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12.07.2006- hance - Cameco. Truman Wetmore, Latimer & Ridley Jenny Geddes Bartimaeus

Luke 9:62"> But Jesus said to him, "No one, having put his hand to the plow, and looking back, is fit for the Kingdom of God."

sjwk 12.07.2006

'34 year hiatus' goes back to 1972, which is seemingly when all this started...

11 22.394 N 142 35.541 E : Challenger Deep - deepest known point on Earth. (and a good place for 'trash disposal'?)
36 9 N 5 22 W : Gibraltar (just off Gibraltar airport)
59 53 50 N 17 35 19 E : Uppsala, Sweden (Uppsala airport)

Cameco (who mine uranium, gold etc) did have a stock split around January 2006.

6930khz is a radio frequency (one of many) that has cropped up for some time as broadcasting 'numbers' or other cryptical messages commonly thought of as being for messages sent to spies or other agents (search for '6930khz' on google) - I'm sure someone made a reference to that for another frequency mentioned in an earlier ad, but can't find it offhand.

Georg Greflinger - a 17th century German writer/poet - info on the German wikipedia site.

Frog fund - Elf stock, sold in 1990 according to an earlier ad, prior to the Elf scandal.

Madame Sosostris 12.08.2006
The isolated underlined letters {'uns,' 'uns'} could be taken to be "sun square(d)," a concept important to astrology.
Two years ago, there was an astrological chart in the December ad. One of the sun squares (rotate 90 degrees from decan with
sun) has a number of possibly significant coordinates.

The coordinate references here are somewhere in the Pacific, possibly some nuclear test theme, the Rock of Gibraltar, and
Uppsala. Gibraltar's metaphorical significance is easy enough to guess in this context.

Dostoyevsky reference is from 'The Grand Inquisitor,' of course.


clue: RE: "Sola gratia" It's one of the Five Solas. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sola_gratia

Quote: "Sola gratia is one of the five solas propounded to summarise the Reformers' basic beliefs during the Protestant Reformation; it is a Latin term meaning grace alone. The emphasis was in contradistinction to the teaching of the Roman Catholic Church of the day."

The rest of the entry is worth reading too. Anyway, I know in this context it's an adverb meaning "by Grace alone." But I figure you're interested in the broader significance of the term too. It appears in all caps in the 9/14/87 announcement (http://www.maydaymystery.org/mayday/texts/87-sept14.html) and maybe others. (I only googled the text on this site.)

D. Thomasson 12.11.2006

The Greek phrase at the beginning of this announcement:


literally means: wrath in a day of wrath

The phrase comes form Paul's letter in the New Testament Bible to the Roman Gentiles - Roman 2:5: (NIV)

But because of your stubborness and your unrepentant heart,
you are storing up wrath against yourself for the day of God's wrath,
when his righteous judgment will be revealed.

Read more about God's righteous judgment in Romans 2:1-16.

The word HMERA literally refers to day, mid day, or the interval between sunrise and sunset.
However, it also metaphorically means judgment, or day of judgment. It refers to the last day of the present age,
the day Christ will return from heaven, raise the dead, hold the final judgment, and perfect his kingdom.

By the way, HMERA is also an acronym for "Hellenic Month Established Per Athens."
This is a Greek calendar to be used internationally that is similar to the Gregorian calendar.
It is Lunisolar and based on the visibility of the crescent.

The 11 22.394' N 142 35.541' E coordinate is in the middle of the ocean near the island of Guam.

The 36 9' N 5 22'W coordinate is near the northwestern port of Gibralter in southern Spain,
close to the Strait of Gibralter where large ships pass through. Remember the Rock of Gibralter?
The British occupied this southern tip of Spain to be used as a British Naval Base.
Undoubtedly, the Spanish want their land back, and continually try to rid themselves legally of the British presence.
Perhaps the statement in this announcement: "Blood in, blood out" refers to "British in, British out" as it relates to Gibralter.

