Delivery to my PO Box ~10.16.2012

Delivery contents:
Front of envelope/stamps
currency, front
currency, back

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beacon 12/23/12
Isnt 647 ( circled on note) the number of the safe deposit box?	

Michael P. 01/24/2013
I noticed that alot of the post office stamps are from Las Vegas. Coincidentally there was a 
May Day protest in Las Vegas last year . I'm new here and looking to help so sorry if this 
had been pointed out earlier . I did think however it was worthy of a mention . Here is the link:

joseph g 02/18/2013
Comments: The arrow highlights the mans name and points to the date which cross-refrences the 
gravy train and Moi Orphans. Once you ride the gravy train it will last forever. The numbers 
circled are a safety deposit box number.

The arrow on the back side says reverse. Meaning all the clues are on the reverse.

The date pointed to on the front happens to land on may 1st so I would check out that particular 
message too as it is most likely the location of the breadbox.

Leave some for me... and find that effing door already champ.


They meet at midnight. Don't be late or else. Sometimes at a cafe in a bad part of town.... 
drinks are on them.