After much wrangling with the Orhpanage's courier folks (who were using my old address and much-outdated phone number) I was handed a new package...

An envelope with a note and a stack of 50, sequentially ordered, $1 bills.

The note

Someone want to translate?
Carlos comes through:
Disclaimer: my swedish is absolutely elementary, but I will try anyways
hehe... It looks like a not very difficult phrase so I think I got at
least its meaning, but perhaps not the exact words.

"God doesn't take back His gifts and His summons."
  • note

    The cash

    I scanned in the first & last bills. They are from the Federal Reserve bank of Minneapolis, Minnesota, and they aree very, very new bills.
  • dough!
    Jessica Augustsson: 05.08.2003
    The Swedish "Gud tar inte tillbaka sina gåvor och sin kallelse." is from Romans 11:29 
    "for God's gifts and his call are irrevocable."