I am Bryan Hance.

I grew up in Ohio, but I moved to Tucson in 1994 to attend the University of Arizona.

I started out studying Journalism, got sidetracked, wandered over to Computer Science for a while, where I liked it better and signed on for the full trip. I then spent about three years in the basement of the Arizona Student Union hacking away in the dark on wildcat.arizona.edu. It rocked.

Along the way, I banged out some cool projects, fell in love with Tucson (and Mexico) met a bunch of awesome people, and got my ears pierced a few times.

And, yes, I also got wrapped up in some high weirdness that I still don't understand. Even though I have moved away from Arizona I still curate the site.

I used to work for a Running Start, but eventually I went to work for Maddenmedia when Running Start went Chapter 11. So yes, I survived the great dot-com era of the late 90's. And I have the Aeron chair to prove it.

Eventually I sold everything I owned and went driving around the country, which was amazing. My friend Keith, however, has decimated my paltry little wanderlust record, and is now pushing something like three years of living on the road - mostly thanks to couchsurfing.com.

After another three year stint in Tucson, I moved to Cleveland I picked up another .edu sysadmin job while I was there, but I also expanded my own business, Frontera Networks, LLC.

That's all over now. Now I live in Portland OR, a town that has felt like home since the day I arrived. Good town, good job, good people ... I think this is where I stay.

I release a lot of one-off projects and articles here and there as the mood strikes me, most of which generate lots of traffic and very little money. But itsatisfies the urge to put material out there. So my name pops up in strange little backwaters all over the web.

And that's my story.

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