More letters in the mail, ~10/3/02, again sent to my work address. Denver Colorado postmark, seems to jive with this mail from the pimp giving me a heads up, and this new ad, whose coordinates are in Denver.

Letter #1 -

  • Letter 1, envelope
  • Letter 1, stamps
  • Letter 1, hebrew
  • Letter 1, pic 1 "Guy entering door"
  • Letter 1, pic 2 "Files in cabinet"
  • Letter 1, pic 3 "Scan from previous mailing, feb 23 2002" see: this

    Letter #2 -

  • Letter 2, front
  • Letter 2, stamps
  • Letter 2, Pic 1 "Eniac"
  • Letter 2, Pic 1 coin "1969 nickel"
  • Letter 2, pic2 "Chessboard"
  • Letter 2, pic2 coin "pfenning front"
  • Letter 2, pic2 coin 2 "pfenning back"

    Letter #3 -

  • Letter 3, front
  • Letter 3, Pic 1 "boat people"
  • Letter 3, Pic 2 "sap trees"
  • Letter 3, hymn from this site. Missing word is "simple" but appears to be a type on the website itself.
    mr. damien: The boat in letter 3 (3rd Oct) is a Wayfarer.

    Beacon: 05.16.2003
    I think the "man in the door" is Eyrol Flynn. In "Captain Blood" he attacked the Arbella. The clothes suggest another film late nineteenth eearly twentieth century perhaps. And the "door" is I think a fireplace. You know the secret passages in those movies. There might be ship names or ports in his films but so what? How is that significant?

    Letter one pic three: I can not use the link to the previous e mail. For those who do not know the picture is of three Allen Keys. What does that mean? Three keys? The name Allen. A boat docked in quays? Again so what? You could read anything into that.

    So they can get someone to tour around your neighbourhood or city and take photos.

    So what? You would be better off it they did not send anything.

    Juls: 08.12.03
    I found this a while and forgot to mail it, anyhow it's here now:
    It shows the same pic and gives the source of it as well as lots of info on Eniac.  This particular 
    photo is a US army photo, but it was used along with that particular caption in Martin H. Weik, 
    "The ENIAC Story".

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