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Nicodemus: is the first one to check in with clues:
the song at the bottom is "raglan road" and can be found at Thanks to Rainbow Bright for that. So with that we could find the metric of it and then we'd have the focal aperture, which I'm guessing has to do with lenses
Jade-e: is the second one to check in...
clue=The NODC is the U.S. National Oceanographic Data Center.
The numbers/letters in the circles with the NODC 
lettering are ship call signs. See

(click 'Data Format' on the left then 
'Ship Call Signs' on the right)

The three ships listed are:
(CallSign - Name)
31DG - Dallas
31LV - Longview
3153 - ESSO Houston

Note:  The 'Longview' is not on the list referenced above, I had to 
wade through the NODC search engine to find it.  (Hint for 
anyone else using that search engine: 'Platform Code'=='Call Sign' 
when searching for a ship)

Jade-e again

Some information on 'Breitenfeld', since it isn't in the lexicon: (This is sketchy, from Breitenfeld was the site of a major battle, won by Swedish ruler **Gustav II Adolph** (the right-hand box!) sometime around 1631 or 1642 (Like I said, sketchy...) A page with more Breitenfeld Info for the lexicon:

Webmaster: We've got some Breitenfield info around here somewhere but I've been too busy to stick it in the lexicon. Poke around the people page perhaps...
Jade-e kickni' more ass:
Mt. Tamalpais is in the SF area.  It is used by the Coast Guard to 
define some boundaries for navigation in the Bay area.  
156.60 MHz is channel 12 (marine radio), and is used for 
emergency VTS (Vessel Traffic Services) reports.  Nothing 
gets transmitted on that channel that could be considered 
a 'grid', as far as I can tell.

Also, Mt. Tamalpais is at 37deg 55.8min N
122deg 34.6min W
putting it somewhat south, and almost 180deg 
around the globe, from the coordinates just 
below the center of the page...  Although 
that's probably irrelevant :)
name=Jade E.

Sutter was the owner of Sutter's Mill, where the first 
gold was discovered that started the California Gold Rush.  
I'm not sure what his 'surprise' was.  More info:

Just a Quick note, 'consule Planco', which has been in 
previous pages as well, translates to 'When Plancus wan consul', it is 
used as 'back in the old days', or similar to that.

Webmaster finally gets off his ass and coughs up some clues:
Jade-E kicks clue booty. :)
Thoughts re: this nautical/navigational tie-in: See previous pages where there was an emphasis on Coordinated Universal Time, etc. May1, 1998 is the one I'm talking about.
Heisenberg's War:
A book. Let me rip the synopsis here, but..
A close-up look at Nazi attempts to build an atomic bomb 
describes the German bomb program, the Allied response to 
it, and the roles of some of the twentieth century's 
leading physicists--including Oppenheimer, Bohr, Weisskopf, 
and Heisenberg.
There is much, much more to it than that, but I'll leave it up to you to read the synopsis. Note "..moral dilemmas faced by men of genius caught up in a global conflict.."

B. Faure:
Bernard Faure: Author of Chan Insights and Oversights : An Epistemological Critique of the Chan Tradition, and several other books on Chan/Zen/Chinese religions. What this has to do with anything save for a good quote, I don't know. But the quote works nicely.

Cyrillic in lower left, by the topo map: ???????????????

Lower righthand:
Refers to Feb 22, 1988, which bears ticket #2503469, and Dec 5, 1990.

Mahler measure
Now this looks pretty phat. Take a small peek at this page and tell me if anything strikes you about the specifics...."Salem" numbers, anyone?

Julian dates: We've seen these before on tons of pages, but the ones mentioned here work out to:
2451721.49166== 11:30 pm June 25, 2000. We've got one year. "At least" one year, anyway.
2451355.166(lower right)== June 25, 1999 4pm.

Mathematical constants:
These are located in the unfolded-bos-like form in the center top of the page:
1.426003060: One of the extreme value constants
0.4159271090: One of the extreme value constants
0.247...: Abundant numbers density constantAnd guess what..Paul Erdos wrote On the density of the abundant number.. or am I just seeing things?
1.2672063606: One of the extreme value constants

We're already aware that my math sucks, so I'll leave the reading and the meaning up to you all.

A humble scene in a backward place:
Taken from "The one" by Patrick Kavanaugh (1905-1969,Ireland). What, exactly, it is doing on this specific web page, I don't know, looks like somebody's personal collection of Kavanaugh poems...I would dig up more but I'm on a quickie binge..

Tremont and Boylston, 02116: Boston zip code, the "little building." Worth reading, seeing
111 N. Hill,90012: LA Zip code, its the "LA Superior Court and the Administratively Unified Municipal Courts"
Sepulveda Blvd, 90034: Beverly Hills zip code, just some idea.


What's in the top right hand picture?  Looks like
a Taco Bell on my monitor!  :-)

The circles with NODC and the ships' call signs
appear in the places Houston, Dallas and Longview
do when looking at a map of Texas.  If you just
eyeball the triangle...Korsicana falls in the
center...I believe it was mentioned in previous
ads.  There is absolutely nothing significant
about Korsicana except it was to be the location
of the (now defunct) supercolliding
superconductor back in the '80s.  I don't really
understand what it was supposed to do except it
was supposed to smash atoms into each other in an
attempt to discover sub-atomic particles...or
some shit like that.


The Wedding at Cana is from John 2:1-11.  It is 
where Jesus turned water to wine.

