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ashton: 01.10.01
See also: May 1, 1981 & May 1, 1982:
All say:

Mao zhu xi   wan          sui
Mao chairman ten-thousand years of age.
(i.e., "long live chairman Mao!")

I've seen the same thing in some of the early 80 pages.  These three are
all written in simplified characters found on the mainland (whereas
in Taiwan and Hong Kong they use the complete, traditional, before-the-
Communist characters).

S.K. 05/25/2014
Is there any significance to 1984 not too have a coma between Mayday and the year?

Hdanielson 10/19/2019
Is the repeat of this message a clue That someone solved the puzzle or that we need to re-examine this message in light of the prior clues?

Ryan K 06/14/2020
	Something jumps out at me such a perfect circle missing from the center of the far left Chinese character

c himabindhu 06/29/2022
	i think what is werid that this may day 1984 article is like in the 1982 one the thing that i learn you need to count the brush strokes of the chinese character. sr/cl means stanley richmond and cl i dont know what is cl stands for . and theres the smiley guy