The 59 53' 50" N 17 35' 19" E coordinate pinpoints the Uppsala, Sweden airport runway.
The runway is unique in that it has two runways crossing each other in a form similar to the letter 'X.'
'X' is an abbreviation in Greek for the word 'XPICTOC' (Christos or Christ).
'X' is also the a symbol for St. Andrew's Cross, the type of cross on which St. Andrew was crucified.
One runway is numbered with '03' on one end and '21' on the other end.
These numbers refer to the trinity of, and spiritual perfection of, the Godhead: Father (7), Son (7), and Holy Ghost (7), or 3 x 7 = 21.
The other runway is numbered '08' on one end and '26' on the other end.
The number '08' or '8' is derived from '26' the number for God. 2 + 6 = 8. Research the Internet for the gematria value for '8.'


The number '26' is the gematria value for God's name in English - G(7) + O(15) + D(4) = 26, and in Hebrew Y(10) + H(5) + W(6) + H(5) = 26.

Here are some of the street names in Uppsala, Sweden: Luthagsesplanaden, St. Johannesgatan, Dag Hammarskjolds vag, and Kyrkogardsgatan.

The main road just east of the airport runways is E4 running North/South. Make E4 a hexadecimal number then convert it to decimal (228), and then to binary(11100100). Removing the last zero in the binary number to get (1110010) equals 114 decimal, or exactly half of 228 decimal. Convert 114 decimal to hexadecimal to get 72, the very road just south of the runways that connects to E4.

Seth 12.12.2006
First off, The underlined characters that are not words are as follows : Un, 4, s, s, 9, 0, 4, u, n.
Secondly, the 6930 kHz is a shortwave radio frequency, one of the "numbers stations" believed to be operated by Mossad, also
referenced in the April 29th 2005 announcement.
St. Andrews day is Nov. 30th. Exodus 22:20 is: He that sacrificeth to [any] god save unto the LORD only, he shall be utterly destroyed.
I hope this helps, I'll try to contribute as much as I can when i have more time.

steve 12.13.2006

36.9N,5.22W is Gibraltar harbour.
11.22N,142.35W, SE of an Island called Guam.
google 'flash earth'
59.53N 17.35E is what looks like an air strip or cross roads in Sweden..NW of a place called upsala
maybe join the three points up,bisect each side with a line and see where they cross?

Infernal Optimist 12.13.2006
Cameco is the world's largest uranium company

Rich 12.13.2006
11 22.394 N 142 35.541E = Challenger deep (In other words, "the Abyss" ?)
36 9 N 5 22 W = Gilbraltar ?
59 53 50 N 17 35 19 E = Stockholm / Uppsala

Three points, smells like triangulation to me.

2. The second year without a large format Advent announcement?

Andy B. 01.09.2007
	If you draw a line on a globe (or Google Earth) between Guam and Gibraltar, it only misses Uppsala by a few hundred

Madame Sosotris 01.09.2007

clue:  Here's a broad question: The creator(s) of these materials are at pains, I think we can agree, to demonstrate a wide
range of learning and even a certain cosmopolitanism, both qualities antithetical to the Falwell-Robertson-LaHaye axis and/or
provincial anti-Catholicism that the content of the materials (and supplementary information) clearly reveals. Why?

To dignify and exoticize, I'm afraid. The obscurity here is best characterized as _aggressive_. "Look," it suggests, "at all
the things I know that you don't. Isn't that enough to make you reconsider your snobbish attitude towards unwashed chiliasts?"
No, personally, but "sorcery" seems a good enough word to describe how the aforementioneds (F/R/L) have made hundreds of
millions of dollars, at least, peddling nonsensical theology and plastic millienarianism.

I'd be delighted to hear an "authorized communication" to the effect that those folks (and the Dominionist/Reconstructionist
sophisticates) are wretched hirelings or revisionists or pigs, even; or else I'm going to have conclude that this a slightly
more interesting form of Left Behind: Eternal Forces.

bhance - reply: freaks#192. Yipes.

Beacon 01.09.2007
clue:  Re Riches point about advent 12.13.06
And D. Thomasson 12.11.2006
on Greek calendars
Teh announcement refers to epiphany 2006 . I assume it means Jan 6 2007. so how could it be epiphany? the Orhhodoix calendar
does go into the following Gregorian year.Epiphany is celebrated by both the Eastern and Western Churches, but a major
difference is that the Eastern Church determines these dates based on the Julian calendar.

About a year ago I met a Priest who edits a theoological journal. We got to talking about theology. His Bible was in Latin and
he was reading an Orthodox Bishops account of three ephanies of Christ. 

the 'shining forth' or revelation of God to mankind in human form, in the person of Jesus.

