Delivery to my PO Box ~06.20.2011, foreign currency with a cutout photo attached via paper clip.

Delivery contents:
currency front
Currency back
Underside detail of attached cutout

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Tanuki 05/30/2013
	After doing a little digging, I found out that the box on the top left contains names 
	of different types of cancer. The first row underneath the box, PEth represents A marker 
	for alcohol abuse. Gly is an abbreviation of Glycine. m-lns could stand for 
	Mucocutaneous lymph node syndrome.. but I wasn't to sure about that. I'm still 
	working on the rest. Will update as needed.

That's a Czech 500 Crown note. Worth now, and at the time IIRC, around 25 USD.

The woman printed therein is Božena Nemcová a Czech writer who was involved with the Czech National Revival movement.