Webmaster: Upper righthand picture is a building in a field, looks like an older structure, made of stone, but the quality is too poor to tell.
The Korsicana info (Corsicana, actually), though - is great. More nuclear themes? Heisenberg's war, Fermi's Fear, etc? For the life of me though I'm not finding any info on this, although I know I have seen pictures of some huge abandoned underground facility in Texas somewhere.
Wedding in Cana: We've seen this on other pages but I fail to find them now...
Hm... the "admit one" picture looks kind of suspicious...
WEbmaster: How so? Just because of the next-in-line numbering? Or something I am missing?

Speaking of biblical info:
While Abraham was sitting at the flap..."

  • Here.
  • Here.

    "When Herod heard john..."

  • Here
    Ashton points out:
    2^2976221 and 2^3021377 are the 36th and 37th Mersenne primes, discovered in '97 and '98 respectively. See ( Last Mersenne prime mentioned was in the Announcement of 5/1/90. (Webmaster: Examine PRIME TIME n May 1, 1995 and apply to what we've been seeing with 4x4 squares. i.e. Dec 4, 1991Magic squares?)
    Webmaster: suddenly realizes:
    CUBE_ECKEN and CUBE_KANTEN (upper righthand, 'second level') break down to "cube corners and cude edges". So, 3^7 corners and 2^11 edges - big goddamn cube. This pops up on another page, on
    Friend of mine(one of those non-email friends, fyi) hooked us up with the russian translation from the lower lefthand corner:
    It says: ...the softer you go/travel, the longer you will be...
    Kinda like an adaption of Taft's 'Speak softly but carry a big stick'.

    Sepulveda is a relatively major road in LA, but i dont think it runs in the 90034 zip code. name=Jeremy clue=Hebrew: and i destroyed their kingdoms. unknown word, then the two letter word is either please or raw/rare. another possibility is it is a phonetic name. the first word looks like jeremiah in hebrew, but missing one letter. name=jeremy

    From carlos:
    again NIKA which could be the greek for "winning/win!".

    From the peanut gallery...
    Data Express... 
    This data is from the Form located at the URL: 
        Why no "Tell us what you know" for the latest letters from your orphaned friends?  That person/s named "jade-e" is 
    smarter than most. Send her a copy of the German (well, sort of German) letter that you and your buddies received.  
    He/she/they will see what others might miss.
    name=Heat from the Street

    More... I'm getting a pic of the glass globe soon...-bh 1/3/00
    Data Express... 
    This data is from the Form located at the URL: 
    clue=Mr. Hantz:
          Ask one of your mathematically inclined friends to provide the correct 
    	  name for the figure found in the small, glass 
    globe you recently received.  When you know that, turn it over in your mind 
    and start looking at the NUMBERS from any of 
    Maitag pages.
    name=One of your many

    Data Express... 
    This data is from the Form located at the URL: 
    clue=Yo Bry
    Gotta let de folk know if you gittn snail at you box.  Dem Frisco peoples fixin 
    to send you Serius Shit come middle a Decem. 
     Jes put a leetle memo kinda like: "i got ultra"--we doesn't need nuthin cool, 
     otherwise Frisco Section have it 
    han-deliver--which aint good. Snail better.  Peace, dude.
    name=You bud

    This data is from the Form located at the URL: 
    clue=A quick note on numbers, from the writing, 12 regular 5-gons, 20 regular triangles, 30 rectangles.  5*12 + 20*3 = 30 *4

    Webmaster: Doh! Why didn't we see this before... but while we're at it 60 + 60 + 120 = 240; and 360 - 240 = 120. Now what? We're looking for a room at a 240 degree angle :)

    02.19.00: Found several pages of Gustaf Karlsson Horn, with respect to the battle of Breitenfeld.
    Breitenfeld, Battle of 
    (Sept. 17, 1631), the first major Protestant victory of the Thirty Years' War, in which 
    the army of the Roman Catholic Habsburg emperor Ferdinand II and the Catholic League, 
    under Johan Isaclaes, Graf von Tilly, was destroyed by the Swedish-Saxon army under 
    King Gustav II Adolf of Sweden. The battle marked the emergence of Sweden as a great 
    power and the triumph of the new Swedish flexible linear tactics over the old massive 
    infantry formations that had long dominated European warfare.
    In early September Tilly, the imperial commander, invaded Saxony and, after seizing 
    Leipzig on September 15, arrayed his army in the suburb of Breitenfeld to meet the
    Swedish-Saxon advance. The Saxons, on the Swedish left, were routed by Tilly's 
    initial attack. However, Tilly's attempt to turn this flank was repulsed when 
    the commander of the Swedish left, Gustav Karlsson Horn, shifted troops to 
    form a new front to his flank in the heat of battle--the first time this was 
    done in modern warfare. Meanwhile the Swedish right withstood seven hours of 
    imperial cavalry charges. Gustav Adolf then personally led a furious counterattack 
    around Tilly's left, captured the Saxon guns lost earlier, as well as the imperial
    artillery, and mowed down the massive imperial infantry squares. The imperial army 
    broke and fled, with losses of 12,000 men. Tilly, seriously wounded, escaped 
    with only a few thousand men. Gustav entered Leipzig the next day. 

    Webmaster: 3 new cluees: Don't ask where I got 'em, but I got 'em.
    All for May Day 1999
          1) If greenwich is 0, what is 240?
          2) The angle connected to 240 is 2nd level
          3) Where in the Swedish Formation was Horn located?