He referred to the bringing of Christ to the temple, the baptism of christ and the traditional Magi one. I asked about the
Transfiguration and Pentecost but he thought of these as ephanies of the spirit. well he would if infulenced by orthoxosx

Anyway my point - claendar and ephanies may be different in orthodx but the ads seem to be anti Catholic and anti orthodox by

Jason 01.15.2007
clue:  The last response was a theory of a triangulation, now the Luke 9:62 is about Hand to Plow (gardening)ORGHN EN HMERA ORGHS
wrath in a day of wrath  Prehaps being cast from the garden of Eden. Link back to the "and looking back, is for for the Kingdom of
God" (maybe meaning that before being cast from eden we were fit for God, but now we have to plow instead of receive freely from
the garden)

"But because of your stubborness and your unrepentant heart,
you are storing up wrath against yourself for the day of God's wrath,
when his righteous judgment will be revealed." (this quote comes somewhere after the sola gratia "protestant reform" (prehaps
showing that the protestant reform was futial in restoring the fitness for god"

you can connect dots all you want they seem to fit together to tell me somthing along the lines of either the date/ time of god
return or some other warning of the sort. OR the triangulation could be a seeming location of the garden of eden/ or someother
significant place. THe ending quotes seem to support somthing like a warning theory, or prehaps the lowest place on earth
represents the nearest place to hell. (im sorry that my thoughts are scattered im just throwing out everything i have for those of
you who have studied more) I tend to think the blood in, blood out links more to a biblical meaning that british movments in and
out of the country. Exodus 22:20 makes me think this could be a warning of a possible destruction of some person/ group, maybe by
natural disaster or somthing else. (i think this person/people believe themself to be a profit of a sort and much of the evidence
of other peices seem to fit that theory. Please connect the dots and solve the mystery

Madame Sosotris 03.06.2007

My wicked pack of cards tells me that this is not the interstate threat it might appear to the casual observer to be, but rather part of an elaborate paranoid revenge fantasy which often charmingly takes on death camp imagery. And that is interesting enough, certainly.

But you never really answered the question.

Mr. Jenkins Pedro 03.30.2007
	I will only quote: 

"Accordingly, the Sr/Cl ratio of this brine is 0.43. Riley and Tongudaill obtained an average value of 0.42 2 0.02 for this ratio
for a large suite of sea water samples. The Sr/Cl ratio of the brine from Lake Tuborg is similar to this value, which also suggests
that the brine could be sea water."

cocinero 04.04.2007
	"Blatter-Zunge, kranck zu sprachen..."

that comes from a baroque german poem written by Johann Georg Greflinger. Note that THEY just put "G. Greflinger" instead of "J.G.
Greflinger". Does that mean anything.

It is a (IMO comical) poem consisting of two oppositional parts. One praising the beauty of a wonderful maiden ("An eine
vortreffliche, schöne und tugendbegabte Jungfrau"), the other is dedicated to the ugly maiden ("Gegensatz An eine sehr hässliche

Hope you'll solve the puzzle...

JMF 04.04.2007
The last quote "orate pro nobis " which is found in Craigs summary is translated literally: if more than one saint was
requested. But means to "Pray for us" and is the reply of the congregation during the Litany of the Saints.

This was used before on May 1, 1986 in the singular form "ora pro nobis." 

Murdoch 04.04.2007
I've seen this house before and in fact I'm almost sure I was there for a party. It was late and I wasn't in the best of
shape but its the same house even though the furnishings are changed.  The people that lived there at least a few years ago were
exactly the opposite of what you would consider "freaks."  Now I realise that the freaks can pass for anything that serves their
purpose.  Cognac flowed like water, beautiful women and the food must have cost a hundred pounds sterling for each course. What I
most vividly remember was the distinct sense that the host and hostess were covertly laughing at the guests.  I told my wife and
she said that all rich people laugh at those with less money.  Now I'm sure that I know the reason for their amusement.

inannamute 04.19.2007
	The phrase blood in, blood out, was a specific part of the movie "The Order" (2003). The main plot point in the movie is
that the character in it becomes a "sin eater", someone who takes into themselves sins of others, specifically people who have been
rejected by the catholic church for whatever reason, allowing them to find peace in death and be buried in consecrated ground. Part
of the ritual featured in the film involves the sin eater chalking "Blood in" and "Blood out" above and below the dying person in
Aramaic - Barathe May, Barath Sec. What relevance this has to real life rituals, concepts or to this puzzle? I have no idea, but I
figured I should mention it.

