• 2230 W. 6th St. LA is MacArthur Park. I'm not sure if there is historical significance, or what, as I've only found it described as 'home to hundreds of L.A.'s homeless and alcoholic population.' Anti communist,
  • What the f*@k is with the "133" and "e" and "university" and "19" being underlined??
  • I need to get some sort of closeup on the stamps for you, but they're marked "Rural Free Delivery", which you can read about here. In short, though:
    American historians, anthropologists and academians point to 
    universal mail service at uniform cost as a turning point in 
    American history, culture and life. Meeting the needs of rural
    customers gave America a modern highway system of roads and 
    bridges and stimulated trade and commerce -- creating a more
    rewarding and fulfilling life for our forefathers. 

  • This is a snippet from a german webpage - a conference of some sort related to data warehousing (also here).

    This page in specific is page three of someone's presentation or white paper, and deals with an alternative to the data cube model of data extraction & matching. data cube. from what I understand:
    When there's a huge ass database, and you query that database for information based on a number of factors, the results that come back can be thought of a grouped together into a n-dimensional cube, which you then operate on. i.e. If I ask a database to, say, "show me all sales over $10,000 in the european market made this week" the data set that comes back can be thought of as a cube with axes

  • 1) sales over $10,000 (that also match 2,3)
  • 2) European market sales (that also match 1,3)
  • 3) Sales this week (that also match 1,2) and we can then operate on this new data set: we can 'slice' the cube to get certain aspects, etc.
  • By poking around, I found the introduction to this paper here.
  • Read the page in English!

    This is Swedish currency. i xeroxed their fronts in case the serial numbers pop up in the future.