Box courier'd to my office 06.25.2003.


page 1 - 'vive la reformacion'
page 2 - 'rotating sphere thingy'
page 3 - 'script'
page 4 - 'cockpit view'
Stamp - which was sitting alone but probably attached to something and then fell off. Back was still kind of sticky.
a 9 volt battery from radio shack, which scanned in horribly
A garden variety CDR, in a plastic case
... which contained the following 2 files, as .tifs, which I converted to .jpegs to save space
ORIGINAL 11sphere.tif (1.1 meg)
ORIGINAL risingsun.tif (680k)

06.03.2003 Beacon The tif images (which you converted to jpeg) might contain a cypher in their tif encoding. Probably not and in any case impossible to transform without some clue. Are they the first actual electronic files you received?
hance - I didn't think of that. Beacon is talking about image steganography. The originals are now posted above. Have to see if .tif format is one that can hide stego.
name:  drinkcoffee
clue:  Looking at the original images in a text editor, you can see that they were both either created or
scanned using Adobe Photoshop 7.0 on 3/31/2003.  You can also extract the RDF payload of the images and get
some other useful information...for example, the document ID, which seems to be
0efe80ad-650e-11d7-b262-c7ef0f12428a.  Not sure what any of this means, or if it even helps.

date: 08.07.2003
name:  Jamie
clue:  Image steganography is almost definately present. There have been earlier references to "Bayesian correlation". 

Juls: 09.08.2003
I've considered, since I first saw these sphere diagrams, that they may be intended to be transposed in some way onto the
geographical (or perhaps astronomical) globe.  I'm sure I'm not the only one, it's an obvious idea.  The question, if that is so,
is then how?  It seems too easy that position #1 should be placed at the north pole, but that would be a natural assumption within
the European /US worldview.  And even if we *can* assume that, then there is the lateral correspondence to consider.  

The 'rotating' example - one possible interpretation of this - if we do assume #1 to represent one of the poles, then the rotation
could be indicating the so-called 'pole-shift' idea or a magnetic reversal (which I believe current theory suggests is supposed to
be imminent if not overdue).

page 4 - cockpit view is of Mt Everest showing the west ridge. See here for a diagram of a route of ascent showing the peak from more or less the same angle: I suspect that this particular angle was deliberately chosen.

Page 3 - The script is Tibetan (makes sense re pic of Everest). Description and brief history here: Tibetan huh? Wylie transliteration ga*le la rgyugasa/ - ga*le la = gentle / slow upward-going mountain path (which is what we see in the cockpit view) - hell if I can find a translation for rgyugasa, tried all sorts of variants to account for possible error - possibly it is simply not common enough to be in an online dictionary. What it is not, however, is the Tibetan name for Everest, that is Chomolangma 'Mother Goddess of the universe'. Ach well, maybe come back to this with a fresh eye later.

Juls: 09.14.2003
I've been browsing through some of the earlier deliveries and we see multiple packages of stuff all sent together -
common sense would dictate that the individual packages include pieces of data that go together sort of thing.  So I'm
looking at this one.  I think we can put the 'vive la reformation' thing to one side, although it does remark the date on
which this lot arrived.  The script and the 'cockpit view' pic seem to link up together fairly well, though I doubt whether
we'll manage to get the Tibetan translated properly.  The two graphic files appear to be linked to each other.  The battery -
who knows? LOL.. maybe they're suggesting that you make a rotating sphere model LOL..   The 'rotating' sphere pic - now I'm
wondering if this is simply indicating that #1 is not one of the poles but lies somewhere on the equator with perhaps #29 and
its opposite representing the poles.  Just some half-formed thoughts for now, later.. :-)

Rich 09.25.2003

Re: 6/25/2003 delivery

Juls sparked some ideas...

"Turn the world upside down?" That's certainly sounds like a apt metaphor for their plans.

Script & "Cockpit view" Here is the easy route upwards? (Even the "easy" route is hard?)

"Rising Sun" Looks like a decomposition of the sphere , 12/4/2002 , or 5/1/2003 into "rings". That is, project the rings onto the sphere. Although in the "rising sun" figure, all rings meet at point "1". (Which leads to some interesting metaphysical musings.)

Cush: 10.05.2003
Regarding page 2: Position 1 lies on the equator if the arrows represent Earth's
rotation. Also, the sum of any line's positions is 378.

subba: 08.15.2004
Island and Mera peak expeditions is for those who wish to go beyond hiking in Nepal for the best weivs on earth. Detail
informaion and picture at

Pradip: 08.15.2004
cockpit view is of Mt Everest showing the west ridge and other information at

Juls 02.04.2006

Various of the numbers plotted on the sphere have been swapped with those diametrically opposite them, moving through the centre of the sphere (see grey arrows on first sphere below).

