Delivery to my PO Box ~09.10.2013

Delivery contents: Letters to my POB posted 09/10/2013, posted hastily on my way out the door.

Front of all envelopes
contents BROBRYAN1
contents BROBRYAN2
contents BROBRYAN3

Mike C 10/05/2013

Brobryan3 is a sketch of the human brain. The numbers refer to the Brodmann areas. The arrows 
are probably a specific interaction like memory or hearing, though I don't which. This diagram 
is very similar to one at in chapter 6.

The website itself is quite interesting. If Ben Best is not a part of MM, he probably should be.

Mr. No one 10/12/2013

Comments: part 1 is a mathematical item, which I don't have time to do now, but the letters are in 
greek skip over digamma (F) probably because it would cause confusion.

part 2 is in french and says do good, says the Pope is not a matter of faith, (in red) it is a duty. (in black)
The second part needs the whole sentence to make sense, "And it is always good."  the part that is 
highlighted means done well(good).

Part 3, is a picture of a Brodmann brain mapping.  The areas lit up are 8, 6, 4, (1,2, and 3), 17, 
and the part by 22 is rough I'm guessing it's just 41?	
Jaime 11/04/2013
I can't speak to the diagrams, but the French article (from a Canadian atheist blog, it appears) is 
about Pope Francis's recent comments about "doing good" in which he implies that that's all we need to do to be 
saved, hence atheists could be "saved."

The quote that ends the first paragraph reads: "All of us have to be saved by the blood of Christ and must do 
good {...) [red underline] To do good, explains the Pope, is not a question of faith, [/red underline] 
[black underline] it's a duty [/black underline] an identity card that the Father gives to all of us, 
because we are made in his image and is likeness. And he [black underline] does good [/black underline], 

This has caused some controversy with atheists because it seems to imply that everybody who does good is 
carrying an "identity card" as a catholic. There's also an interesting connection with the email received 
on 9.18.2013. The email is from "Jenny Geddes" who, according to Wikipedia was a Scottish market-trader. 
In the 1630s, the Anglican church began under direction from Charles I began to try to spread its 
influence into the Scottish church. The Anglican church was more closing akin to Catholicism than the 
Scottish church. When the Book of Common Prayer was read in a service in St. Giles, Jenny threw her stool 
at the Minister, purportedly declaring "Devil cause you colic in your stomach, false thief: dare you say 
the Mass in my ear?"--much like Francis saying "Mass in the ear" of atheists.

Comments: In the earlier email the German quotation about "the grass needs cutting". Is a quotation from Martin Luther.  
Paraphrased it goes something like this:
"The grass needs cutting
The laundry needs washing
I have so much to do tomorrow that I shall spend the first three hours praying."

Locke 09/28/2016
The first diagram looks to me like the Tree of Life, its symbols replaced with greek alphabet.

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