de la Sagesse" 
(the "daughters of wisdom")... A quick look at their website indicates clearly a international catholic order, 
divided in 66 communities. In 2003 was the 300th Anniversary of this congregation... I could look for, and give 
you more details if it happened to be an interesting part of the puzzle. I fell like it could be.
The translation you got is not really accurate. In the first sentence, "continue la recherche", she speaks to 
you as someone who knows you, or feel familiar with you. Then, she says "Vous recevrez..." (you'll receive), 
and shifts to a more formal language (if you speak spanish, you know the difference between "tu" and "usted", 
it's the same in french).
The word "éventuellement" in french is indeed close to the english word eventually, but should rather be 
understood as "maybe", which is its most frequent meaning. About the question mark in your translation, 
I heard the word "clown" (sounds like cloon when spoken in french)She does not speak of the "smalness 
and decline" but the "oldness and decline", (french word being "vieillesse")speaking of the aging process, 
and says that the orphanage's project takes FAR more than a life. The way she spells "Bryan" the second 
time makes it sound as "brillant" in french, which means "brilliant" and "shining".
It could be relevant or not, I just notice that i don't know anyone that would instinctively pronounce 
your name like that in french.

Mike 08/10/2013

The picture you have labeled as american soldiers @ nazi vault is actually soliders at an italian vault at
a bank
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