Letter in the mail 06.11.2003.

Had a heads up about this a few days before.


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front - huge scan (450k)
back - postmark
letter inside

near a terminal

clue:  Question for the newspaper guy: if one person is doing all this involved 
stuff, how are letters coming from Paris and South Jersey?

Eri: 09.03.2003
Regarding what the letter says about content:
A friend of mine took a look at this site and mentioned the book The Third Mind by 
William Burroughs and Brion Gysin. I got some basic information here: 


Especially this: "Burroughs and Gysin had discovered a way to express multiple visions 
by mixing disparate facts, fiction and imagery to find the startling points of convergence 
that were previously hidden."

Maybe the ads are something similar. It kind of makes me chuckle, because I can't even 
figure out the meaning of most of the facts, fiction and imagery, let alone any convergence.

near a terminal: 10.13.2003
Not the newspaper guy, but maybe I can shed some light: sometimes what appears to be from one person is actually two, and sometimes from two, there is only one.
Chun the Unavoidable:
clue:  For "near a terminal," 6/13/03:

Travel is quite easy in today's society. It's also not difficult to use either friends or commercial services to mail things from
distinct locations. And I don't think it would be fair to count the former as involved, necessarily. 

Something might be inferred from the measures undertaken to mail the items from diverse locales, however.

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