Letter contents: Letter sent to my work, instead of my PO box.

Dan T got one too, a few days earlier. Identical, save for different crease marks.

I took each of our copies and overlaid them in photoshop - and they're exactly the same, nothing differs from one to the other save for the color difference you might expect from two different scanners and the crease lines. So, yes, it is the same photo.

page (a color xerox)

gary g. 04.04.2007
	The room is of "Bauhaus" design. Bauhaus has had a huge influence on architecture and interior design today.


tsal 04.04.2007
I think the clue in this is the location.  Look at the background through the window.  That looks like a famous bay, but
I can't remember which.

C.E. 04.04.2007
	I think that page is from Architectural Digest... I remember seeing it in one of my many interior design magazines some
months ago.  Pretty sure it's within the past year.  If I have time, I will look it up for you.  I apologize that I may not get
around to it for a few weeks, but if I find it I will certainly let you know.

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Cee 04.03.2007
Its the cover of a architecture magazine, an old one, probably a may edition??

Brian 05.22.2008
I believe the items on the table relate to the Kabbalistic Tree of
Life. As you may know the tree consists of sephirot or vessels. The three on the
right could represent the three veils of keter namely the Ein- literally
without, Ein Sof- endless, and Ein Sof Aur- the limitless light. I believe these
represent the veils because while we can see whats in the other 10 bowls,
whatever is in these vessels remains hidden. If we count these three vessels as
keter we are left with a total of 11 sephirot which means Da'at- the nonexistant
sephirah is being included as the lowered area. I believe the lowered part of
the table symbolizes the Abyss, which is the gap between the lower and upper
parts of the Tree. The other 9 bowls symbolize the remaining 9 sephirot.