Delivery to my office 03.01.2005.

Delivery contents:

An envelope, containing a:
CD, which contained
a PDF photo of a tunnel

Stamps closeup

Juls points out that we've seen ths tunnel before, in Delivery 03.19.2000

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Beacon 03.11.2005

Sent from Nevada. Stamps a three masted schooner. The Constellation. Two recurrent themes. 

the picture reminds me of WWII> It was taken underground or at night since the lighting is 
artificial. it looks like a hatch cover to a reenforced concrete pillbox or similar structure. 
the hemisphere on the bottom looks like a WWII mine. It could be an archway but I think not 
since the hatch cover is at an odd angle and the tunnel would go out over a yard. so I think 
it more likely this is a well type hole descending straight down.

Hmmm. judging from the postmark WWII connections it could be the bunker in this place:

Freaks 175 mentions that "the whole world being burned to toast" might be a metaphor. so i 
think my "trinity site" idea might not be off the mark. anyone been there? Does the bunker 
look like that?

Juls 03.14.2005
The pic on this cd seems to make most visual sense if you rotate it 90 degrees anticlockwise.  
From this you can see that the hole with concrete surround is actually in the floor and there 
is a wooden board, which may be a cover, lying partially over it, and to one side is a vertical 
metal pipe with staining around where it enters the floor.  What it is beyond that, and what the
point of it is here, is another matter - this pic has appeared before, though this one is much 
clearer - I'll go see if I can find where it was.  

Pic was also in March 2000 package, here:

Juls 03.15.2005
It seems possible that the 'tunnel' pic may be intended only to convey the clue of 'underground' or suchlike rather than a
particular place.  I came across the following tidbit whilst browsing the SMU website and, with that in mind, I figured I'd post it
just in case it turned out to be somehow relevant since references to nuclear stuff have come up from time to time in the
announcements and communications. "Professors Eugene Herrin and Brian Stump of SMU's Dedman College have developed a seismic
system that detects underground nuclear detonations worldwide. Funded by the U. S. Department of Defense, the technology is vital
in helping nations to determine nuclear test ban verification."

Just read the Pimp email #175 - wondering whether there's any chance the 'tunnel' pic could be some kind of sewer or drains

Juls 03.26.2005
Those markings in ink on the cd appear to be the first two characters from the first announcement here:
Following the clues on that page, these two would give us a translation of "Chairman Mao".

lanny 04.18.2005
Reading through Juls March 15 posting, I noticed that she had specifically mentioned Dedman College at SMU.  With all of the
references to "The Dead Man's hand" at the bottom of the postings, I could not help but think that Dedman College may be the
reference listed.  Hmmm.  More research needed.

Juls 03.20.2005

Re delivery 3/19/2000 - more on SMU - I just noticed that among the big load of stuff you got sent here:
were items in a shopping bag from the Varsity bookstore across from SMU - looks very much like the 'Dallas contingent'
could well be based at SMU itself.  I'm wondering seriously if these guys are mostly just a bunch of University bods
dotted about at various universities around the place - would also gel with the Pimp's recent comment here: about getting access to stuff like Sumerian tablets - easier
for university based academics than for most folk.  Doesn't enlighten us a whole lot as to what exactly they're up to
mind.. If 'Dallas contingent' (or whoever) are based at SMU - they may be the ones referred to in the announcements as
'Epworth' (from the Wesley - Methodism connection).

Juls 08.26.2005
Tunnel pic - there seem to be white bits scattered around the pic, it looks like there may be a few flakes of snow drifting
in - if so, it could tell us something about the location.

Matt G. 08.28.2005
After exporting the image out of the pdf (why the extra layer of encoding?) its md5 (a checksum for determing a files
fingerprint) reports different checksums (curious or perhaps just a inperfection in the decoding process) additionally the file
sizes are slightly different, and i may be insane, but looking at them side by side, they are quite a perfect match the color seems
a bit different on the newer one. . . any way thats all

hance - I'm guessing this is just a byproduct of the pdf export. Any time you are mucking about with PDF's I'd chalk up anything weird to the PDF process itself.
Juls 09.18.2005
Re. characters in marker pen on CD - these are the first to Chinese characters from the MayDay '81 announcement - "Chairman
Mao" I guess - same as on the CDs in some of the other recent deliveries.

cman 02/21/2013
Just something small, but about the three stamps on the envelope...three 37cent stamps.

37 x 3 = 111

No one mentioned it yet, but it must be of some significance.  They've mentioned the 
importance of the stamps before.