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Clues people have sent in: ashton: 01.10.01 See also: May 1, 1981 & May 1, 1984:
All say:

Mao zhu xi   wan          sui
Mao chairman ten-thousand years of age.
(i.e., "long live chairman Mao!")

I've seen the same thing in some of the early 80 pages.  These three are
all written in simplified characters found on the mainland (whereas
in Taiwan and Hong Kong they use the complete, traditional, before-the-
Communist characters).

Bob: 10.01.01

clue:  This is just a weird thing about SmileyGuy. As I write this, this is the earliest appearance he makes in 
the ads. He's got 6 hairs. In the next ad, he has 5. In the following ad, another of the "new" ads, he's got 6 
again. In the next ad, it's hard to tell, but he appears to have 6. In the next ad, May 1, 1985, he's got 5. OK, 
so I decided to check them all. From May of 1985 on, from what I would tell, he always has 5 hairs (there were 
four ads where he was either too small for me to tell or partially obliterated). Then, it changes again, and 
from May 1997 to the present, he consistently has 6 hairs. In the March 20, 1991, ad, he apparently doesn't 
appear, but part of the ad is obscured on  the right.

Minutiae (I may be getting a little too obsessed with this stuff), but there it is.

dave: 10.04.01

clue:  Bob might be onto something. If these ads are drawn up by a group of people, maybe small variations in the SmileyGuy 
are a
signature as to who created the ad. I took a quick look through some of the ads and on March 15, 1985, SmileyGuy has 7 hairs.

judson: 10.12.01
clue:  My observation of Smiley Guy is that the drawing seems to be very consistant, apart from details.  It does seem to be a
signature, but my opinion is that it's been drawn by the smae person for the run of it.  The number of hairs may communicate
something else... also the shape of the ears seems to change a little.  In later ads he has more earlobes.

Christoffer 10.02.02
Is this the way smiley guy always looks? Looks like he's made out of characters. Nose is an s. mouth is a c. Head
is an o. They eyes are two i. The ears might be o's or a d and a c. The hairs are... well I don't know.

Anyone care to make a guess what it is spelling? The hairs might also be a clue. six hairs on top? on the head? A 6
looks like a G. Hairs could me made into "hare" since they are pronounced the same.

Kevin 05.04.2004
I am somewhat hesitant to post this, as it seems somewhat silly, but to me smiley guy bears a striking resemblance to the
BFG from Ronald Dahl's children's story of the same name.  There are, however, some interesting coincidences with this story.  It
was published in 1982, and although it seems that the hardback version came out in November, but I think that there was a version
published before May 1 of that year (see  Furthermore, in this story the main
character (other than the BFG) is a little girl named Sophie who lives in an Orphanage.  I don't know how this would fit into the
rest of the puzzle though (not that it's unique in that respect).

Nicholas P.: 06.16.2004
clue:  Regarding: May Day, 1982.

A few notes that seem pertinent to me.

1. Peoples obsession with "smiley guy"'s details seems a little skewed from a puzzle solving perspective. It seems to
be mostly a signature... I don't think this is likely. More probably the number of hairs seems more significant, like
a ROT code (alpabet rotation... a ROT 1 (or -25) = b, a ROT -1 (or +25) = z) or other message modifier.

2. The "long live Mao" message is most likely either a pre-shared code word with a set meaning, or a method of
conveying a number/set of numbers. I lean towards this definition when I see the extra stroke above the first
character in this advert.

3. "May Day, 1982" when turned into a seies of numbers by counting letters and splitting into groups of 2, becomes: 33
19 82 This seems much like other sets of "co-ordinates" that have been derived from other mesages.

4. Numbers being communicated are most likely to be physical co-ordinates (lat. long.), times, radio frequencies, or
literature references.

5. Everything needs a frame of reference, so here are a few things to try (for those ith the time available to them):

- The messages seem to have a communist overtone, and numbers may pertain to references in a common communist
publication (eg: Mao's little red book)

- Each new message is possibly a modifier from the previous or orriginal message (it has been hinted at by persons "in
the know" that all messages are required to decipher the latter ones)

- Many messages contain multi-lingual components. The specific translation of these messges may not be necessary. It
may be enough to know where the message is taken from.

- Has anyone tried measuring physical offsets of items in relation to the message's bounding box? these measurements
may be crucial.

- Has anyone tried plotting any of these numbers on a cartesian plane (or using them as 3D references)?

