Here's the equation, which didn't scan that great in the above...

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Centrum voor Wiskunde en Informatica is:
(CWI, Centre for Mathematics and Computer Science) An independent research 
institute active in the fields of mathematics and computer science. CWI 
also aims to transfer new knowledge in these fields to society, trade 
and industry 
CWI is funded for 70 percent by NWO, the National Organisation for 
Scientific Research. The remaining 30 percent is obtained through 
national and international programmes and contract research 
commissioned by industry. 
Address: Kruislaan 413, 1098 SJ Amsterdam, The Netherlands; 
P.O.Box 94079, 1090 GB Amsterdam, The Netherlands. 
Telephone: +31 (20) 5929 333. 

They also have a website at
II Corinthians 2:16
From here,
[2Cor 2:16] To the one we are the savour of death unto death; and to the other the savour of life unto life. And who is sufficient for these things?
Webmaster: Re: Weinberg, see here, and "quantum theory of fields", and possibly even here.
From patrick:
I don't know alot about the function right off hand however I can tell
that it is a 3 dimentional representation of the Schrodenger equation.  Perhaps
a little time and the help of a professor can help.  If so, I'll get back to

I do notice that the first portion of the equation is NOT time
independant.  Perhaps what the statement below the equations is saying set t=o
and eliminating part of it.

From Koen:
Fermi's Fear: Enrico Fermi was a nuclear scientist, who's fear it was that
his research would be used by the Germans to make a nuclear bomb.

We should consider the number
N=(12^{167}+1)/13, see:

It seems that we need to ask help from somebody who knows how to do DES and

Date: Wed, 8 Dec 1999 19:03:23 -0700 (MST)
clue=Let's see here, I have been looking at this one the most, and here is what I have 

The matrix in the first level is the Pauli y-spin matrix for an electron, usually 
called sigma sub y.  I don't have a handle on 
what it's relation to the chip is.

The second level is a GO board with the moves numbered.  I don't play GO so I can't 
assess its relevance very well.

In the third level, the letters on the outside of the brackets are tibetan.  The 
tibetans tend to stack letters on each other, so without my handy dandy tibetan
alphabet on hand, I can't recognize them.  They found their way into 
December 3, 1997 along the diagonal of the matrix, but, they appeared 
transposed... I think.  The first word inside the brackets is kairon, a word 
that we have seen a number of times before, both in its capitalized form and 
lower case form.  It is the last word in the phrase in the 
middle of the last ad.  I have a friend who is greek that I am going to take 
the second word to...

Further on in the third level, I am making a wild speculation that that equation 
is a Lagrangian of some sort.  In the formalism of particle physics, Lagrangians 
are a way to set up a single equation that will describe the actions of the 
particles in a system. Quite often, they adopt a form that looks a lot like 
chiral flows (think wingtip vortices and whirlpools in a river).  These types 
of equations have found their way into the cryptologic domain as well...

Onto the fourth level:
Here is where I am most puzzled.  I am beginning to believe that only certain 
elements of the announcements are encrypted (those in bold face).  The special
number field sieve is superfast mathematical algorithm for factoring REALLY big 
numbers. In the context of Hilbert's tenth problem (Is there a universal 
algorithm for solving Diophantine equations exist?).  I think that these two ideas 
may be related, given their conceptual proximity (more on this if you email me).  
This technique was used to factorize the RSA-140 
number (140 bit number).  There is more on this at ( is gone ;-(  )

So that is what I think.
clue=Some food for thought on the four levels:

Allegory is a technique of literature in which the events of a narrative obviously and 
consistently refer to another simultaneous structure of events or ideas, whether
historical events, moral or philosophical ideas, or natural phenomena. Another way to 
think of it is as an extended metaphor. For example, we commonly refer to the "journey"
of life; Dante, however, began with this notion and expanded it into an epic-length poem.

Fourfold Allegorical Interpretation: 
(from Dante's "10th Letter to Can Grande della Scala" via St. Thomas Aquinas's Summa Theologica): 

1.Literal (historical)-what story actually says ("Litera gesta docet") 
2.Typological (allegorical)-illustrates truths ("Allegoria quod credas") 
3.Moral (tropological)-conversion of soul, what should be done ("Moralia quod agas") 
4.Anagogical (eschatological)-deals with "4 last things (Heaven, Hell, Death 
& Judgment)," eternity ("Quo tendas anagogica") 

Another example: Exodus read on the 4 levels would include 

1. The actual crossing of the Red Sea by the Hebrews 
2. Reading the Hebrews as a "type" of the soul redeemed by Christ 
3. Reading the crossing of the sea as a lesson: that humans are all sinful and must 
leave wicked habits and cross over to God, with His help 
4. Reading the whole passage as illustrative of the way God's universe is ordered, 
all leading out of evil and upward into Heaven.

clue=The 2x2 matrix is also one of the 8 Hamilton Quaternian numbers, a number field.