near a terminal 04.23.2007
The 34 year hiatus seems to reinforce what many of us already thought--this is a long haul, don't care how long it takes,
project.  If they die doing it they don't care.  If it takes more than one generation they don't care about that either.  34 years
is a huge chunk out of anybody's life no matter how long you live. Something that deeply believed is f-ing weird in any human
society.  That might be another reason they present this as a prank or as someone entertaining him/her/themselves.  Less closely
observed if most people believe it is a frat prank or a cryptography club stunt.  The webmaster is one of the few people they've
ever contacted and the stuff they send him seems connected to these in the paper but in a crazy way.  Is there any historical
example, anywhere, of a prank or even a nut job that went on this long?  What is the longest record anywhere of something this
unusual steadily continuing?


Email: computergeek6933@yahoo.com

Comments: Was just browsing around the site and caught this: 
Mr. Jenkins Pedro 03.30.2007

        I will only quote: 

"Accordingly, the Sr/Cl ratio of this brine is 0.43. Riley and Tongudaill obtained an average value of 0.42 2 0.02 for this ratio
for a large suite of sea water samples. The Sr/Cl ratio of the brine from Lake Tuborg is similar to this value, which also suggests
that the brine could be sea water."

I thought this might be useful:
The isotopic composition and concentration of strontium of the brine from Tuborg Lake, Ellesmere Island   /   Jones, L.M.   Faure,
Arctic, v. 25, no. 2, June 1972, p. 154-155
ASTIS record 10186

Tuborg Lake is at 81°N, 76°W at the head of Antoinette Bay in northern Ellesmere Island, Northwest Territories. It trends in an
east-west direction and is separated from the fjord by a glacier at its western margin. The lake is 20 km long and about 3 km at
its widest. An active glacier at the eastern end calves occasional small icebergs into the lake. In June 1963, the level of water
in the lake was 10 to 12 m above sea level. The lake is markedly density-stratified; the salinity is less than 0.5 per mil depth of
more than 46 m below its surface. The salinity rapidly increases below this depth, and at a depth of 57 m it is 25.594 per mil.
Hattersley-Smith and Serson attribute the saline water at the bottom of the lake to sea water trapped by the advance of the glacier
across the fjord. The depth of the halocline at 50 to 55 m (thus 40 to 45 m below sea level) and the fact that the present level of
the lake is about 10 m above sea level both suggest a complex history of the lake. Recently, the isotopic composition of strontium,
conveniently expressed as the 87Sr/86Sr ratio, has been used to indicate the source of dissolved salts .... The 87Sr/86Sr ratio of
surface water depends on the Rb/Sr ratios and ages of the rocks exposed in the drainage basin. ... The isotopic composition of
strontium in sea water is constant (87Sr/86Sr = 0.7093) and can therefore be useful in identifying marine strontium. The isotopic
composition of strontium was determined on a sample of the brine from Lake Tuborg. This sample was collected 22 June 1967 at a
depth of 90 m below the surface of the lake. At the sampling site the maximum depth of the lake was 130 m and the depth of the
halocline was 60 m; salinity of the sample is 26 per mil. ... The 87Sr/86Sr ratio for the brine at 90 m depth of Lake Tuborg has a
value of 0.7096 ±0.0005 (1 sigma), which is in satisfactory agreement with the accepted value for modern sea water. This suggests
that the brine at the bottom of the lake could be sea water. However, this is not conclusive, because the dominant bedrock in the
region consists mainly of marine carbonates of Early to Middle Cambrian age. The 87Sr/86Sr ratio of these rocks probably does not
differ greatly from this value. We analyzed one specimen of limestone of Middle Cambrian age from the Nelson Formation of the
Neptune Range, Pensacola Mountains, Antarctica, and obtained an 87Sr/86Sr ratio of 0.7093. The concentration of strontium,
determined by isotope dilution using a spike enriched in 86Sr, was 6.239 ppm and is somewhat less than that of normal sea water,
which has a strontium content of approximately 8 ppm. Using the established relationship between salinity and chlorinity in sea
water and a salinity of 26 per mil, we find a chlorinity of 14.4 per mil for the brine sample. Accordingly, the Sr/Cl ratio of this
brine is 0.43. Riley and Tongudai obtained an average value of 0.42 ±0.02 for this ratio for a large suite of sea water samples.
The Sr/Cl ratio of the brine from Lake Tuborg is similar to this value, which also suggests that the brine could be sea water. "

This was found on

Michael 05.18.2007
I know it's easy to skim over the seemingly meaningless symbols. Don't lie. We all do it when we're reading the
intriguing eclectic business. However, since it is quite obvious that The Orphanage does not deal in insignificancies, every piece
should be in order.

