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: MAC = (M)essage (A)uthentication (C)ode, is basically a part of message encryption. Significant, as 5/1/92's central image is a flowchart of DES encryption.

12/4/91: if you recall, was also one of the pages shipped to me, and contains the SAME 4x4 symbol matrix as does 5/1/92's page. Woohoo, we've got the pieces, but can we assemble them...

SUPRA as I understand it, just means "before" or "earlier in this writing", possibly refers to the symbols above..or the 'horizontal system'

Fourier: "Fourier series is a representation of a waveform where we treat the waveform as a periodic function. That is, the function or waveform, repeats itself."
It would be my understanding, then, that

winthrop and schroedinger have calculated the Fourier Transform 
indicia and the Hirelings must be assumed to posess 
cybernetic penetration capabilities at probability (.69) to 
at least the second level of the quadrigae
to mean something roughly along the lines of
X and Y have calculated the MESSAGE via (distinctive or postal 
markings) and SOMEONE ELSE probably has it figure out to at 
least the 2nd level of our puzzle
Quadrigae: roughly "team of four" or "four abreast". Reference to the 4 levels of this puzzle, the multiple circles-quartered-by-a-cross symbols, etc. 4 parts..

"Naught's had, all's spent, where..." - from Macbeth, Scene II Act III

  • Richard Dedekind - "master in analytic geometry, algebraic analysis, differential and integral calculus, and higher mechanics". Worked with Gauss. Babelfish is choking on the quote, though, all I'm getting is
  • 5/1/88 #3 is unclear, as there are several #3's... ideas?
  • 1/16/91 #10 refers to "Deformed men ponder grace" : "scimus quoniam cum appareueret, similes el erimus"
  • "Deformed men ponder grace" - apparently, from Emily Dickinson. Only reference I found was taken from a huge catalog of her works, her unclassified and unnamed works... snippet is
    'Tis Opposites -- entice --
     Deformed Men -- ponder Grace --
    Bright fires -- the Blanketless --
    The Lost -- Day's face --
    The Blind -- esteem it be
    Enough Estate -- to see --
    The Captive -- strangles new --
    For deeming -- Beggars -- play --
    To lack -- enamor Thee --
    Tho' the Divinity --
    Be only
    Me --

    From carlos
    Still more greek... Ad of december 2, 1992: the big word between the
    circle and the pentagon means "awakening" or "rousing".

    clue=Had another thought.  Lots of work, but if you had some way to count when each date is hit that would 
    probably tell you something.  It must be part of the secrecy thing to make at least part of this
    publically  available, like the DES works much like that.  So the ones who want to get the data they need
    for whatever maybe only go to the pages they need.  Might be worth keeping count.

    hance: kind of like frequency counting when you're trying to break a rudimentary substitution cypher, huh? I.e. the letter with the highest frequency is probably an 'e' etc. I've actually got a few ideas for some database-driven site work for this (much like that which I lost on an old machine) but I need to think some of it over before I start implementing anything.
    cynic2 07.12.01
    clue:  Look how closely these are interwoven--12/4/91 is cited (again) in 
    the mayday ad for 2001.  Again "costas" is just wrong.  I don't know what 
    they are doing in these but anybody with both eyes open can see the 
    interconnections are two dense for frat rats or anyother social, fun 

    Judson: 09.04.01
    clue:  Assuming that the text block isn't all chaff, how far off base is it to assume that The Hirelings means this page and 
    it's readers?  Probably fairly, since this wasn't published until '92.


    myles: 12.04.01
    clue:  german translation : "but Euclid remains completely silent about this [or these]..." this is based on my
    interpretation of the third word to be "schweigt" esp. since if it is "schwelgt" as it seems to be, it would mean
    "revels" instead of "remains silent".

    Take a look at this--tap into GOOGLE search engine "Fairman 
    Tube Master Equalizer" and that should produce a reference  (I can't send you the page from 
    this machine or at least I don't know how to do it.) The 
    point is that when you get the page that advertises that particular piece of equipment (TMEQ), at the bottom of the picture 
    is found "High boost switch 19 positions."  Now this machine is apparently used to record or at least refine music.  There 
    are many, many musical references in these ads.  These people are also obsessed with cross-cultural references probably 
    because it makes it harder to catch them.  To me it makes sense that they are using music as some kind of authentication code 
    but I have no idea how the machine with 19 positions works.

    Charlie P.
    Under the box with the Greek, is the date 12/4/92 a typo? If not, it would indicate a page two days after this one,
    which we don't have.

    Charlie P. 03.05.2009
    I've been reading Plato's Republic and The Bible for class, and when I came across the word "hireling" in both, 
    I'd pause and think about what that might tell us about the identities of these Hirelings.
    In my copy of The Republic (trans. Sterling and Scott 1985) at 347b it says "[The Guardians] do not wish to 
    accept the role of hirelings by contracting to perform public duties in exchange for money." Here, Plato is 
    deriding hack politicians who are only in it to better themselves. To a group such as the Orphanage, who don't 
    seem to be particularly fond of the way society is at the moment, any politician could seem that way. Ergo, 
    it is likely that "Hirelings" here refers to politicians or agents of the Federal Government.
    Another passage bearing the word "hireling" is the Book of Job: "Is not man's life on earth a drudgery? Are 
    not his days those of a hireling?" (Job 7:1 (NAB)). A footnote on that page mentions that drudgery could 
    refer to military service. Therefore, the Hirelings opposed to the Orphanage could be members of the military; 
    when you factor in the additional mentions of them as monitoring financial transactions (20-September-2000), 
    "detect[ing] any traceable movements" of money (6-December-2000), "inferring our current mode of subliminal 
    channel transmission" with a reference to a cryptography paper (1-May-2001), etc, it suggests that the 
    Hirelings may work for an intelligence agency (such as the NSA).
    Or the name could mean something completely different.