I had a heads-up about this on my voicemail on 04.28.02, but here is what was sent to me a fortnight after Mayday 2001...

More or less, it was a bank deposit bag wrapped in the September 20, 2000th edition. Inside the bag was..

  • 19 regular silver dollars - (1999's, 1979's, and a single 1980)
  • 95 Sacajewea dollars - all 2000.
  • This note.

    ...for a grand total of $114. Note the "1995" connotation..

    The bank on the bag, "Kilgore 1st National Bank" - pops up on some FDIC notes re: Bank Failures and Assistance, buyout notices etc. This is where Kilgore, TX is. Naturally, the place has some interesting history.

    The Hebrew (on the note) says "Kabbala" -- the name for the mystical branch of Judaism.

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