    11 Oct 2000 
    clue=OOPS!! I had mentioned directions to what I thought was a WONDER bread store in downtown 
    Tucson, but I think this is a picture of the actual place, which is instead a RAINBO Bread 
    store! Interesting that this correction would be placed in the ad.
    name=Will Abraham

    clue=Can't place the music here either, but the top and the bottom are the same, with the bottom being more elaborate. They're in the key of D-major. name=Jessica

    hance: I will try to scan this one too.

    clue=a prescalar is a program that allows output only at certain intervals (1/100 means output 1 at count 100, and goes on to 
    output 2 at 200, etc.) key to some extended number code? 64/65, 128/129

    ben 05.10.01
    This is actually in refrence to the "small glass globe" you recieved. In the "top down" photo it looked to be a golden spiral. Have we applied the Fibanocci(sp?) series here at all so far? Oh, and if Greenwich is 0 then it must be longitude. I don't have a map handy, what IS at 240?
    neil 06.06.01
    May 1, 1999
    Underneath the "Admit One" ticket:
    Tishye yedyesh,
    dalshye budyesh.
    The quieter you drive,
    the further you go.
    Recent Russian proverb, it simply means don't go so fast
    An English equivalent would be "Stop and smell the roses"

    bob 06.28.01
    clue:  Sutter's surprise is mentioned on several pages. If you read 
    Sutter's account of being told about the discovery of gold at his mill, he 
    makes a big deal out of how surprised he was. Also, it contains two 
    sentences that, given the current context, are somewhat remarkable:
    When he had recovered himself a little, he told me that, however great my
    surprise might be at his unexpected reappearance, it would be much greater 
    when I heard the intelligence he had come to bring me. 'Intelligence,' he 
    added, 'which if properly profited by, would put both of us in possession 
    of unheard-of-wealth - millions and millions of dollars, in fact.'

    Garth 08.10.01
    clue:  This can only be a guess but the most likely reason for the quotation is "unexpected reappearnce".  It is congruent 
    with surprise and would also fit with deliveries and unexpected logistics.  Reading carefully in the text of the articles 
    seems to make clear that their thing is ongoing and subject to change.  Things get sent and delivered and people convene and 
    then disperse. The same could be equally true of information location and retrieval.

    near a terminal: 08.17.01
    clue:  This is about as far as my physics knowledge goes but I remember from a lecture way back when, that Bohr was the 
    advocate of _quantum mechanics_ sometimes called _statistical mechanics._  About all I could understand about it was that you 
    need some really heavy math _and_ that it is strongly counter-intuitive, which really angered Einstein.  The freaky parts deal 
    with existing and not existing, all at the same time and weird stuff about non-local cause and effect.  If somebody could 
    figure that last one out, they'd be in a position to do what I'd rather not think about.

    cynic2: 09.20.01
    name:  cynic2
    clue:  Find someone who knows this area better than I do but "communicatio idiomatum" is from Lutheran theology and the strict 
    form of it at that.  As I understand it, it refers to the Real Presence in the sacrament, the communication of attributes, 
    meaning Christ's merits given for and to the believers.  The key words are said to be "in, with and under" meaning that Christ 
    Himself is present even though the human eye or an electron microscope and so on could see only bread and wine.  The 
    invisibility is the point, you either know it's true or you don't.  (It was explained to me that way and I think it fits, 
    especially in regard to the nuclear references because they are invariably quantum physics, which is almost completely 
    counter-intuitive.)  Notice that there are direct nuclear references in this one--the reference to Bohr and the Copenhagen 
    School (of quantum physics) tie directly into this analysis.  I can't remember the exact date but one of the early references 
    to the Wedding in Cana (water into wine--counter-intuitive, freaky as quantum physics) has a nuclear device pictured with it.

    Jessica: 09.21.01
    clue:  Anton is of course correct about Thingvellir; my first sources weren't as good as I had initially suspected.  In any 
    case, I believe the star may be marking the glacier of Vatnajökull where a volcanic eruption took place Dec. 18-28, 1998.  
    However, since this ad is from 1992, it could imply some different aspect.  I'll look into it...

    cynic2: 11.30.01
    clue:  Somebody else can give you the date and place but I'm pretty sure that the Bohr quote is from one of the
    conferences where he and Einstein tangled.  We know now that Bohr was correct (about quantum mechanics being accurate)
    but the theory still seems crazy.  Whatever the bunch is that does these they have a sense of irony.

    JessicaL 12.05.01
    clue:  Actually, the Bohr quote was not directed at Einstein, but at Wolfgang Pauli during a lecture he was giving on unified 
    field theory.  The entire quote is, "Mr. Pauli, we in the back are all convinced that your theory is crazy. But what divides 
    us is whether your theory is crazy enough!" 

