Delivery to my PO Box ~07.22.2016.

Janis Joplin stamps, two photos inside, and $20 in BMD (Bermuda dollars)

Letter 1:
Front of envelope
$20 Bermudian currency

matt 08/04/2016
	the photo of the address, when I put in the number and what's on the sign, gives me a location in Las Vegas on S. 
	Casino Center Blvd (  
	No idea if it is helpful, but seeing as I work at UA, this has always fascinated me. :)

AJ 08/04/2016
the 1/18/13 posting you made, look at the Las Vegas map, specifically at the Downtown portion of it.  Casino 
Center Drive is near the top of that area.  This most recent posting of yours also has that photo with the 428 
Jacobs Facilities "address"(?) on it.  Maybe coincidence?  seems like there's more than a few Las Vegas references going on

aemiliapaulla 08/11/2016
	After a quick Google search, it appears that Jacob's Facilities Inc., may be in Las Vegas at 
	428 S Casino Center Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89101; however, it's hard to tell from the map if 
	this is correct--cannot see the Augustine quote.

Ash 08/23/2016
You may already know this, but I believe the second photo is of a building located in Vegas: 428 S Casino Center Blvd, Las Vegas NV 89101
There is also an office owned by the same company located at 7160 Bermuda Rd, Ste 200, Las Vegas, NV 89119.

David 08/24/2016

Surely you've found this:

Mike C 09/30/2016
Did they send you another picture of just the Augustine quote? I feel like I've seen both of these images before.
Anyway, I tracked down photo#2. It is the back entrance to the Clark County (ie Las Vegas) county jail.
Jacobs renovated it maybe managed it until getting sued. The same back building is still there in google earth, though I can't see the Augustine quote.

Beacon 11/21/2016
 Jacobs engineering have a contract for the White sands test facility. the Trinity site (atomic Bomb)  and White Sands missile range are a recurrent theme in MM

Dennis 06/05/2020
	This particular entry intrigues me mightily.  First, I'm a Bermudian and of course recognize the currency.  But there appear to be some other, more tangential Bermudian references here which have piqued my interest.
However, it didn't really fully click until I saw some of the correspondence leading up to this.  You'll note the entries for 06/22/2016 and those listed as "Freaks" seem to be written in something of a bad parody of a Bermudian accent.
Another thing: He references himself as Dempstah; there's a well-known family here by the name of Dempster.  In fact, one was a good friend of my Brother's.
More connections, however tenuous.  It's just a lot of small things adding up here for me.
I'm currently plowing through them for other clues and will report back

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