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    A PRINTED PAGE off of a website, found at http://www.npac.syr.edu/projects/java/magic.

    This is Portugese currency: I xeroxed their fronts in case the serial numbers pop up later on.

    > Dude!  You're rich!  18,000 Portugese Escudos is,
    > like, $95!!  Exchage rate when I was there last
    > month was .0052962/dollar.
    > At least they're sending you money now!
    > --Kim
    Whup, that's it!  We found the Prize.  Or rather the Prize was sent to us.  
    Let's go home now.  :)
    I think Bryan only recieved 9,000 Escudos, if I am not mistaken, but
    showed us the obverse and reverse sides of each. 9,000 Escudos = $45.78,
    but add that to the 400 Swedish Krona, and we've got another $46.74
    in the Mayday Mystery Fund.  Apparently they weren't kidding about a
    mailing that would "require a trip to your bank or cambio of choice".