Delivery to my office, sometime around Jan 16th or Jan 17th. We were in the middle of clocking 15 hour days at work, moving into a new building, so I just sort of shoved it in my inbox and forgot about it. Pretty surprised when I opened it though.

Delivery contents:

An addressed manilla envelope, containing
A cryptic diagram marked 'Draft', and
A piece of paper with a key taped to it.

The stamp on key is 'H33', and that is the only identifying mark on it.

A few days later, the Pimp dropped me a few emails:

  • #157
  • #158
  • #159

    .. and I decided to blur the key's teeth in the above scan to prevent possible duplication.

    Said key and a number of the other bright shiny things I've been sent are now in a safe place.

    02.10.2004 - Goatfish
    clue:  In response to "The Pimp's" email #157.
    This refers to Genesis 18:1:
    "The Lord appeared to Abraham near the great trees of Mamre while he was sitting at the entrance to his tent in the heat of the
    day. Abraham looked up and saw three men standing nearby. When he saw them he hurried from the entrance of his tent to meet them
    and bowed low to the ground."
    U Bud is inferring that the three visitors represent the Christian Trinity.
    FYI: The text goes on to describe Abraham and his wife Sarah preparing and sharing their best meal with the visitors who are the
    Lord. The Lord promises to return in a year and Sarah will have a son even though she is beyond child-bearing years. The visitors
    go on to explain they are going to visit and judge the city of Sodom. Abraham pleads for leniency several times in a bartering-like
    fashion and the Lord agrees Sodom will be spared if 10 decent people are found in the city. Upon visiting Sodom the three visitors
    are almost molested by a sex-crazed mob. Needless to say the city is destroyed.

    U bud mentions hook up with James Maxwell
    "id got ta hook up with James C. Maxwell and make sumthin flow. " One might wonder if electric current 
    is involved? Maxwell's equations are central to electromagnetism.
    Here is an interesting link between Einstein Maxwell and Riemann - fractals
    Coincidentally and a link with the number on the key.

    Beacon: 03.25.2004
    #159 refers to Maxwell making something flow. James Clark Maxwell (and his famous equations) was the father of
    electromagnetism. Maybe the reference is to AC current flow i.e. "making something flow and then making it not flow".
    As regards the Cryptic diagram. It reminded me of a Miro. I am not great on art so dont ask me to interpret it. However
    #159 suggests the number on the key leads to something. Maybe H 33 is a catalogue number. Worth a bit. Even a 
    lithograph is about $1500.

    look at litograph H (maybe number 33 of the 150 prints)and J. they to my uneducated eye resemble the cryptic "draft," 
    yet the draft does not seem to be a Miro.

    bob: 4.29.2004
    i'll hazard a guess that the "draft" is a prelimary layout for this year's mayday ad.

    Rich: 05.04.2004

    clue: Re:

    I had suspected that maybe they had sent you a rough outline of the next May 1 advertisement. That hasn't turned out the be the case.

    Next, after looking at the 2/16/2004 delivery (, I suspected this might be a map of some high-energy physics installation. So far, I have not found any that match.


    mike 05.25.2004
    It looks like a car key to me. Fords keys often have H## stamped on them. Since we aren't getting a good look at it
    do you agree that it seems typical of a car key? Does it seem newly made or old?

    Petronius 07.17.2004
    Key looks like a Ford car key c. 1970 vintage.  Is it reversible? can't tell from the scan.

    hance - I'll check ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Juls 01.24.2005
    I think the hint of 'Cobalt Blue' that the pimp gives in the following message might be of relevance here.
    Among many other things, James Clerk Maxwell was the first to consider the electromagnetic nature of light, and performed the
    first successful experiment in colour photography using filters of red, green and blue. Cobalt blue may have featured in that
    work, or perhaps in something else that he did. 

    Juls 09.18.2005
    clue:  Re. The "cryptic diagram" - This is multilayered.  The bottom-most layer appears to be constituted of the rectilinear forms
    drawn with thin black lines - this would seem to be a rough plan drawing of the layout of a complex of structures (buildings?) - so
    Rich may have been on the mark with his 'map' suggestion.  Next would seem to be a layer containing the thick orange-yellow lines -
    it is questionable as to what they represent but one possibility might be some form of road or tunnel.  Above this, another layer
    with the blue and green forms - the colours are suggestive of landscape, and this may indicate that the lower layers are actually
    underground.  The darker orange forms seem to be imposed on the blue & green - they may represent planned features.  There are bits
    - I'm not sure where they fit in yet, and the heavy black lines appear to be yet another layer on top - maybe an overlying diagram
    indicating areas of concern rather than marking features.  The arrangement of orange and black triangles reminds me of the lines of
    hatchures that are used to represent banks and ditches and suchlike on plans, but I'm not suggesting that's what we have here - the
    arrangement suggests it but the actual forms of the triangles is quite different from that I would use, they may belong to the
    layer that includes the orange circles.  Anyways, overall - much of drawing is *suggestive*, to me, of a multilayered plan
    *possibly* indicating an underground complex and its interaction with the surrounding environment.  On the other hand, it could be
    something entirely different....

    kevin 01.23.2007
    If it were a car key, it would be "nothing by itself" (quoting from Freaks159), but when "hooked up" with electricity in the
    starter circuit of a car, it would be used to make electricity/gas/water "flow" through the engine, and then "not flow" when the
    engine was turned off.

    Brian G. 06.22.2008
    On Genesis 18:1
    The trinity referred to here may be the trinity of the archangels Michael,
    Gabriel, and Raphael.
    What I'm about to reveal comes from the Zohar- the central text of Kabbalah,
    specifically Volume III.
    Before I begin, I should explain to you all that each of the patriarchs is
    attributed to a Sephirah that he emulates. In Abraham's case that Sephirah is
    Chesed, Mercy, or Lovingkindness. Thus acts of kindness (random or not) are
    often called acts of Chesed.
    Here is an image of the Tree of Life:
    At the start of this Abraham performed the first circumcision (Zohar states 3
    days ago), sealing his Covenant with G-d, and he's still recovering. The fact
    that these men suddenly "appeared to him" lets us know that they are of divine
    origin, angels. But more specifically, they are the archangels Michael, Raphael,
    and Gabriel. Individually they are three major archangels, but together they
    represent the Shechinah, which is G-d's presence in the Physical World. The
    Spiritual energy of G-d can choose to reveal itself in a physical form so that
    it can interact in the Physical Plane, "Nor could the world bear to co-exist
    with them if they were not thus clothed." Meaning that if they were in a purely
    spiritual state, the intensity of their presence would be too much for mortals
    to bear.
    The Zohar describes that they appeared, "Michael on the right side, Gabriel on
    the left side, and Raphael to the front." This refers to their qualities and
    respective positions on the Tree of Life. Michael is the archangel of Mercy
    and is associated with the Sephirah Chesed, which appears on the right side of
    the Tree of Life (which is why this c sometimes called the pillar of Mercy).
    Gabriel is the archangel of Justice (or Judgement) associated with the Sephirah
    of Gevurah which is on the left side. Raphael is the archangel of healing and is
    associated with Tiphareth (or Tiferet) Which can mean beauty, harmony, or compassion.
    Each of these archangels had a purpose in this episode. "Rafael, who governs the
    power to heal, helped Abraham recover from the circumcision. Michael came to
    inform Sarah that she shall bear a son... And Gabriel, who came to overturn
    Sodom... is responsible for all the Judgments in the world.
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