~3/24/00 - Another trip to the mailbox, more letters. Eight of them, actually. White business envelopes and manilla envelopes and more cryptic little symbols...
The "symbol" on page 5 are the Hebrew letters "he" (5) and final tzadey (90 or 900).
The Hebrew letters on letter 7 are beyt (2) and pe (80)
Same on letter 8.

Letter 1

  • Contains only a photo: [letter front] [letter back] [photo]
    ( Yes, it's the same coin I was sent a while ago, and those are two bullets. At this point, the casual observer may be inclined to ask something along the lines of - 'Hey, Bryan, why the *UCK are people sending you polaroids of ammunition and currency, and why does this not freak you out?'- And I would have to pretend that I have an answer. )

    Letter 2

  • Contains to things: [letter front] [letter back] [scan 1] [scan 2]
    These are Tucson-centric images - the area in the circles (which appear to me to have been cut from a bus schedule) are in downtown Tucson, in the area where the city first began. Tucson's downtown sits atop an old fort, which housed troops that protected residents from raids, indians, etc. There are lots of historic buildings, pieces of the original fort wall, etc. beneath the city. I have links to related pages on this but I will get to them in a moment... I'll also go try to verify where these came from... I'm about 5 minutes from the downtown area...


    4/18/00 - I found a match to the first photo: [theirs] [mine]. Nice footwork, eh? The building looks like an old abandoned service station, and is VERY close, as in ten yards, to the location where I determined the photo in this page had been shot. It is in downtown Tucson, at the corner of Ochoa and Stone -- and across the street from St. Augustine's Cathedral. Yup. Nice. I'm still working on the 2nd photo.

    Letter 3

    The letter to Martin I had asked for...
  • Letter front, note the stamps...
  • a message
  • Version 1, Page 1
  • Version 1, Page 1
  • Version 1, Page 1
  • $10. Yowza.
  • Version 2, Page 1
  • Version 2, Page 2

    Letter 4

    Manilla envelope time...
  • Letter front
  • symbol on the back...
  • note
  • May 1, 1993 rescanned

    Letter 5

    Similar envelope.
  • Letter front
  • symbol on the back...
  • color copy #1
  • color copy #2

    Letter 6

    Another similar envelope... I decided to close up on the stamps...
  • stamps ...
  • symbol on the back...
  • note
  • Mar 10, 1993

    Letter 7

    yup, another similar envelope... Kim ID's the lyrics mentioned in the note as Which Side Are You On, Arlo Guthrie.
  • stamps ...
  • symbol on the back...
  • note
  • color copy 1
  • color copy 2
  • color copy 3

    Letter 8

    But all this business of "enlarge so your readers can recognize the formulae" (letter 8) 
    just looks like they are pulling your leg. Yes, far left looks like differential 
    equations of a 2-variable function. Yes, far right looks like some statistical decision
    procedure for experiments. So what?
    "Which side are you on?" (letter 7) Well, if they care to provide us with the list of 
    options, I may have an answer... Heh...
  • letter front
  • symbol
  • note
  • 92-sept22 scanned HUGE
  • photo


    Letter 7, colour copy no.s 1 & 3 are of course Westminster Palace, being the Houses of Parliament in London - maybe it's so
    familiar no one has bothered to remark on it, I don't know. As we see the time appears to be 4.10 on the clock (which isn't
    called Big Ben btw, that's the name of the bell :-) )  More piccies here if anyone is interested:  

    s_loco 12/18/09
    Hi, new contributor to the site. Trying to make my way through the "Recent Updates" 
    section since that seems to have the most "meaty" content.
    The cartridges in this picture are almost definitely the ubiquitous .357 Magnum (top) 
    and somewhat popular .22 Magnum (bottom). The .22 Magnum is unmistakable, no other 
    cartridge has similar proportions.
    The fact that they are pointing in opposite directions mirrors the arrangement of 
    those swords that are popular on the ADW ads. Also, 2, 3, 5, & 7: all prime numbers. 
    22 is a popular number in the ads. The only other common cartridge that I can think 
    of that is normally referred to with the magnum moniker is .44 Magnum, and 44 
    is another popular number in the ads.