    Bob 12.09.01
    clue:  How can a cube have 3^7 (2187) corners? Or 2^11 (2048) edges? Hmmm.
    How about if you took a cube and subdivided it into  smaller  cubes? And you then devised  a limited way for the 
    cubes to rotate around central axes? And how about if your name was Rubik, and you decided to turn your device into 
    The numbers above describe the number of possible positions the corners and edges of a Rubik's cube can occupy.
    Apparently, some people find programming solutions to Rubik's cube diverting, and these numbers turn up repeatedly 
    their pages, see here:'s_algorithm_(3).html
    and here:
    On IC XC NIKA: From a web page: "NIKA - This is the Greek word for "victor" and is usually combined with the
    abbreviations IC XC, which form the Greek abbreviation for "Jesus Christ."
    The equation, H(x,y) = (x^2 - ay + c,x) on the photo of the boats (I wonder if that's San Francisco) is what's 
    the Henon logistic equation, used in generating fractals. A picture of the fractal is here:
    more info on Henon is available in numerous places.
    Regarding the Mount Tamalpais transmitter, it appears to me it's mainly used to guide ferries in the San Francisco 
    I don't know anything about SF ferries, but could their routes constitute a grid?

    near a terminal: 01.07.02
    clue:  This is definitely worth following up which I guess is why the webmaster wanted the date of the correspondence.  It 
    is listed as 29 July 2000 but when you open that I think the top of the column says 15 July.  Either way it is July 2000 
    in the "recent developments" section on the homepage.  Look at letter 7 as it has a map of SF and it clearly shows ferry 
    lanes. Something else that I should have seen before is the reference to what hadn't even been published yet, the "Master 
    we have toiled all the night" and so on.  So again this all fits together but we need a more complex and probably layered 
    way to analyze the data.  My guess is that is why they are so bold in the publication of these, just stick it out in front 
    of people. That's safe for them because not only is it in an obscure publication in a relatively obscure place but it also 
    looks crazy.  Some of us have gotten beyond those barriers but are up against what is probably their main investment, the 
    complexity.  I don't know how to analyze what obviously fits together but maybe one of you computer people can suggest a 
    way.  (All of that deals with the point about SF ferries.  Maybe that guy can think of an approach but his point about the 
    ferries does fit because they had set it up over a year before it was published in an explicit form, at least as far as 
    the bible quotation about "toiled all the night".)
    Another thought for what its worth, couldn't that strange map on the lest hand side of this page with the Russian at the
    top, track ferry lanes?  The point is that if somebody is tracking transponders coming off ferries then they could also 
    key them into the dates on the map.

    Bill: 06.13.02
    IC XC  NIKA is Greek for "Jesus Christ Conquers".  What's interesting is the way it is laid out, with the cross and start. 
    It looks very much like  a Sfrayitha, a religious seal stamped into bread that is prepared for communion (prosforo) in the Eastern
    Orthodox Church.  

    haskeller: 07.02.02
    Don't know if someone has sent it in already.
    City of Richmond is a ship:

    Rich: 12.17.02
    Re: 12/1/99 ADW

    In tracking down the references to other ADW ads, I found what appears to be a reference to a missing ad on 3/29/99 - before "(1429 Hours, EST"...

    I notice that the "5/1/99" ad was actually published 4/29/99. Could this be a mistake? Or an intentional slip-up?

    Could someone please check the ADW archives for 3/29/99 just to make sure?

    Juls: 04.19.2003
    Re. The co ordinates just to the left of the globe give a location just to the north of Monte Carlo in
    Monaco!  Can anyone make out what is in the picture just above?  I can't make it out atall, it looks like a pile of
    leaves or something.

    Juls : 04.18.2003
    All for May Day 1999
    1) If greenwich is 0, what is 240?
    Since longitude from Greenwich extends in both directions, you have 1 - 180 degrees east and 1-180 degrees west. 
    If you went 240 degrees in either direction you would be coming back around again - depending on which direction
    you went in you could be at either 120 degrees east or west. 120 degrees west (240 degrees east) would place you on
    the western side of the US or Canada. Going the other way, you could be in Russia/China Indonesia/Australia.  Since
    longitude can also be expressed as a positive or negative value - positive to the east, the 240 degrees in question
    is probably the line running through the US.

    Beacon: 05.04.2003
    Re the map: Miners needle is a place in arizona which fits the theme of Gold. There is meant to be a lost goldmine somewhere nearby

    NODC (featured thrice) in the circles with the one two and four star clues is a naval navagational code.

    The 43deg 45mins N 7deg 25 mins E also has an n a c a delta and a theta which may relate to the same coding. I note also four "quantum numbers" are given on various pages which may also relate to NOCD codes.

    RE Rich 12 17 02 and the date. I believe the first of may was a Saturday then. RE: The picture like "leaves" above the NODC 3153 clue. Is it a Mandelbrot set or similar fractal?
    sjwk: 09.10.03

    Probably not even barking at a tree, let alone the wrong one, but the ticket on this page matches one on Feb 22nd 88
    but with a different ticket number.  Under the previous one was a reference showing the ticket number converted to octal.  In
    case that was an instruction for this one, I converted it to octal too. 2503522 = 11431542 (oct).  Meaningless to me, but
    does it mean anything to anyone else?
    I also converted it to hex out of curiosity - again nothing but it did become a palindromic number 0x263362

    sjwk: 09.22.2003

    Ah, I knew I'd seen another one. There's also another ticket here - this one numbered 2503520 (or 11431540 in Octal). Again don't know if that's relevant, but just linking the different documents together. I'm guessing that the number being different may mean something - if it was the ticket itself that was relevant then they'd probably have used the same picture of the same ticket - assuming that these days the ads are put together on computer rather than on paper...

    sjwk: 10.20.2003
    I know the reference to Rubik's cubes has already been made, but this page (in German) has the exact same cube_ecken/cube_kanten table at the end. It also has a diagram of an unfolded cube subdivided into squares which could be linked to the crosslike figure in the middle of the ad.
    Tim Grayson : 06.17.2004
    The Russian on the map thing below the admit one ticket means the following:
    "Work slower to get further (get more done".  "Or if you work slower you will get further".
    It is also the actual name of a game in which a group of people play.  It is the same thing as "Red Light Green Light"
    in America.  A main person stands facing away from the group, the group comes closer to him til he turns around and
    they have to freeze... if they move they are disqualified...
    Hope this helps, email if anything doesn't make sense or for more info...