- Any geographical locations referred to by numbers may be relative to a 0-point, such as a campus map

- SR/CL is most likely to be S.R. of C.L. ie. (Name/position of message writer) of (Group name)

There are so many other possibilities.

A key thing to remember... due to distortion when printing, and human error when drawing/writing small inconsistancies
(like the size of "smile guy"'s earlobes) should not be seen as significant. Rather, refer to things that can be
easily quantified (number of lines/strokes, number of items/lines of text in messgae eg: this message has 4 or 5
"lines" in it depending on interpretation & grouping of the extra stroke).


I hope this helps someone.

Any stamp collectors out there?  The postal service of China (whatever that's called) issued a stamp set on May 1, 1967. 
The serial number is W2.  The stamp set was named Long Live Chairmen Mao and contained 8 different stamps.  The set issued on May
1st, 1967 is the only set named Long Live Chairman Mao.  The stamps can be seen here:

I think this should be looked into further.  Maybe someone has already noticed the connection.  Forgive me if this has been
mentioned before.  I haven't checked the rest of the site.  The smiley-faced man looks like a poorly drawn portrait of Mao himself.
I think you are reading too much into the drawing.  I don't believe the number of hairs makes a bit of difference.

Charles: 06.28.2004
I tracked back to the first appearance of Smiley Guy to make an observation. I'm absolutely certain I've seen this diagram
somewhere before, but it has been so long I've forgotten where. I vaguely remember that the face itself is some sort of rebus. The
only detail that I specifically recall is that the nose and right eyebrow form the number 5. This should be more obvious from the
drawings in later years, the 5 has become more apparent. The other parts of the face are probably some sort of numeric
representation, but I don't recall how. This must have come from some child's puzzle I saw at an early age.

Brian 05.20.2005
the smiley guy has six hairs this time

Michael 06.23.2005
	Is it just me, or does the smiley guy's nose look like an "S?" I mean, it's probably irrelevant or has been mentioned
already, but I just thought I'd point that out.

erthur 07.31.2005
clue:  6 hairs on the head is the number of Venus (6) in most numerologies and the head is elliptical like the solar system.  The
other numbers 1 through 9 also have planetary and astrological references.  What is now called astrology once was standard
astronomy and the plotters are obviously interested in contemporary astronomy and geodesics.  They probaby use arcane references in
dopey ways to give exact locations but broken up into parts.  I think it would be very difficult to assemble the parts unless you
got one or more of them to talk.

Someone 11.17.2005
I just realized something... cover the dots on his face... or imagine the dashes being the eyes...

gene 05/21/2006
Well hey there guys... To tell you the truth i am from south africa and all of your theories are wrong. All of the
translation that you guys have written in your jestures are incorrect.. Afrikaans is a language that originates from Dutch as our
country was taken over by the Germans in World war1. We have never used hyroglyphics or anything in that form in any of South
Africa's 11 official languages so if any of you would like to find out the truth and correct information about SA just e-mail me
and i will be glad to help out. I am an SA citizen and have only been here a while but i am here to correct you guys... 

Charles E 04.14.2007
I have been pondering the smiley face guy for years, because I am sure I have seen it somewhere before. I think it is the
key to the mystery somehow.

I recall seeing this image as a child (in the 60s, predating the Mystery), but no matter how I wrack my brain, I cannot recall the
details. But I am sure it is a rebus of some sort, and that it was drawn bit by bit, as some sort of visual joke that unfolds as
each piece adds some sort of meaning. The only thing I can remember specifically is that the nose and the right eyebrow form the
number 5.

I also vaguely recall seeing this image used in a cartoon joke book about "Bohemies." I grew up near a city with a large population
of Czechs, the local ethnic nickname was "Bohemies." Perhaps Czechoslovakia is relevant? I do not recall how the smiley face is
associated with "Bohemies."

Griffin 06.24.2008
Remember the Coordinates to tucson from the previous page?

Go to the corresponding Page/paragraph/word in The BFG, Pre-May 1st edition?

Thats my only hunch.

krustofski 07/18/2010
could it be that the face parts (nose, eyebrows, maybe mouth) form a kind of kanji? reminds me japanese fu (hu).

jc 08/01/2010
The smiley guy is probably a Chernoff face with different variables (number of hair, curve of smile, the nose, etc.)

