I picked up a new round of stuff from my PO box on 3/22/00. I'm not on campus as much as I used to be, so my pickups are less frequent, and there were three things in my box.

Letter #1

A business envelope with a message, on the back of which were some markings. Oh, yeah, and two $20 bills. unexpected!

Letter #2

A brown paper envelope, different postmark, different stamps. Envelope had this on the back. Contents:

  • A black and white Xerox of what looks to be a college campus. I can't identify it. On the back, a note.
    Habakkuk 2:3 ... "for the vision is yet for the appointed time, it hastens towards the goal and it will not fail, 
    though it tarries wait for it, for it certainly will come, it will not delay".
    ...you see the Hebrew on May 1, 1991?  That's the first line of Habukkuk 2:3 in Hebrew.

    Repubgirl: I stand corrected. Consensus 'round here is that the campus in the picture is Southern Methodist U. in Dallas.
          You'll concur after comparing a current map of the campus to the picture. And...remember the bag in the big 'ole box
          of stuff from the SMU bookstore?
    see here...
  • A color copy of what looks like a tunnel. On the back, an annotated page that looks promising. The coordinatees look to be near Texas, but my maps are horrible and don't scale down that good. I'm looking for a better one...
  • A color copy of a human-sized hampster wheel. Ok, so I exaggerate, but.. christ. What do I know...
    As per the photograph that you recently received of the "human hamster
    wheel". I believe that it is a picture of one of the sets of the movie
    2001 A Space Odessey. Notice the guy with the movie camera on the left. If
    I get a chance tonight I'll rent the movie to double check. 

    Letter #3

    Another brown paper envelope, almost identical to the first, with this on the back as well. Contents:

  • A copy of Dec 1, 1993 with a request that I scan it in better. Also, a blue page... (See below).
  • Color copy #1, location unknown
  • Color copy #2, location unknown
  • Color copy #3, location unknown
    With regards to the request and the blue page, they were each on seperate pieces of paper, but to save space I scanned them in together. As for the blue paper, it looks to me like one of those 'windings' font sets, and I tried to match it up with one that I have... closest I got was 'WP MATH A' - but the match was not exact. If anybody has _wordperfect_, PLEASE try to match these symbols to one of your font sets so we can see if thats what it is...


    I was just flipping through my Mayday file..don't
    know if you ever realized this...
    The "blue note" with the wingdings-looking font. 
    It says exactly what it said it said.  "Enlarge
    the 'Winter Tour, 1993'"...blah, blah, blah
    If you hadn't already...give it a try.  Remember
    capital letters will have different characters
    than lower case -- that threw me off for a few

    Juls: 09.11.2003
    I believe the pictures in letter no. 3 may be of Sarnen, Switzerland.  The large building in the far background appears to
    belong to Leister.  Leister are an American company with a base in Sarnen, and among their activities is the manufacture of
    mining tools.  See here: http://www.mining-technology.com/contractors/maintenance/leister/
    I couldn't find any pics that would confirm the identity as Sarnen but it looks similar in the ones that I did find - angle
    would make some difference to the profile of the mountain possibly - that is the one thing that has made me unsure.  Leister
    would fit in with the mining references that crop up now and again.  Also linked to mining here: the pic of a 'tunnel' in
    envelope 2 looks like an adit, the annotated page on the rear of the latter includes the quote from Blake "Does the Eagle
    know what is in the Pit? Or wilt thou go ask the Mole?" - 'pit' of course, is slang for 'mine', at least, it is here - I
    know, my father worked 'down the pit'. :-)  Btw, polygons are used by mapping software - re. that pentagon there and those
    five pairs of co-ordinates - have you seen whether the co-ordinates map out into pentagon, and if so, what is at the centre? 
    I wouldn't fancy the chances of it being an old mine but..