The numbers in their correct places are highlighted green above. If the globe is turned upside-down, and you imaging the broken lines to the fore and solid lines to the rear, the remaining numbers are now in the correct places, as below.

Swapping the displaced numbers, and following in numerical order from 1, traces a spiral which turns anticlockwise until reaches the central plane, then crosses between 31 & 32 to run clockwise down to 62 (following red arrows above in first diagram). The spiral traces the shape shown in yellow below:

The same may be done working from the bottom up and replacing the opposite set of numbers, ie: swapping 62 for 1, 61 for 2, moving round to 3 then 4 and so on, spiralling in the opposite direction to the diagram here.

Putting all this together gives each point a set of two numbers, ie. 1 & 62; 2 & 61; 3 & 59; 4 & 58 and so on these could be used as coordinates. It should be possible to use a system like this for encoding geographic coordinates in some manner. One possible way would be by swapping one (geographic) coordinate with one from a set diametrically opposite, on the other side of the world. Another way might be to actually map the diagram above onto the globe, and replace particular locations with sets of numbers from the diagram. The irregular spacing of the horizontal circles on the sphere suggests, to me, that it is intended to be representative of the geographical globe, with the centre three circles representing the equator and tropics, and the outer two representing the arctic and antarctic circle and that may be intended to suggest such an interpretation as the foregoing. I haven't looked at what relationship this might have with the other 'rising sun' graphic that accompanied this yet, that may lead to other interpretations and possible encryption schemes, but I wanted to get this down before I started on that.

One other thing - it occurred to me that the double spiral shape traced out by the numbers here might be related to the shape in that marble that was sent to you way back, but it's difficult for me to tell from the pic.

This is further (the above), which hopefully you got intact and read before this, other wise this won't make sense. I just took another look at the first sphere I drew with the numbers highlighted in green - if you look at those which are not highlighted, ie. the swapped numbers - they mark out 6 rectangular 'windows' - three evenly spaced around the northern hemisphere, and three similarly in the southern hemisphere.

Juls 02.04.2006
This basically carries on where I left off with the earlier email regarding the sphere here:

Main reason I've drawn this out in diagrams is cos I'm just not too good at explaining stuff sometimes, plus it helps you see the possibilities when you see it drawn out. I'm pretty sure that you'll see the possibilities re. encryption with this.

All the swapped over numbers on the sphere map out into six sets of 4, each delineating a rectangular 'window'. Each of the three sets of 4 in the 'north' being swapped with that diametrically opposite in the 'south', making three pairs of 'windows' thus:

When you look at it, it's really simple, surprised no one figured this out before - or maybe they did and just didn't say. We should be able to relate all this to the stuff in the announcement of MayDay 2003..

I'm looking especially at what Beacon has posted there. Note - the quote about Abraham at the door of his tent - 'door' *might* be an illusion to what I have termed 'windows' - the word 'three' is also emboldened there.

Anyway, I'll hold off on any more cos I do realise that you probably don't have much time for this these days.

re. the Tibetan - further to my earlier clue, I think that the remaining word is rgyugs - which means something like 'race' / 'running'. The whole phrase then would seem to be saying something about a race or running up a mountain path.

Juls 02.25.2006
	Re. the sphere - the sum of all numbers on any one 'meridian' is 378; the sum of all 8 numbers delineating each pair of
'windows' (see above) is 252; both are multiples of 9 (x42 & x28 respectively)).  Note the 9 volt battery.

Re. the 'rising sun' diagram - having now begun to look more closely at this, it seems that if it relates to the sphere atall, it
is not in such a straightforward manner as might be suggested by initial impressions.  Either way, the first thing to note about
this diagram is that there are two number 10s - one where we would expect to find the number 20 - this is likely to be deliberate
but for the present purposes I am going to take it as 20.  This diagram has a relationship with the number 43 which is prime. 
Ignoring the number 1, where all circles meet, the sum of the numbers of all nodes on the perimeter of any one circle is 172
(43x4).  The sum of any 4 corresponding nodes from top left, top right, bottom left and bottom right is 86 (43x2).  The sum of all
the outermost nodes around the diagram is 344 (43x8).  There is probably more of the like in there but the number 43 itself can be
found by adding the numbers of any two corresponding nodes reflected across the vertical axis (ie. left & right) - this is the
smallest sum of corrresponding nodes that holds true for all similar correspondences in the diagram.  I hope everyone can follow
this, my apologies if the terminology is somewhat unorthodox, I do not have much maths.

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