Bohemian Neuromancer 01/30/2011
The word SOS seems to be embedded in the smiley guy's face

The nose is  bit like the integration sign

When you cross your eyes and look at the smiley guy so that the left eye matches the right eye you get the versicle Pisces

The face is simultaneously awake and sleeping. Combined with the integration sign it seems to refer to the Hypnagogic mind state.

Could also be referring to on and off simultaneously.. or TRUE AND FALSE which is a paradox.

I also see 1/0 which is Infinity (think back to MAO now)

Ronnie R. 02/01/2011
The very first transmission seems to sum it all up.

"Isomorphism of recursive integration of Paradox within a formal
system" or a type of representation of the self  and the godhead.
(Consciousness if you will)
[The first Matter, Bhramin, The Tao, The Mao, The Trinity, A type of
unification of godheads in every major area of thought)

My interpretation is that ultimately this is a call for help to
integrate society into a balanced whole with the universe a type of
cosmic communism and consciousness. The Mystery is both a call for
help and the answer all in one glyph. Seems to represent a type of
cultural ambicryptomeme where understanding it depends upon how it is
filtered (one is also told how to filter, but I do not want to discuss
that here) by the preceiver. Application of the Uncertainty Principle
(cultural cryptography). Though, This is both very strong encryption
and every strong compression... Every question is answered, every
question is asked, every relation is exposed, every object presented,
every operation as well. It also suggests something about the logical
nature of the universe and how archetypal allegories (categories of
categories) reemerge again and again after generations of forward
induction due to certain natural transformations.

Key Elements:

* SR/CL Is Circle with a Slash through it. Zero

* SRC = Source

* L ^ Richmond ^ Mao = Link (the relationship between Mao and Richmond
is "Ink" [e.g. Richmond Ink)

* Source --link -->source (self referencing or recursion)

* The "Mayday smiley also gives a clue"

* Mao zhu xi   wan          sui "The Emperor of the Infinite
* Mao = Ink

*Mao = A popular infinite game where the dealer must not speak the
rules (They have to be gathered through inductive reasoning (Much link
this mystery)

The Smiley Face when stared at properly reveals "S O S" as in "Mayday"
(also strange is that when the smiley face is stared at the right way
it reveals the Vesica Pisces.

The sign for integration is the figure's nose.

Coordinate(0,1) Means simultaneously 1 and 0

The two numbers that are given along with those numbers are a "happy number" and
Number that is the result of multiplication of 12 X 21

There are many more isomorphisms but why bother typing them here when
the first transmission sums it up.

This holy game eventually leads some to enlightenment.. because
consciousness of superposition (Paradox) is is the only thing that
will destroy the illusion of differences between one thing and another

There are other things that I do not feel comfortable discussing here.
Seems that when you start playing a game from Mid-Game and through
reverse induction arrive at it's Opening Production Rules it
inevitably leads to the ability to anticipate the End Game.


Kenzar 02/26/2011
I'm not certain if this has any relevance (as any of us really are) but the Chinese writing in this 
mayday transmission are present on these Chinese stamps(issued MAY 1, 1967, i might add.)

[ ] 

I have nothing more to offer as of yet, but the coincidence of the MAY 1, 1967 issue of these 
stamps and the recurring MAY 1st transmissions seem intriguing to say the least. Best of luck 
with this mystery. I will be adding clues as I find them.

Happy clue hunting

S.K 05/25/2014
	The face which appears in 1982 is an oddity, given its simplicity, which is in direct 
	conflict with the elaborate messages and wording which appear shortly after.  This could 
	be a light hearted way for the messages to be identified if there are more subtle ones 
	that could be missed.

Hdanielson 10/19/2019
The smiley guy looks like Kilroy of "Kilroy was here" fame. He would have been well known in the 70s and 80s. 
I noted 4 possible 6s on the face. 6 hairs on his head. The nose is an incomplete 6, and the eyes are 2 upside down Mayan 6s. 

N. Sorata 12/30/2020
I don't know if this is helpful, but in this image smiley guy has 6 hairs and there are 6 letters in "May Day". Also, the 
direction smiley guy's nose is facing may hold some significance.

Aqila 12/16/2021
What if SR/CL::Stands for Stanley Richmond?cause think about it.Richmond is
written in the first printing,so it could reference that. I learn Chinese at school,one thing my teacher 
said is count the strokes when writing a chinese character

Alias 12/14/2022
 there is an additional scratch on the left ,is it just a fault ? or done on purpose.