6/16/00 - checked my PO box:


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    In the letter dated 6/16/00, the word "Pingsthelg 2000" appears. This is Swedish for Pentecost holiday/weekend ('helg' means both holiday and weekend, and during Pingst, there's usually a 3 day weekend, so it's kind of both.) In any case, Pingst 2000 was on June 11th.

    In the letter dated 6/04/00, we see Kristihimmelfdrdsdag 2000. That's Ascension day, and it was June 1st.

    And the "well-known" quotation at the bottom of the letter dated 2/08/00: "och den vppnades fvr dem av sig sjdlv" translates to: and it opened for them of/by itself