Letter contents: Letter sent to my PO box, ~07.27.2007, posted out of Vegas.

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elizabeth 07.31.2007
clock face surround, text midrash with rashi script (on right), content jacob wrestling with the angel

D. Thomasson 08.02.2007

Reference Page 1 Picture from the recent delivery to Brian Hance on 7-27-2007.

The circle with Hebrew letters is a clock face. The Hebrew letters are the numbers 1-12 that circle the clock in a clockwise pattern. This picture represents TIME, as it is now time for the deliverance of all God's people.

Notice the larger Alef Tav letters (larger than the rest of the text) on the left side just below the center section in the left column. It is also in the right column on the same line. In Hebrew, AT, or Alef Tav could possibly be ET instead. ET is a Hebrew particle the refers to the direct object that precedes it. However, AT in Hebrew means SIGN. Or it can also mean to pay close attention to this section. But, since it is capitalized or emphasized, it most likely refers to Alef and Tav (First and Last, Beginning and End, the Alpha and Omega). It is a signature for Jesus Christ. Not only is the Alpha and Omega at the beginning and ending of Revelation, its equivalent (Alef and Tav) are in the first verse of Genesis, and seen throughout the Old Testament. In Psalms, you will see "from everlasting to everlasting" at least four times, which is really the same thing as Alef and Tav or Alpha and Omega (infinity or Christ). So we could say that Christ is the WORD as reflected in the beginning of the Scripture to the end of the Scripture. Thus Christ is the INFINITE WORD of GOD.

The third word to the left of AT is TESHUAH. This word is the keyword, or sign being referred to by AT.

Using Strong's Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible, we can find some interesting information about TESHUAH and other words.

8668 = teshuah - from 7768 in the sense of 3467; rescue (lit. or fig., pers., national or spir.): - deliverance, help, safty, SALVATION, victory. Strong's Concordance, page 126 (back part of concordance) from the Dictionary of the Hebrew Bible.

7768 = shava - a prim. root; prop. to be free; but used only causat. and reflex. to halloo (for help, i.e. FREEDOM from some trouble): cry (aloud, out), shout. Strong's Concordance, page 114 (back part of concordance) from the Dictionary of the Hebrew Bible.

3467 = yasha' - a prim. root; prop. to be open, wide or free, i.e. (by impl.) to be safe; causat to free or succor:-X at all, avenging, defend, DELIVER (-ER), help, preserve, rescue, be safe, bring (having) SALVATION, SAVE (-IOUR), get victory. Strong's Concordance, page 53 (back part of concordance) from the Dictionary of the Hebrew Bible.


Yah-weh = God the Father (I am that I am, or all things to his people)

Yah-shua = God the Son (Salvation - Savior, or Deliverance - Deliverer) = JESUS

Check out the following URL: http://members.cox.net/8thday/tatnai.html

It is TIME for our deliverance. The SAVIOR is coming back very soon! Be prepared!!

Read Psalm 118:12:

Give us help from trouble; for vain is the help of man. Give to us help from distress. For vanity (is) the deliverance of mankind.

Look up Strong's Concordance 0120 for ADAM (Mankind). Notice that the number 120 is used heavily in the Mayday Mystery announcements. Also, 120 is designated the total years of one's fleshly existence in the Scriptures (Gen 6:3):

3 Then the LORD said, "My Spirit will not contend with man forever, for he is mortal; his days will be a hundred and twenty years."

Notice that 8668 contains the number 668 which is also an important number in the Mayday Mystery Announcements.

If you look up 668 as a Strong's Concordance number listed in the Hebrew Dictionary section, it refers to a palanquin = chariot.

If you look up 668 as a Strong's Concordance number listed in the Greek Dictionary section, it refers to apopheugo = to escape.

D. Thomasson 08.04.2007

Reference Page 1 (Envelope with Hong Kong stamps):

Zipcode 94121 = Richmond neighborhood in San Francisco

Notice that Richmond is in the title of the very first Orphanage announcement from May 1, 1981:


"The Richmond" is also mentioned in later announcements and refers to a ship.

Notice that all the Hong Kong stamps display ships or other type boats.

The registered stamp from Kowloon, Hong Kong at the bottom left of the envelope has a number 2770.

Add 2+7+7+0 = 16
16 decimal = 10,000 binary
10,000 = infinity, or eternal life.

Drop the zero (0) and multiply 2x7x7 = 98

98 = 49 + 49 or 7x7 + 7x7

277 is the 60th Prime number
60 decimal is 74 octal
74 is the English gematria number for JESUS
J(10) + E(5) + S(19) + U(21) + S(19) = 74

Check out what may have happened in history on the date: April 29, 1968 that can be seen in the round TSIM SHA TSUI postal cancellation stamps. Or what may have happened in other years on April 29?

Since the stamps are from Hong Kong, it might be that the sender could be Chinese sending the letter to Katherine who might be living in the Chinese section of the Richmond neighborhood. Also, there might be a connection to a Chinese restaurant in Richmond - San Francisco, CA.

Other places in or near the 94121 area include the Golden Gate Park, Lincoln Park, and Sutro Heights Park. Major avenue roads are 36th Ave and 25th Ave. Notice that 36=6 squared and 25=5 squared. These roads are probably not significantly important for this announcement, but just interesting to me.

