This is more of a general thing.  I was browsing the FT noticeboard and someone 
had been posting about this site and mentioned that the Vatican Observatory is 
associated with the University of Arizona.  Indeed it is:
I haven't figured out what kind of connection this might have but it does seem a bit more than a coincidence, given some of the
general themes running through these ads.  Maybe this has something to do with 'why Arizona', I don't know.  Maybe something to
think about though?

Hance: Way back in the day I had a job with one of the observatories on campus - I was just their office monkey - and I too asked this same question when I walked by an office one day and saw their offices. It turns out that the Vatican has an enormous interest in astronomy - see:


While they do maintain an office here on campus, we're a huge optics and astronomy campus ... so any number of hundreds of such instituations have people or offices or resources here.