url:  02-may1.html

name:  you bud

clue:  Yo Bro!  Ah bin bustin mah weary ass fer a coonz age but aint forgot mah Bro Bry.  Had a leedle extree help dis mornin
dinkin a youz, one a dem fameelyar vibration come bouncin offn de wall ah mah Dempster Dumpster.  Ah burrow up ta de top, stick
mah fool head out de hatch and der iz de loony on de rollerskate wat got a beenie wid a propeller on top.  Betwixt droolz and
spazm, he say "Tell our friend Mr. Hance to pick up a paper on Thursday."  Smart dude like Bry know which one.  Leedle inside
dope fer R Bro--dis one wat komin preedy muck like de propeller loon wid de drool--aint exactly wat it appear.  Yet it literal.
Both true.  Take a smart man ta connect dem 2 and der mo' dan 2 shakin.  Start literal.  Chow, dude.