Mikey 05.13.01
The matrix in level one is also the linear transformation which is a reflection across the y-axis, ie, 

Judson: 09.04.01
clue:  The Go game might be a classic recorded match.  Or instructional.  The game is just entering it's mid phase, but my
understanding is that very good players might have agreed on who had won and lost at this point.  The numbers are utterly
illegible, so there's not much more that can be said.

Cynic2: 09.14.01
clue:  We may all be missing this point.  Notice the use of the 1/20/88, Narragansett and so forth.  What I think we are 
missing is their use and re-use (using over and over again) certain concepts.  The concepts can be worded a little differently 
each time but I think they refer to subsets of data.  Subsets simply means a smaller collection of data out of a bigger one.  
That fits with all forms of human experience, mathematics, history or anything else.  It is the way humans think.  It would 
also be almost impossible to crack without access to their central data base.  I got a little carried away a while ago 
criticising the one person from Metafilter but with less heat and more light, the person was wrong and so is any explanation 
that includes mental illness.  The complexity is that of people using a data base, not that of people undergoing hazing or the 
compulsions of mental illness.  To put it rather simply, it is like the serial numbers on American currency.  Each one is 
different but they make constant use and re-use of a common fund of data.  Frankly I think it would be easier to counterfeit 
American currency than it would be for one us to produce one of these.

clue:  In regard to my last note to this page, look at the correspondence you have posted for 6/4/2000.  The long, 4 page 
letter all deals with elementary number theory.  I think they are of the opinion that it doesn't need to made any clearer than 
that.  If we can't get it then we aren't supposed to be let inside of whatevere this is.  I also think that "knocks in the 
head" any possibility of this being "performance art."  These are something very complex to do with (1) a long-running plot 
and (2) the messages are conveyed by number theory.

near a terminal: 10.16.01
clue:  Look at 1988 January 20.  The Narragansett appear in that one too.  That tribe was violently opposed to the
Puritan settlements and a bloody war resulted with the Puritans basically exterminating the opponents.  I don't 
have a clue as to how that plays out it could be a chess championship in some Boston club for what I know.  But it 
is clear that the themes do not change over time, just the details. In that respect it does remind the careful 
reader of some long struggle between opponents with different battlefields and even differenet campaigns. But I 
don't think the enemies change.

Bitter The Clown - 06.12.02
clue:  Hance, you recieved a picture of a Go board around January 30th. I'm not a Go player, but it might be worthwhile to look at
the progression of the boards.

hance - This one is from ~Jan30...
near a terminal 09.11.02
name:  near a terminal

clue:  Look at the link in blue below that deals with Weiberg.  I suppose the webmaster put it there and in my opinion that will
be the eventual solution. Can't prove it wish I could, but my point is that the relationship between thought, theory and
altering reality runs through these like a highway.  It's not a thread it is a roaring highway.  That's the main reason that I
don't think there is the slightest chance this could be a prank. I wish somebody would make a big bet with me so I could retire
from this deadly dull environment. (Webmasetr, please don't post where this originates, the inmates have no sense of humor.)
That's probably the biggest difference between what the webmaster calls Them and "us". They are altering their surroundings and
we are only reading about it.  Yeah, that's envy.  But think about it, there can't be any other solution to "is it a prank?" or 
"is it real?"  They are getting deeper and deeper into some kind of transformation.  If they weren't doing that these wouldn't
continue and the same themes would not appear with endless variations.  I read once that Shakespeare only deals with two
questions: the problems of failure and the problems of success.  Even his love poems are centered on those two themes.  I think
it is the same here only the themes are (1)theoretical thought used (2)to alter physical reality. The political, economic and
historic points are physical expressions of how that has been done in various contexts. For that matter even a prank is intended
to change something.

(Link recreated here): "Weinberg, see here, and "quantum theory of fields", and possibly even here."

MuaPetahl 04.30.2005
The "Go" game board might simply be instructions to execute their instructions from ADW 5/1/89.  

Maybe this needn't be stated as it's obvious, however sometimes we tend to overlook the obvious :-)