Delivery to my PO Box ~04.22.2009


Delivery contents: A single sheet with a geometric diagram of some sort and a foreign stamp.

Envelope and stamps
Inside sheet

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Beacon 05.11.2009
Stamp is an 1981 ten Kopec? stamp.

from a 6,200 print run

Of the schooner "Kodor"
We have had pictures of schooners before in Orphanage posts as well as a plethora of ADW navigation references.

1981 is also the earliest of ofthe ADW postings

On an aside, I noticed if you hold down  on your keyboard that
1981 = !(*!
Now this is on an EU keyboard maybe a US one is different. Maybe references to Russia or Europe or the US are  references to which CODE PAGE

to use.
This might link in the use of all the different languages.
But in any case many of these symbols
KODOR, decom. 1982, restaurant, lost to a fire 8/1999 in Baku, scrapped 4/2000

Name / in Cyrillic..

.?.3040..KODOR / КОДОР.
BmSr3 T....

BmSr3 = 3-m Bermuda schooner

From message 23 in that thread:
KODOR played an 18. century vessel in a movie filmed in Odessa, then bar in Jalta.

Several schooners were used for constructing a breakwater at Pirite.

John SMith 05.23.09
The shape on the sheet in side reminds me of a tessaract in the midst of one of its 'revolutions'.

jc 10.24.09
Yeah, the Kodor "played" the Duncan scooner in a Russian-Bulgarian film adaptation of Jules Verne's 
Les Enfants du capitaine Grant. And the drawing looks like a part of sails design drawing, imho...