    Eri 07.09.2004
    "A humble scene in a backwards place..." From "The one" by Patrick Kavanagh, which you've referenced on this page already.
    Here's the full poem:
    	The One 
    	GREEN, blue, yellow and red'
    	God is down in the swamps and marshes
    	Sensational as April and almost incredible the flowering of our catharsis.
    	A humble scene in a backward place
    	Where no one important ever looked
    	The raving flowers looked up in the face
    	Of the One and the Endless, the Mind that has baulked
    	The profoundest of mortals. A primrose, a violet,
    	A violent wild iris' but mostly anonymous performers
    	Yet an important occasion as the Muse at her toilet Prepared to inform the local farmers
    	That beautiful, beautiful, beautiful God
    	Was breathing His love by a cut-away bog.
    Patrick Kavanagh
    His name is spelled "Kavanaugh" in the announcement.

    leaking pen 08.01.2004
    clue:  may 1 ish 99
    rainbow is the company that makes wonder bread, i think.  and as there is a christian connection here, might it refer to bread for
    use in communion?  it seems that bread and wine are bing brought to meetings often, might they not take communion together? 
    probably not, its probably an allegory for something else, but hey.  also, we have seen the 6 box cross often, and i noticed that
    the names are always the same, and more importantly, in the same place.  on a die, which is a cube (which you fold the 6 box shape
    into) number on opposite sides equal 7.  so perhaps in some manner, cromwell + adolphus = luther + calvin = the other two boxes
    (which change from figure to figure.)  also, miners needle isnt nearly as tied to the gold mine as weavers.  the belief is that the
    lost dutchman gold mine lies within a 5 mile circle, weavers needle being at its center.  miners needle is tied more to a couple of
    lost caravans.  the two needles are near each other however.
    as to the naval codes, there is a picture with three boats near the bottom.  any chance those three might be the three numbered? 
    and if so, you could probably back track them to find when all three were in the same port at once, and that will tell you the
    location of the picture. 

    The Orphanage/ U BUD 12.21.2004
    name:  U BUD
    clue:  Ah gotz de authorized word on de "leakingpen" question--look a long time fer dem boatz.  Probably down wid Davy Jones now. 
    But dey served der purpose--same as all a us.  Only question iz: in the Covenant or out of it?  Everybody serve but not ebbybuddy
    git ta rejoice at The Right Hand.

    Juls 04.18.2005
    Just a few wee bits & pieces..
    The Yeats Quote from "Land of Heart's Desire" - Yeats's own 'land of heart's desire' was Sligo, esp. Inisfree.
    Kavanagh on the other hand - Kavanagh's inspiration was drawn from his home area of Inniskeen, Co. Monaghan.
    If the song at the bottom is indeed 'Raglan Road' as Nicodemus suggests, it may be worth noting that Kavanagh also wrote something
    called 'Raglan Road.'  Even so, the Raglan Road continues the Irish theme.
    Also - as someone also already noted, Kavanagh's name has acquired a 'U' here to become Kavanaugh - I don't believe it to be a
    coincidence that the quote is on a picture of a 'Rainbo' bread store - that is 'Rainbo' without a 'W.'
    A link between Kavanagh and the Orwell quote - Kavanagh worked as a journalist in Dublin, but did not fare well because he had too
    much of a liking for telling the truth.  I should say that the quote seems only to be *attributed to* Orwell - it does not, AFAIK,
    appear in any of his books, although many people assume that it is from '1984'.
    Layer 1 of this delivery:
    appears to contain some items directly related to this page including some of the photgraphs and a couple of Irish coins - I'm
    dropping this in here especially because the pictures can be seen much more clearly there.
    Kavanagh's 'Raglan Road' - the words can be found here:
    As for Raglan itself, it is in Monmouthshire, Wales - there's a rather splendid castle there.
    I expect that 'generate the summer tour' sets the general location for the summer meeting.  Having done that, then 'set the focal
    aperture as per..' could be simply saying something like 'figure out the actual venue from..' So for example, here we *might* just
    be looking for a venue with the name 'Raglan' in it in the appropriate location.
    I am sure that you'll have already thought about this Brian but I wanted to check it out. :)  See here where it says on this
    announcement "Significantly, this may be the last year that room reservations.. as *field testing* indicates that Gustaf Karlsson
    Horn .. could receive reinforcements *via the web*... etc.  Now, I gather from what I can see on this website that you first
    started putting this stuff on the web sometime in 1997, then in 1998 the first communications started to come from them and so on -
    this would be the 'field testing' aye? And then, this announcement comes Mayday 1999. So, between all those packages and
    communications and the fact that you're putting all the announcements up here - then it would be reasonable to conclude from the
    above that this website itself is being used by them to convey info for their own purposes.  Would you agree with that possibility?
    Because if so, it could have some bearing on how we ought to be viewing the additional material from the deliveries etc.
    The background to this page appears to be a Smith chart, like the one that was sent here:
     which deals with characteristics of a *line of transmission* (re. clue by Bob on that page).
    Within the same envelope, #2 in this package:
    were several items relating to Jules Verne's 'Journey to the Centre of the Earth' (pages 1 & 2) - now, these may, for one, be
    indicating the field of celestial navigation in which calculations refer to the "geocentric altitude of a body, the altitude
    measured by a fictitious observer being on the plane of the celestial horizon and at the centre of the Earth which coincides with
    the centre of the celestial sphere." - note sphere diagram lower centre of the announcement, next to the pic of the three *boats*. 
    Page 4 in the same envelope is as yet unidentified, however - sailing and celestial navigation are clearly important to unravelling
    the announcements, and well, I'll know more when I know more. ;)

