The bad news

My 'big project' just committed suicide - since I've been doing nothing for the last three weeks, my side project was to redo the MayDay site. I wanted to fix a ton of problems by putting it all into a database - so we could then search through clues, auto-submit clues, and generally run things better and in a more organized fashion. I had the site 85% finished, sitting on the now dead server, and I was trying to get it up in time for this year's May 1 ad...

Two days ago I spoke to Sycraft, who pointed out that the machine had just crashed. The hard drive killed itself. I lost everything, including two other non-mayday sites that were on the machine.

Needless to say, I'm a little pissed off, but... my fault for not making backups.

The good news

Now, for news that DOESN'T suck: I got a job! As of MaY 15th, I'll be a software engineer with, a very cool company here in town that looks to be a lot of fun. -- Please, don't send them email, they think I'm normal :)

Among other things, this means that

  • I'm not going anywhere for a while.
  • I'll be able to waltz onto campus and pick up papers as the need arises...
  • I can continue to bang away at this puzzle

    All jokes about how much 'progress' we've made thus far aside, I feel pretty good about things. I guess I'll just drop another 50+ hours and recode that website. Lately I've been trying to distract myself by banging away at the dec 1 99 ad... all those damn numbers... I'll be posting some findings soon.

    Oh, yeah

    How could I forget... new page comes out Monday.