Letter contents: Letter sent to my my PO box, spoofed with Dan T's mailing address as the sender.

(Nice touch, that, and now perhaps my PO box folks will stop looking at me funny.)

3 mailers - one white, containing a CD, and two manilla folders, each with 1 page inside. CD mailer originated from Las Vegas, the other 2 don't have enough markings to determine origin.

The CD contains one file - a 99meg .tiff file of Island001.tiff (jpeg'd here.) I didn't want to post the whole 99 meg tiff - until I noticed there's something else in this image. When flipped and the darkness levels are increased, there's an artifact that appears to the right of the moon - as if someone wrote on the back of the scanned page. As far as I can tell, it reads: "26 Mexico (???) RDH (26?) 10:30". Here's the full 99meg .tiff in case someone else can do something better with it, image-enhancement wise. I don't see any other such artifacts in here, though.

bhance - contents002 appear to be taken from here, will expand on it a bit more tomorrow.
Murdoch 04.14.2007
	Just a guess but I wonder if the "RD" has to do with "right declension"?  That is about the sum total of my knowledge
regarding navigation but it has something to do with a sextant and "shooting" heavenly bodies to get your correct position when on
the high seas.  Perhaps one of them scribbled a note or directions for someone else on the back of the picture and then forgot
about it or underestimated the technical prowess of the webmaster. The "H" might mean "Hour" or "Hours" as nautical people think
that way or at least I've heard that they do. It comes up in historical fiction novels more than a bit.

D.Thomasson 04.19.2007


Add up all the AS numbers found along the far right side of contents002.jpg to get a total of 81252.

AS5459 + AS16260 + AS15830 + AS786 + AS8586 + AS1104 + AS12536 + AS12008 + AS8683 = 81252

Change 81252 into a date of 8-12-52 or August 12, 1952. This date reflects a very sad day in our history when Stalen wrongly put to death several prominent Jewish poets for being members of the Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee. This date is known as "Night of the Murdered Poets."

Read more about this atrocity at:




Beacon 05.14.2007
	REcurrent theme: Boston
Stamps suggest Boston; Longfellow, Harbour Tea Party, Paul Revere's ride.

Contents 001 is georgian i.e. "Mad" King George of American Revolutionary times.
It looks fake though. The bricks are too red and "new". The shutters look to be nailed in place (too tidy) and also too new. It is
a bit like a "disneyland" type reconstructive archichecture. Given the snow it is unlikely to be British or even Irish (which
boasts the longest still existant Georgian streets in the world). I would suggest modern Boston. Salem has older houses and more of
them. Very few of this type survive in Boston. I am reminded of earlier clues with maratime maps of areas around Boston (many now
in military territorial waters.


In the photo "contents002" look like IP addresses.  What do with those from there I have no idea.  Maybe someone else

ss 06.14.2008
I would say the reason you were sent such a large image file was they
wanted you to find that writing. As you said, you can barely make it out with a

jaydventer 06.18.2008

~ jayventer$ whois	

bdh: The diagrams in there, the ones with the IP addresses on them, came from somebody's legitimate DNS/BGP networking diagrams - specifically Nominet UK, which looks like the TLD maintainer for .uk domain names.

Their context here is intersting, but I wouldn't fixate on the actual IP addresses too much - they all look like legit IP's for DNS servedrs that just happen to appear in somebody's networking/DNS propogation diagrams - diagrams that wound up getting used by the Orphanage here.

aemiliapaulla 08/09/2016
In pertaining to "contents002," the "AS####" each correspond to companies, all of which seem to be in the telecommunication/technology business, and all but two, are in the UK:

AS5459-LINX/London Internet Exchange (UK); www.linx.net

AS16260- GTT-EMEA Ltd (formerly European Telecommunications and Technology Ltd.) (UK); gtt.net (?)

AS15830- Telecity Group International Ltd./Equinix (UK); telecitygroup.com

AS786- Jisc--Janet network (UK); https://www.jisc.ac.uk/

AS8586- TalkTalk Comm Ltd (UK); http://www.talktalkbusiness.co.uk

AS1104- **This is the only one I couldn't find a company name for, but it is registering to the Netherlands

AS12536- Console Network Solutions    (formerly IX Reach); (UK); allegro.net

AS12008- Neustar (US); www.neustar.biz

AS8683- Nominet (UK); www.nominet.uk/

It also seems that a lot of these companies have partnered with each other, or are connected in some manner, i.e. LINX lists Nominet, Telecity,  Console Network Solutions, and Jisc under it "members" section.

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