    Juls 04.19.2005
    Okay, I'm hoping maybe someone with some actual knowhow on this can jump in here and correct me if I'm wrong on this. What I
    see in the background on this announcement is some kind of complex Smith chart that I would guess depicts two sources of
    transmission coming from opposite directions. So, in various places we'd expect there to be areas of interference where the two
    cancel eachother out - which in terms of radio waves would be areas of silence or near-silence. This may be what the Faure quote is
    intended to point out - "Silences are also texts" as in areas of silence have meaning - in this case, they would signify
    interference and therefore the presence of other transmissions.  Possibly the areas of silence could convey more detailed
    information to those on the inside - maybe the areas of silence could be plotted and the location of the source of interference
    tracked down. At least, I reckon that the message conveyed here goes something along those lines though it could be intended as an
    analogy rather than literally. 

    Juls 05.10.2005
    Following JPepper's clue, I tracked down the Hebrew to Jeremiah 51:20.  The first line of Hebrew here is the
    last part of that verse "And with you I destroy kingdoms." (New American Standard Version).  The second line of Hebrew
    would seem to be "Jeremiah 51--" - so the two dashes are where the verse number (20) should be.
    If folk want to check it, the Hebrew text can be compared with the English version here:
    Given the apparent significance of errors / ommissions elsewhere, the number - 20 - may be worth further consideration
    on this page.

    D. Thomasson 10.05.2006
    clue: This is a wonderful announcement about faith. In other words, believing in what cannot be seen, but knowing that it is real. Similar to air, we cannot see it, but we believe it is real because we cannot live without it.

    Before applying layers of paint on a canvas, a true artist will first sketch out a basic image, or draw proportional guidelines onto the canvas. After paint is applied and dried, the artist may change his/her mind and overlay the painted canvas with a new layer of paint reflecting a slightly different version of the original sketch. Normally, the artist will try to make necessary changes to the painting before the paint dries. This process of repainting the canvas can happen a dozen or more times. When older paintings need restored, artists touch up the paintings with new paint. However, sometimes these restoration artists add additional images to the canvas that were never intended to be there by the original artist. Needless to say, the original sketch on the canvas may change dramatically, sometimes so much so that the final outcome is nothing like the original.

    The "ticket" to finding the original message of this announcement can only be done by stripping away the various layers of paint. There are plenty of clues as to what the message might be, such as "communicatio idiomatum."

    The following info comes from

    In Christian theology, communicatio idiomatum is a term from the theology of the Incarnation, attempting to define the relationship between two natures in one person. The theory is that the properties of the Divine Word can be ascribed to the man Jesus, and that the properties of the man Jesus Christ can be predicated of the Divine Word - a "Communication of Idioms" or mutual interchange of attributes.

    I really like the previous post by Cynic2 on 09.20.01:

    The key words are said to be "in, with and under" meaning that Christ Himself is present even though the human eye or an electron microscope and so on could see only bread and wine. The invisibility is the point, you either know it's true or you don't.

    In the post on 07.09.2004, Erik graciously shares Patrick Kavanagh's poem: "The One." Reminds me of the Ticket = "Admit One." Part of a verse in the poem provides a clue to solving the puzzle: "A humble scene in a backyard place where no one important ever looked."

    Sjwk (02.10.03) points out that converting the Ticket number 2053522 to octal equals 11431542. Sjwk has stripped away the top layer of paint on the canvas, but there are additional layers that must be removed to reveal the hidden image (the true treasure). This treasure is the underlying theme, or key, to understanding all of the Mayday announcements.

    We can look at 11431542 as one number, or better yet, divide it into two separate numbers as 1143 and 1542. Before I get started in explaining what these numbers represent, I would first like to mention that 1542 octal equals 866 decimal. Reverse 866 to get 668, a key number used throughout the ADW announcements.

    If you have read some of my previous posts on the Mayday Mystery website, you might have noticed that I used gematria (Hebrew) or isopsephia (Greek) to convert text to numerical equivalents. Now we have an opportunity to figure out what the numbers 1143 and 1542 equal in textual format. A third way of looking at text/number relationships is to use the Roman numerology method. This method (around 2000 years old) has been incorporated by the Order of Nazorean Essenes. I used their gematria calculator.

    If you had not realized it after reading all the posts for this announcement, Jesus Christ is the key. IC XC (IHSOUS XPISTOS) or YESOUS CHRISTOS or Jesus Christ. He is the Incarnation, the "Communicatio Idiomatum." The numerological value of the combined letters in Jesus Christ, according to Roman numerology used by the Order of Nazorean Essenes, is 1542.

    J (10) + e (5) + s (300) + u (6) + s (300) + C (3) + h (8) + r (200) + i (10) + s (300) + t (400) = 1542 decimal

    In our computerized world today, we use another method of equating letters to numbers, or numbers to letters. We use ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange).

