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Thanks to the usual suspects for getting me a copy of the page - bdh

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alexander 04.28.2008
Been awhile since ive been here, but i saw this..

note, the smiley they depict is NOT the actual image of the painted smiley, they
are witholding the image to prevent copy cats.  but...  another older article i
found described it as kilroy like, and teh word mentioned in the article, i
could have sworn ive seen in the transmissions. 

bdh - I saw this story and link as well. 'Kilroy was here' is a common meme that shows up in graffiti for various reasons. All conincidence, I think.

Trace 05.01.2008
	The first set of lat/long coordinates, 32.54 x 105.58, lies in the
heart of China, more than 100 kilometers north of Mianyang.

The second set of lat/long coordinates, 36.98 x 76.631, also lies in
China, approximately 90 miles west of the China/Pakistan border. The location is
thirty miles from its only nearest town, Akmeqit.

The third set of lat/long coordinates, 43.35 x 77.0333, is in
Kazakhstan, approximately five miles from the city of Alma-Ata and thirty miles
from the border with Kyrgyzstan.

The fourth set of lat/long coordinates, 51.53 x 12.40, found at the
bottom-left of the page, is located in Germany, ten miles north of the city of

In response to the May 1, 1986 entry, user Joe23, on 09.11.2003, wrote
that "'Ora pro nobis' and 'Orate pro nobis' are used when reciting the litany of
the saints..." The phrase Orate pro nobis is Latin for "Pray for us."

Trinity Sunday in the year 2008 is May 18th. The second Sunday of
Advent is December 7th.

Charlie P. 05.03.2008
The Leitmotiv is from a letter by John Wesley about the need to ordain
bishops in America after the revolution. The result was the ordination of
Francis Asbury (who we have seen in the ads before on 1-December-1993) and
Thomas Coke.

2 Peter 2:22 ~V ~SOf them the proverbs are true: ~QA dog returns to its vomit.~R
And ~SA sow that is washed goes back to her wallowing in the mud.~T (NIV)

The first set of coordinates (Manhattan distance) is very close to the White
Sands Missile Range in New Mexico.

The second set of coordinates is Smithfield Virginia, home of the Smithfield ham
and Ham Capital of the World (a reference to the pigs, surely).

The third set of coordinates is for the Almaty airport in Kazakhstan.

Trinity Sunday 2008 will be 18-May-2008. The second Sunday in Advent will be

The ads from the collage at the bottom are, from left to right: 1-May-1988,
1-May-1989, 1-May-1993, and 1-May-2003.

somewhat 05.06.2008
32.54N 105.58 W seems to be near not only Fort Bliss, White Sands,
etc, but also near Orogrande, New Mexico

This is interesting because this ad references the ad from 5/1/1990 dealing with
the weavers needle gold mine in Arizona. I seem to recall some thing about them
dropping pigs down a mine shaft or something too.

Aus den neuen Schachten schafft mir das Gold

.. is from Das Rheingold, the first opera in Wagner's The Ring of the Nibelung

sjwk 06.17.2008
(crossposted from May 1, 1988)
 Hi Bryan,
Are the faint scribblings on the hilt of the horizontal sword/knife yours or
were they part of the ad?  If yours, it's interesting to see that they used a
clip of this image on the 2nd April 08 ad rather than their own clean version.

BDH (crossposted on April 2, 2008 as well) : They are indeed mine - I was an idiot and drew on the copy I made, and then wound up scanning it in. And it is indeed interesting to see that one get re-used with my writing on the April 2, 2008 page.

Perkins 06/30/2008
I almost hate to bring it up, because the information that I've seen
is so partial and because I half-think that it ties into an opportunistic
misinformation campaign, but the short wave numbers station community had quite
a stir about a "Yosemite Sam" transmission on a ham radio frequency that was
apparently traced to not far from the coordinates listed on this page in New
Mexico. You can google it for more information, but the idea is that a recording
of "I'm going to blow you to bits, varmint" or something similar from one of the
cartoons, was played at odd intervals followed by a high-concentration

There are many references in these over the years to radio frequencies, and I
doubt that the fascinating-to-some business of numbers stations have escaped the
creator's notice.

>From little I looked at it, the Yosemite transmissions were thought to be
either a military experiment or a bored military contractor futzing around; but
I haven't looked at it much, and the type of people who are interested in such
matters tend to have exotic belief systems.

sjwk 07.18.2008
	Re: Perkins comments on numbers stations.
Yes, numbers stations references have cropped up a couple of times before, with
frequencies listed in ads that have been linked with numbers stations.
See 6/12/2006 and 29/4/2005.

near a terminal 08.12.2008
 Was glancing through these while on the way to do something boring but
important to another person and thus worth doing. Had a chuckle, for which I was
grateful, when reading "Perkins" last sentence about "people who are interested
in such matters tend to have exotic belief systems."  No disrespect or contempt
is intended or implied but "Perkins" a number of us reading this have a question
Perkins 09.15.2008
In response to Near a Terminal's question, may I suggest David Broder's?
In all seriousness, that question has less rhetorical effect than it seems you imagine.

Beacon 11.20.2008

"Three-Ten to Yuma" is a short story written by Elmore Leonard. The story was first published in 
Dime Western Magazine, a 1950s Pulp magazine, in March of 1953. The story has since been adapted 
to the screen twice as 3:10 to Yuma (1957 film) and 3:10 to Yuma (2007 film).

The Right Hand side (Abraham sitting outside his tent) is one of the Parts of the old Testament 
Genesis 18 which is sometimes taken(wrongly in my opinion)to refer to the Trinity of the New 
Testament. It is in the Bible directly before the Sodom and Gomorrah destruction (we have the 
recurrent "trinity" motif and the total destruction of Atomic weapons and the white sands site 
in this ad) and it is where Abraham is told his infertile wife will have a child which will 
found a nation.

I think the map on the right is of Berlin and we had it before (actually a much broader area
 before the circle with 21 on it is only one of many in the original ) as also we have had the 

Indeed does the triangular astrolabe section not appear before? and the leitmotief at the bottom 
is the top of another Ad isn't it?

The Kierkegaard quote ["Hjertets" etc.] is apparently danish and is translated to mean "The 
heart's purity is what He wants." or "The heart's purity confuses the eye."     You will also 
find the dagger handle with the 51.53N picture in the 1988 Mayday page.

Brian 02.03.2009
My friend has several ideas regarding the triangle.
1. It's a Clock
2. It has to do with locolocation.

uh hey 06.26.09

"The Orphanage directly commends The Little Orphan Children"

This plainly means that the two are in in fact separate /in some manner/.

jc 10.24.2009
The word right above the smiley face is in Russian and means a Kazakh drink made from camel's milk called shubat.

Luxor1 08/01/2015
If you go to the second set of coordinates in streetview, very nearby there is a metal (?) pig outside the entrance to Windsor Castle Park, which is an obvious repeated theme.

If you then google Windsor Castle Park, its website mentions a Mr. Joseph W. Luter, III. That name looks oddly similar to another frequently recurring one....

Jess 09.09.2021
	The Hebrew text translates to "Pair of Heart" per Google translate when I used my phone to detect the language.