D. Thomasson 08.07.2007

For some reason, I cannot quite put my finger on the original source of the Hebrew and Aramaic texts in the Page 1 picture sent to Brian. We know the black outer ring contains the Hebrew numbers 1-12. It is a Hebrew clock referencing time as I've mention in my previous post. The text on the left is in Hebrew, but not from the Bible. It is a commentary, or extended Jewish legend, about Jacob wrestling with an angel as in Genesis 32:25-33.


The text in the right column appears to be an Aramaic (?) translation of the Hebrew commentary or story in the left column. The Aramaic text, in this case, is written using the Rashi style letters.

The story is about evil inclination and reveals information about the 248 limbs and 365 sinews. The 248 limbs represent the 248 positive Jewish commandments that are the "can do" commandments. The 365 sinews represent the negative Jewish commandments, or the "cannot do" commandments. Thus, these commandments make up the 613 Judaic Laws as stipulated in the Mishna.

The concept of physical Resurrection is tied into these 613 commandments. Search the Internet for additional information. Here is an interesting URL that goes into great detail about the 613 commandments as they relate to body parts:


D. Thomasson

Ref: Page 1 picture. Rashi text in right column.

The Rashi style is used mainly to write commentaries on texts. It is named after Rabbi Shlomo Yitzchaki

(1040-1105 AD) a.k.a. Rashi, one of the greatest medieval Jewish scholars and bible commentators.

Rashi did not use the Rashi style to write his commentaries but it is named in honour of him.



D. Thomasson

Ref: Page 1 (Hebrew Clock and Text).

Perhaps the underlying message of the Hebrew/Rashi commentaries within the Hebrew clock is more than just comments about Jacob's wrestling with an angel. It might be that Jacob was wrestling with his own internal demon. Or otherwords, wrestling with his sitra atra (his other side) similar to Dr. Jeckel and Mr. Hyde.

"Only when we confront our demons can we begin to free ourselves from their spell and become truly whole." - Rabbi Burt E. Schuman.

Like Jacob, we must have the courage to wrestle with our other side, even if it results in a battle scar similar to Jacob's wrenched hip (or possibly worse). Perhaps our battle scars may seem galactic in comparison. If so, we can name them: Battle Scar Galactica Bottom line: We must look inside ourselves, deep within our hearts, to seek out and destroy the demons (evils) that block our pathway to God. Otherwise, we will never become whole, nor will we ever know true peace and calm. Plus, we will never fully understand the grace of God in our lives. A long sermon seems appropriate at this time, but I will spare everyone. Simply speaking, Jesus is the answer. He must enter your heart freely. If this happens, he will root out the demons (evils) and give you peace with God through the Holy Spirit. Take a chance, read your Bible and make your heart whole. Plus, on the positive side of things, once you accept Jesus into your life, and after asking God to forgive you of your sins (the demons from within) you will come to know the true meaning of everlasting life. Wishing each of you 10000 years of happiness, and then some!!!! See COR MEI CORDIS by Patricia Van Ness, 1994:
http://www.patriciavanness.com/scores/Cor%20mei%20cor dis%20Text.pdf
Beacon 08.10.2007
 Sorry I cant help on the Hebrew.

The exterior stamp seems to be of a tropical coast Florida or California maybe or Hawaii. But the postmark is "Downtown station"
Las Vegas Nevada July 18 2007. I think we have had links with the Manhattan Project and Trinity site Before?
They even cash in on the tourism locally:

The Hong Kong stamps must be from pre Chinese takeover (1997) given the Queen Liz II of England. Isnt the Queen Mary one of the
ships sunk in Hong Kong Harbour? If you look to the left of the name an arrow indicates in US date format MMDDYYYY Mayday 1968.
this is the earliest written record of a Mayday. It also seems to state "Notice" I am judging this from the "N" in "San
Francisco" the "IC" could be "R- something " judging from "R" in Catherine.

As to 1968 we have another atomic physics link in Nevada:
Bryan didn't you get pictures like this in the mail? 

There is also seemingly a time 2:23

See Mayday 2004 and Mark's comment on the Gaussian primes and 223. What was the Number of the famous Safe deposit box in Tuscon
again? I think it was 668 so forget it.

Also, in spite fears of a collapse to communism Hong Kong is still a world financial market which is a recurrent theme in the

Brian G. 09.01.2007
Hebrew letters each have a numerical value aleph is 1 bet 2 and so on yod would be 10 so what you are looking at is a
clock. as to the scripture, there is a striking difference between the right and the left. I believe that the left is definitely
from the Torah, but the right might be handwritten. i would show this to someone well versed in the  old testament. I believe
you will find this in the book of genesis considering the fact Jacob is still being mentioned. you could also recreate some of
the words using the character map on your computer and search it on google. 
I will contact you if I find out more

Gus 09.16.2007
Was that the actual envelope or a picture of one? I'd guess the latter, but I don't know. Also, is it evident that the
last name (probably a short one) and street number were whited-out?	

Juls 03.27.2016
The Hong Kong stamps are all from a series issued in 1968. This site gives the issued date as 24 May 1968, you can see the whole series there: http://www.stampworld.com/en/stamps/Hong-Kong/Postage%20stamps/?year=1968
There were events in France in 1968 that may be worth noting:
regards, Juls :)
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