    J (74) + e (101) + s (115) + u (117) + s (115) + C (67) + h (104) + r (114) + i (105) + s (115 ) + t (116) = 1143 decimal

    Using the gematria calculator, I entered the following words: God (77) and Revelation (777). Have fun playing with the calculator. Many of the numbers in the ADW announcements can be found by using this calculator. Enter Hebrew, Greek, Latin, or English words or phrases into the calculator to see what numbers are generated. In some cases, you might need to first translate a text passage from one language to the next, then put the letters into the calculator to get number results.

    You can also go to to get additional gematria information about various numbers.

    Check out 1143 in the gematria references at

    The overall numerical theme of this announcement is based on the number 12 (120, 12000, 240)

    Juls (05.10.2005) points out that the Hebrew text is found in Jeremiah 51:20. As with all ADW announcements that reference chapter and verse numbers for various texts, these numbers can be converted to one number, or manipulated to make other numbers. Thus, 51:20 could be 5120 decimal.

    Convert 5120 decimal to octal to get 12000, which is also the same number of Imperial Army men that died at the Battle of Breitenfeld.

    The St. Mark quote, 6:20, could be converted to 6*20 = 120. 120 is also the degrees running east or west as pointed out by Juls (04.18.2003). Even the 12 5-gon (12*5=60) + 20 equalateral triangles (20*3=60) = 30 rectangles (30*4=120). See also for additional information about the factorial of 120 (120!).

    I agree with Juls on her post of 04.18.2005:

    Sailing and celestial navigation are clearly important to unravelling the announcements.

    To help everyone interested in learning about sailing, celestial navigation, or other areas of Maritime travel, mathematics, terminology, and what not, I suggest you read the Bowditch. Salem native Nathanial Bowditch, noted mathematician and astronomer, found 8000 errors in the British Navigation Tables, wrote "The New American Practical Navigator", which became the seamen's bible and called the "bowditch."

    If the above link becomes a dead link for whatever reason, simply search the Web for Bowditch, or The American Practical Navigator.

    D. Thomasson 10.07.2006
    clue: In my previous post, I mentioned that chapter and verse numbers in the ADW announcements can be combined to make a single number, or manipulated to make other numbers. Likewise, some of the regular numbers found in the ADW announcements can be converted to Biblical chapter and verse numbers.

    Ticket 2503522 decimal = 11431542 octal as mentioned in earlier posts. I stripped away the second layer of paint from the canvas to show that 1143 and 1542 both equate to Jesus Christ by using computer ASCII and Roman numerology. Through gematria, 1143 is also known as The Glory of God or The Glory of the Lord.

    Removing a third layer of paint from the canvas reveals some astonishing hidden treasures.

    Convert 1143 to 11:43.

    John 11:43 = "And when he [Jesus] thus had spoken, he cried with a loud voice, Lazarus, come forth."

    View the commentary about this verse at: Notice "the glory of God" in the commentary.

    Read all of John chapter 11 to learn about the death and resurrection of Lazarus.

    Convert 1542 to 15:42.

    1 Corinthians 15:42 = "So also [is] the resurrection of the dead. It is sown in corruption; it is raised in incorruption:"

    Read all of 1 Corinthians chapter 15 to learn about the death and resurrection of Jesus.

    After reading the above chapter, reread 1 Corinthians 15:54-57 again:

    "... , Death is swallowed up in victory. O death, where [is] thy sting? O grave, where [is] thy victory? The sting of death [is] sin; and the strength of sin [is] the law. But thanks [be] to God, which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ."

    Go to and select the letter K button to the left of 1Cr 15:42 to read all of the Treasury of Scripture Knowledge pertaining to this verse.

    Notice in the announcement at the center of the cross of six squares states "IC XC NIKA." This means "Jesus Christ is victorious" (over death and sin).

    See more at

    We can now remove a fourth, and possibly final, layer of paint from the canvas of the ticket to reveal the actual hidden treasure: the orignal message of this May Day announcement (and others) put forth by The Orphanage.

    Make 1542 an octal number then convert it to decimal to get 866. Reverse 866 to get 668, a key number used throughout the ADW announcements.

    By applying the same techniques as above of converting the number to Biblical chapter and verse, we end up with two very powerful passages.

    Convert 668 to 6:68:

    John 6:68 = "Then Simon Peter answered him [Jesus], Lord, to whom shall we go? thou hast the words of eternal life."

    Jesus was speaking to his twelve desciples when Simon Peter made the above reply. Notice the number twelve is a key number in this ADW announcement, much as it is the key number in many other ADW announcements. Also, remember that Jesus Christ is the Divine Word (John 1:1) and his words reveal Eternal Life.

    Be sure to read all of the Treasury of Scripture Knowledge pertaining to this verse at:

    Read all of John chapter 6 to learn about the feeding of the 5000, the sharing of physical bread to feed their natural hunger, and finally the sharing of spiritual bread (the Divine Word) from Jesus (the bread of life) to feed their spiritual hunger.

    John 6:35 = "And Jesus said unto them, I am the bread of life: he that cometh to me shall never hunger; and he that believeth on me shall never thirst."

    Remember the picture of the Rainbo Bread Company at the top left portion of this annoucement?

    The hymn, "I Need Thee, Precious Jesus," relates directly to John 6:68. Notice one of the verses in the hymn:

    I need Thee, precious Jesus, And hope to see Thee soon, Encircled with the rainbow And seated on Thy throne.

