All kinds of weirdness sent to me in March. I didn't post this until April 4th. March was busy.

Thing #1 - a small box with candy and a note

  • The box.
  • Stamps
  • Contents

    The box looks like one of the boxed wired magazine sent out when they were doing their incredibly stupid cuecat giveaway.

    Letter #2 - The Orphanage Outdoes themselves
    I can't even explain this one. Basically a week later I got a box shipped to me at my work addressed that contained a weird looking white melty thing and two cards. Imagine my horror as I read that whatever this white blob of unknown substance came from a place called, an 'adult & novelty chocolate dealer'.

    Further inspection makes me thing this thing was originally a brain shaped chocolate gag gift, and considering the millions of other disturbing options that were available I will count myself lucky to have had my delivery melt in transit.

    Chalk one up to living in the desert. I'm going to have to start screening my mail.

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