What I'm getting at is the string of brackets following the coordinates midway through the third line from the bottom (preceding
the Dostoyevsky quote). This is a mathematical expression, or would seem to be. Since there are four sets of closing brackets, it
follows that there should be four opening sets. There are not. 

>From wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brackets#Curly_brackets_or_braces_.7B_.7D
For emphasis: 
"Curly brackets (so-called in British English; North American English prefers braces) are sometimes used in prose to indicate a
series of equal choices: "Select your animal {goat, sheep, cow, horse} and follow me". They are used in specialized ways in poetry
and music (to mark repeats or joined lines)" 

We all know from math that a set of numbers is held within braces. This is what led me to my original line of thought.

As Dr. Thomasson has posted before in his obvious zeal, gematria is apparently heavily used in the ads. The brackets suggest that
three previous numbers should be taken and divided by infinity (possibly 10,000--as it has been used as a synonym of sorts in the
past) to give something (my guess being coordinates).

I am of the mind that the physical points indicated by the coordinates in the ad itself are not quite as important as we seem to
think. With each new ad, the first few clues without fail include  locations of the coordinates from Google Earth. Although there
are some common themes to the locations, and they may well be important, it doesn't seem plausible to me that The Orphanage would
disclose a location important in any way in such an obvious manner.

I have not begun to calculate in any fashion the numbers which must be divided. I am still debating what exactly must be calculated
and how. My first thought is the three main types of emphasis: boldface, underlined, and italicized. Perhaps numerical values in
each subset can be found and divided by the magical "infinity?"

I am not as familiar as some of our more vocal members (I'm looking at you, Dr. Thomasson) with various forms of calculation and
numerical systems (such as octal and hex), so I do not trust myself to do any form of calculation that would come to a respectable
conclusion. Too much room for error, and as The Orphanage has implied before, actions must be assured before any importance is
placed upon them.

As for the "Trash Disposal," it seems to refer to the levels of encryption in earlier ads. For your conveniences, here are the
verses mentioned in each.

2nd, 5/1/97: First Kings, 19:18
Yet I have left me seven thousand in Israel, all the knees which have not bowed unto Baal, and every mouth which hath not kissed

I cannot find the third level of encryption in the 5/1/91 ad, but you can blame that on my own shortcomings. Someone else may be of
assistance there.

The terrible news is that There are (as far as I can see) two more sets of closing brackets: One at the end of "blood in, blood
out" (which I refuse to believe is a reference to the movie), and another at the end of the Leitmotiv. It is interesting to note
that all sets of braces "sandwich" a mathematical operation in between them in some form or another, suggesting that they do indeed
denote the end of a multi-stage mathematical formula. 

Those are all of the ideas I can throw at the group. I am only one man, and it is our combined effort that makes any progress at
all on this puzzle. If I can ask for anyone's help, it would be to begin to interweave clues and ads. Of course it is fun to learn
all the references in each individual ad, but The Orphanage seem to be about how it relates. There are the overarching themes of
religion and revolution of course, but how do the clues themselves relate in their crossreferencing? How does the puzzle interact
with the puzzle? I believe if we start to follow that line of thought, significant progress and breakthroughs will be made.

Charlie P. 12.01.2007
Regarding ~QMondschein (#14)~R in the fourth line up. It is a piano sonata by
Beethoven. However, it is also a footnote on page 6 of the article ~SAn Overview of Pricing
Models for Revenue Management~T by Gabriel Bitran and Rene Caldentey
(http://pages.stern.nyu.edu/~rcaldent/papers/surveyRM.pdf), which leads the reader to an
article entitled ~SManaging Hotel Reservations with Uncertain Arrivals.~T