Images are back up via a temporary fix. Faster, though...


The company I was using to store all of my images on, digiweb, in a long-standing
tradition of screwing things up, moved my site IP address without telling me. So,
suddenly my 50+ pages all refer to the wrong IP address. 

This is the last straw with them, as they have sucked for a long time now.. so I'm 
moving the whole site over to pair.com, which should work wonders for the load times
and the availability.

This should take place within the next 1 to 2 days.

I don't know what the hell is up with Starnet these days, but they seem to be
destroying their mail servers, apparently just for fun, on a regular basis.
The most common symptom is a 'Cannot create output' error when someone tries 
to send me email. 

I have used StarNet for about 5 years now, and this is pretty much my main
email and host site. If they keep this sort of thing up, I'll change that.