Delivery to my new work address, somewhere around 12/10/2005.

I'm not quite sure what to make of it. It doesn't have 'their' hallmarks, so it may have been sent by a site reader... but it originated in NJ, which is also an odd detail.

Content is from here.

Delivery contents:


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Juls 01.12.2006

IF it is them, then the only point I can see is a further remark (following upon stuff in several recent deliveries)
concerning materials being damaged in transit, in this case with a hint towards the financial / economic sector - which may tie in
with what seem to be many references to that sector in their communications.  One of the things that I have long suspected
concerning 'them' is that they may be somehow siphoning cash out of the system and redirecting it towards their own cause - maybe
this is a hint towards that, but I'm not that convinced that it's them - like you say, no hallmarks.

Juls :)

barmaid 01.16.2006
ok i'm hesitant to post this but have again spent time on this dam thing and will have my say.  i agree with hance and think
this irs info was not mailed in by the freaks.  i suspect they would just as soon nobody read it at all. they may have had
something to do with the ejection or pitching over the side of the lost materials.  we have no idea what was lost and for that
matter the supersuck irs doesn't know either because all the shit went into the bay. this is a stretch but i wonder if the freaks
didn't have some way to recover out of the bay what they wanted.  somebody a couple years ago thought there were references in here
to a midget submarine.  that would be one way to do it.


Juls 02.01.2005
Just going through some older stuff trying to pull something together - had forgotten that you had stuff from
that area before.  I realise that doesn't increase the chances of it being them - guess that postmark would cover a
pretty big area over there - but I thought it might be worth dropping this in here, see what folk think.  Mail in
question was back in 2003, and it was stuff that had loads of different postage stamps plastered all over it. 15
stamps on one regular envelope. Here:

This one also came from South Jersey and was plastered with 26 stamps of various kinds:

Juls 02.20.2005
The lines at the top of the page appears to be written in a cipher of some kind - there is pattern in there that suggests
that it is lines of text. Also, I think the comma and the colon in there may possibly have been left just as they are in the

Juls 02.25.2006
Re. the 'Go' board - there are 58 counters on the board - if you trace a spiral clockwise along the lines of the board
starting top left, or anti-clockwise starting bottom left, the last counter you come to will be the one numbered 58 on the board -
these are the only two ways that this works (unless I am mistaken).  I have not yet figured out any other reason for that one
particular counter to be marked with the number 58 than to indicate this movement, and there must be some reason that it is so

Juls 03.14.2006
I take back what I first said about this, now that I've had more time to look at it I don't think that the 'script' is a
straightforward cypher anymore.  It seems possible that the characters are meant to be applied to the board somehow - placed on it
perhaps.  Some may be instructional as to where. For instance, what looks like degree symbols *might* indicate those 9 junctions /
nodes that are emphasised on the board, and the larger black and white circles in the script *probably* indicate the obvious. Using
one of the methods indicated in my last post, each of the 'counters' could be given a number from 1 to 58 - this may be more
relevant once the script has been applied but I don't expect to figure that out anytime soon so I'm posting this to see if anyone
else can make owt out of it. :)

Juls 02.26.2006
Another possibility re. the Go board is that the idea is to play the game - both black and white have 29 pieces on the
board, the one numbered 58 is white so, presumably (since black always plays first) the indication is that this was the last piece
played.  Black must play next, and in order to prevent his piece above the one numbered 58 from being taken he must place his next
piece above the former - white then (so far as I can tell, never having played the game) has a number of options.  Looking back at
the script - there are three large circles in there in the sequence black - white - black, which would be the order of the next
three moves after piece 58, being respectively pieces number 59, 60 & 61 to be placed on the board.

SuzanneK 03.13.2005
On the envelope is there a postmark?  I've looked twice and can't find one.  Is it possible to send something in the mail
and not get  postmarked?

Hance: it has one of those white adhesive strips with a USPS barcode thingy on it, you can see it in the upper left hand corner.
D. Thomasson 04.16.2006
The Go game showing the 58th move is a clue to count the number of moves in the Go board from the 98-Dec2 announcement.
There are 50 moves in the 98-Dec2 announcement. 50 hex = 120 octal. 120 (or multiples of 12) is a key number seen throughout many of the ADW announcements.
dumdum 05.06.2006
ok so it has a barcode.  what does the bar code say?

The game of Go - there are 58 pieces on the board so '58' must mark the last piece played, black must move next and the most obvious move would be to place his next piece on the centre spot - may convey a message regarding strategy or situation.
Max 06.05.2005
Haven't really pored over it, but at first glance, the left of center of the Go game
looks like the U.S. - and the 58 would be in the approximate area of New England.  
I wouldn't be too quick to dismiss the print as ASCII garbage. Our brothers and sisters have
been pretty calculating up till now, and the fact that it repeats itself leaves me thinking
it's no happenstance.  Does the 16385 degrees mean anything to anyone?
Lastly - I'm no scholar, and new here - kudos for your sticktoitiveness....Hardly any formal
education to speak of at all, so much of the historical and geographical information is lost
on me - but I AM very aware of what's been happening politically - and the brother's (hope
you're feeling better!) post about JFK has me looking at the farce that dems/repubs/whomevers
has become - all shills for something bigger, whilst dangling the carrots and obfuscating
with petty issues... having us shrieking at each other whilst the goods are made off with,
and the world ruined.... seems to me that our dear friends have been trying to make this
clear in their own way - AND telling us it's nothing new.  
After all - pigs is pigs is pigs.
Keep on keepin' on.

Nihilist Illusion 06.06.2006
if this is the japanese game go, at least 2 major corps are named after moves in the
game, Atari being one of them.

That's not a game of 'go,' seems to me, that may be a circuit of some kind.  The misprint and having Bryan's
name and address typed and taped to the envelope may be an indication enforcing the circuit idea.