Date: 27 Feb 2007 18:42:50 -0000
url:  06-dec6.html


clue:  Re:Madame Sosotris: Your remarks associating us with "chiliasts" was recently brought to our collective attention and we
were for some time without a substantive reply, as no one here had ever encountered "Left Behind:Eternal Forces."  Resort was
finally made to your Amazon.com and we still found nothing.  Then one of our auxiliaries, in fact the tool dispatching this
message, "googled" the name and discovered that it is some manner of game, apparently designed for people of your depth.  The full
reply to your chiliastic remark will be somatically grasped as you, briefly, gaze through the razor wire that encircles the
experimental pen, as you are put to your highest and best use for the advancement of science.--THE ORPHANAGE