As per the email, I checked my PO box, and found...

An envelope with four pages inside.

The envelope

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  • Back

    The letter

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  • Page 3
  • Page 4

    Re: page 4, here's the music:

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  • 2_Largo-Larghetto.mp3
  • 3_Allegro.mp3
    10.18.01 - Dave says:
    Don't know if you ever track these down, but there are four weird numbers below Kaprekar's Constant. They are:

    I wrote a small program to find them. Also, do you know what Kaprekar's Constant is? Here's a cut from this ( website:

    Kaprekar's Constant
    Take any four digit number (whose digits are not all the same), and do the following:
     1. Rearrange the string of digits to form the largest and smallest 4-digit numbers possible.
     2. Take these two numbers and subtract the smaller number from the larger.
     3. Use the number you obtain and repeat the above process.
    What happens if you repeat the above process over and over? Let's see...
    Suppose we choose the number 3141.
    The process eventually hits 6174 and then stays there!
    But the more amazing thing is this: every four digit number whose digits are not all the same will eventually hit 6174, in
    at most 7 steps, and then stay there
    Dave: Know that's weirder than weird numbers: That these numbers were brought up in the letters above.