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19N x 72.48E Bombay,India ????? ?????
31.46N x 106.28W Cuidad Juarez/El Paso ?????? ?????
51.53N x 12.40E Somewhere up in Europe, near (Baal? Halle/Leipzeig) 97-dec3, 96-may1 Here
46.31N x 6.11E same Also in Europe, btwn italy & france may 96 Here
51.30N x 0.7W Europe, looks like london england 97-dec39 Here
42.25N x 71.10W Looks like Boston 97-dec39 Here
31.14N x 110.57W. Just South of arizona, down in mexico ???? Here
37.52 N 122.18W California, way up north, bay area (San Mateo, Redwood City'ish) 91-may1 Here
38.44N x 9.9W Europe again, near tip of spain. Is off the coast.Off the coast of Barcelona, Spain 91-may1 Here
32.17N x 96.47W Up in Texas somewhere (possibly Waco) 86-may1 Here
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    Dec 5 1990CHEMNITZ + (unreadable)
    May 1 1990Weaver's needle / Miner's needle
    March 20, 1991San Francisco/Herman St.
    May 1 1991Boston, Mass, nr. statehouse
    Jan 22, 1992 (pic)castle
    May 1 1992Dahlgren/US NAVY proving grounds
    May 1 1993Bunker Hill Monument in Boston.
    May 1 1994Pic, Boston Commons, Soldiers Field
    May 1 1995Vatican City
    May 1 1996(unreadable)
    May 1 1997Pic, downtown f'in Tucson
    May 1 1998Map near LAX