Delivery to my PO Box ~08.24.2009

Delivery contents:
return address
paper 1
paper 2
paper 3

Beacon 09.01.09
Probably a Boston/ Philadelphia (going by stamps)   Lutheran Prayer house
similar before in snow

yep No 2 is Boston alright:
(bdh: wow! nice find!)

And it is Georgian number six here:

forgot to ADD No 2: Boston, MA. Old North Church, c.1723-1740. Architect: William Price. Boston's second Anglican Church, with Georgian massing and style based on the work of English architect, Christopher Wren.

MercuryCrest 09.01.2009
I'm not sure that this is helpful, but I notice lines of color in pic #3.  Perhaps a scanner issue?  
Or are those present in the original paper?
Also notice the compass rose on the underside of the steeple in pic #1.

bdh: I'm pretty sure any weird artifacts you see in #3 are from my scanner ...
J 09.13.2009
paper 2 man without a face. MASK! Share with me.

Eri 09.21.2009
I'm pretty sure paper 2 is a picture of Old North Church in Boston, MA.  You received a photo of Old South 
Church in Boston with the February 23, 2000 delivery - 
(I tried and failed to submit a clue to that page.) The photo is No. 6 in Layer 8.	

Dissaifer 09.24.2009
	Picture 1. It's the back of Old Ship Church in Hingham, Mass.

Picture 2. This is a picture of Old North Church, Boston Mass.

Picture 3. still working on it.

Guess:  These clues were to lead you to a meeting some time in MA.  Picture 1 was the first spot, 
picture 2, the backup, picture 3 was to determine the date.

Possible confirmation:  The mail on 9/2/09 was from Boston, MA.  The dollar puts a box around where 
the dollar was made (Boston) the underline (A4   1), I think meant it was at the first location 
(total guess though).  We may have missed the meeting...

M 11.24.09
Just some random thinking out loud:

The question marks on the black squares are unicode characters that have no representation in the font that was used.

The backwards Kanji, possibly 'dai' meaning 'big, large'.

The symbol with two parallel horizontal lines, used commonly to denote "is defined as" in logic, I have also seen  before in a rendering of trigrams by the occultist Aleister Crowley in Liber Trigrammaton sub figura XXVII, where the meaning is "Now then a giant arose, of terrible strength; and asserted the Spirit in a secret rite."

The circle with the dot in the center is one of the oldest known glyphs for "Sun." Difference between large circle with dot and without?

No idea on the three diagonal dots. An odd representation of 'therefore'?

The curvy bold horizontal lines look like stylized arabic written with no vowels.

The logic symbols are all here, 'is defined as' 'maps to' 'equivalent to' 'is incomparable to' 'defined as' 'composed with', etc, but don't seem to make any sense as ordered.

What letters would be used to type this in a unicode logic rendering font?
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