    Now convert 668 to 66:8:

    Isaiah 66:8 = "Who hath heard such a thing? who hath seen such things? Shall the earth be made to bring forth in one day? [or] shall a nation be born at once? for as soon as Zion travailed, she brought forth her children."

    Read all of Isaiah chapter 66 to learn more about the Glory of the Lord. Go to and read all of the Treasury of Scripture Knowledge pertaining to Isaiah 66:8.

    Another excellent review of Isaiah 66:8 can be found in Spurgeon's text: "Travailing for Souls" at Please read the entire text.

    F-I-D-U-C-I-A C-O-R-D-I-S

    Charlie P. 10.06.2007
    111 N. Hill St 90012 is also the address of LA County Child Custody Services. Could this be a very subtle reference to
    The Orphanage?

    Lewis Winthorpe 05.19.2008
    There is a photo of John D Rockafeller, look into David Rockafeller,
    and JP Morgan Chase. 	

    jc 10.24.09
    Russian "tishe yedesh, dalshe budesh" is more similar to English "More haste, less speed", 
    "More haste, more waste" or "Make haste slowly"	

    jcr 08/21/2017
    	 About the Bugatti, it looks like the radiator cap is an elephant. So, with Hannibal, Karthoum, Mister Kurz and Bugatti, may be "elephant" is a clue.
    For example, "during the Chernobyl disaster, the molten mass of reactor core dripped under the reactor vessel and now is solidified in forms of stalactites, 
    etc., the best known formation is the "Elephant's Foot," located under the bottom of the reactor."


    sbellawol 05/15/2018
    I've been looking thru the deliveries for a couple of weeks. 
    This is the first time I've noticed one of the deliveries showing up in the Ads.
    Juls already made the connection to the Feb 23 2000 delivery, I thought I would expand on the connection:
    the 'Pile of leaves' photo: it shows up here:
    In the color photo it looks like copper shavings in front of a weird 
    coin propped up on two cartridges, what look like a .22 magnum and either a .357 magnum or .38 special.
    The weird coin and cartridges show up again a little later in a photo, sans 
    shavings and in different configuration, here:
    And the actual weird coin, was sent earlier:

    Barbadel 05/04/2020
    The 3 greek words in the center EΞAΓOPAZOMENOI TON KAIPON seem to come from a longer sentence which reads:
    EΞAΓOPAZOMENOI TON KAIPON OTI AI HMEPAI ΠONHPAI EIΣI. and that can be translated to: "Redeeming the time because the days are evil."

    R.C Christian 09/14/2020
    Has anyone ever thought some of this sounds like the chronovisor? The chronovisor was allegedly a functional time viewer described by Father François Brune in his 2002 book Le nouveau mystère du Vatican ("The Vatican’s New Mystery"). Brune is the author of several books on the paranormal and religion.
    In the book, Brune relates that the chronovisor was built by Pellegrino Ernetti (1925–1994), an Italian priest and scientist.[1] Although Ernetti was a real person, the existence or functionality of the chronovisor has never been confirmed; its alleged capabilities are strongly reminiscent of the fictional time viewer which features in T. L. Sherred's 1947 science fiction novella, E for Effort.[2]
    In the early 1960s, Ernetti began to study the writings of François Brune, himself a Roman Catholic priest and author. Ernetti allegedly ended up helping Brune construct the machine as members of a team which included twelve world-famous scientists. He identified two of them as Enrico Fermi and Wernher von Braun. The chronovisor was described as a large cabinet with a cathode ray tube for viewing the received events and a series of buttons, levers, and other controls for selecting the time and the location to be viewed. It could also locate and track specific individuals. According to its inventor, it worked by receiving, decoding and reproducing the electromagnetic radiation left behind from past events. It could also pick up the audio component or sound waves emitted by these same events.
    Ernetti lacked hard evidence for these claims. He said that he had observed, among other historical events, Christ's crucifixion and photographed it as well. A potential copy of this image appeared in the 2 May 1972 issue of La Domenica del Corriere, an Italian weekly news magazine. A near-identical (mirror-image) photograph, however, of a wood carving by the sculptor Lorenzo Coullaut Valera turned up and succeeded in casting doubt upon Ernetti's statement.
    Using the chronovisor, Ernetti said that he had witnessed, among other scenes, a performance in Rome in 169 BC of the lost tragedy, Thyestes, by the father of Latin poetry, Quintus Ennius. Dr. Katherine Eldred of Princeton University is the author of an English rendition of the text which is included as an appendix to the U.S. printing of Peter Krassa's book on the Chronovisor. Eldred believes that Ernetti actually wrote the supposedly ancient play himself. As provided by an anonymous relative of Father Ernetti, there was a deathbed confession, included in the U.S. edition of the play, that Ernetti had written the text of the play himself and that the "photo" of Christ was indeed a "lie". According to the same "source", however, Ernetti also affirmed that the machine was genuinely functional.
    Brune, however, does not believe Ernetti's "confession" and is convinced that the authorities had coerced Ernetti into making a false confession.
    The alleged existence of the chronovisor has fueled a whole series of conspiracy theories,[who?] such as that the device was seized and is actually used by the Vatican or by those who secretly control governments and their economies all around the world. maybe this group are the pigs? 
    Comments: the number on right and bottom of cross come up on this website for embryo selection for intelligence in what looks like computer code , 
    might mean nothing.
    I believe I found the rainbow bread/ wonder bread factory in the photo its in Tucson, AZ
    editor's note: see re wonder bread bldg