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name:  THE   OATH   GIVER

clue:  As you have presumably intuited, Mr. Hance, we work in the places where 
we are not exected or anticipated.  You and I may or may not meet within the 
bounds of Time and Space.  Either way, it was decided before Time or Space 
existed.  Remember, sir, always to keep in mind RESPICE FINEM.

        --THE OATH GIVER


hance - new tagline and nonstandard message origin make this a possible spoof, but perhaps not. Just FYI.
Juls - 08.28.2005
Hi Bryan - Re. the most recent email signed "The Oath Giver" - at the bottom of the MayDay (April 30th) 2004 page, is
written 'The Orphanage directly instructs MATTHIAS: "Honor The Oath"'- so possibly "The Oath Giver" is intended to be the one using
the name 'Matthias Flacius (Illyricus)'.  At any rate, from the phraseology, it certainly does seem to 'sound' like them.