    Paul 12.20.2004
    All three of the photographs are of Cape Town. It's where I grew up. The first and second are in "town" (CBDish) and the third
    looks to be (from the angle of the mountain) in Observatory. Yep, a suburb named for the Astronomical Observatory that was set up
    in the Cape. Can't be sure though, as these pictures are old (houses in "obs" are far more run down nowadays). It could be a
    neighbouring suburb such as Woodstock or Mobray. Further corroboration is the "1 UUR" (one hour) parking sign.
    The building in the far background in #3 is the cable car station on Table Mountain.
    I was going to post this on the 3/19/00 delivery page http://www.maydaymystery.org/mayday/texts/letters031900.html but there's no
    wee box there (Hance: fixed this, sorry!), so I'm putting it in here.  In the package along with the earlier copy of the 'tunnel' pic was an 'annotated page'
    that had a bunch of co-ordinates on it - these do not map out into a regular polygon btw, just in case anyone wondered, well not if
    you take them as a list of five sets of coordinates as given - I plotted them out roughly on a bit of graph paper to see how they
    related to one another.  Anyway, they seem to be located roundabout University Boulevard, near to University Park in Dallas, Texas
    - this url *should* (with a bit of luck) take you directly to the location (if it's there, the red circle marks the spot indicated
    by the coordinates lower down the page):
    Need something like a street map to plot it any closer, could be particular buildings indicated.
    The location appears to be the campus of Southern Methodist University - aye, letter 2 in this package contained an aerial photo of
    a campus which RepubGirl identified as being this very university. 
    Checking out the university website I see that they have some items of interest and one of especial interest: "The first printed
    Christmas card is among the collections of the Bridwell Library of Perkins School of Theology, also known for its rare books,
    leaves from the *Gutenberg Bible*, and 350,000 other items."
    Couple of notes: 1) I wonder if the 'tunnel' is in this location somewhere - from the looks of it, it could be just some old access
    hatch to pipework or something in a basement - the annotated page also carried a quote from Blake which seems to connect with the
    tunnel pic :"Does the Eagle know what is in the *Pit*? Or wilt thou go ask the Mole?"
    2) Epworth is a name mentioned in the announcements, the original Epworth was the birthplace of John Wesley, founder of Methodism -
    maybe Epworth is code for the SMU or someone in this location, maybe with access to or working at the SMU - I do remember that for
    some reason I got the impression that "Epworth" may be quite high level.
    Further to my last post, I just wanted to stress - the location indicated by the coordinates appears to be the exact area
    that is in the centre of the aerial pic of SMU campus.
    The markings on the backs of the two brown envelopes are the Hebrew letters Peh and Alef.  Peh numerically is 80, Alef is 1  I
    suspect that they may be intended to mean 80-1, as in the years 1980 to 1981, being a reference to the announements of that time -
    however, this would mean reading from left to right where Hebrew is written from right to left.
    Re. my last post a few minutes ago - announcements started May 1981 as far as we know, therefore the reference may be to the
    year preceding - to do with preparations perhaps?  

    Juls 04.07.2005
    Re. the "hampster wheel" pic - Haycockd was right I think, the pic is from the film set of '2001: A Space Odyssey.'  I
    couldn't find a pic to match this one but there is another pic of the wheel on this page: http://www.underview.com/2001/how.html
    Seems they built this big centrifuge in the studio, took up a great chunk of their budget and it looks like that's what the pic is
    of.  Pics seem to be scarce but apparently Kubrick banned photographers etc from the film set. Kubrick died March 1999 I gather, so
    this must have been sent just about a year after.  Likely the reference is simply to a 'centrifuge', '2001' or somesuch.
    Just a note re. the Blake quote - the "pit" reference could be to a trading pit.  I think the stuff I wrote about mining etc.
    before is probably way off the mark. 

    Cman 01/27/2013
    New to all of this as of yesterday.  Absolutely fascinated.
    On the back of letter #1:
    Each of the four small triangle's coordinates, while obviously different, all add up to 95.  For example on the bottom-most triangle:
    a=65, b=30, c=0
    The next one up:
    a=40, b=35, c=20
    The third:
    a=0, b=45, c=50
    And the topmost:
    a=5, b=0, c=90
    Or if plotting using the values for the triangles' vertices (A, B, C), they each add up to 110.
    Obviously significant, but as to what this means, I'm not sure yet.	
     In reference to the clue I submitted a few days ago, the fact that these coordinates in Letter #1 all add up to 
     95 is perhaps a reference to Luther's 95 Theses?

    Jen 07/18/2015
    This is actually for the large bunch of mail on 3/2?/00 - there's no submit page there. 
    Letter 7: Color Copy 2: At the time I think it was the National Arts building in Seoul, 
    S. Korea, but now it's the National Folk Art Museum. This picture is close to the angle, 
    but not exact: http://thumbs.dreamstime.com/z/national-folk-art-museum-seoul-korea-tourists-flushed-south-saturday-morning-november-35286215.jpg

    cingularity 10/19/2015
    The "hampster wheel" isn't from "2001...", but the movie "Mission to Mars":

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