From: Carlos Gonzalia 
Subject: Magnolia

Hi Bryan,

I forgot to comment you about it. Saw it. Then I went and saw it again.
God damn it, if that isn't the best movie I've seen in the last years,
I don't know which one could be. And believe me, I'm a big film art fan
and am very demanding with what I consider film art.

So much for praise and art discussion hehe... Definitely the movie
connects with the Mystery: it's basically a huge metaphore of the
secret connections underlying everybody's life, and how the old cliche
of "God acts in mysterious ways" is indeed very true. There are quite
some Biblical symbols (tons of references to Exodus 8:2), and many
masonic ones too. The whole thing has a kinship with the wild ramblings
of Charles Fort, also. I was too lost in the awesome workmanship of the
movie to pay the numbers deeper attention than the 82's (which are easy
to see). There are some meanings for the names, I'd guess. At least
many of the female characters have flower names, that should say
something. I'm still pondering about it, though. If you watch the
movie, perhaps you may recognize some cultural references that escape
me, since I wasn't raised in the US. In any case, you can check the
list of characters over the IMDB site...

This is a page you should check:
I hope I will have the chance to see the movie again before it goes out
of the theaters. Not only for the symbol hunting to make our Orphan
friends happier, but because it is quality artwork.

hance: ok, I still havent seen it yet, but i'm getting there. From everyone I have asked, this looks to be one of those movies that people either LOVE or HATE with no middle ground.

I don't suppose I can get off with appeasing The Pimp by seeing Shaft this weekend, so.. I'll see magnolia.